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TVDIGAO Chapter 56


Fortunately, Sir Shubart didn’t show up either. Seeing that Marquis Radwike had also appeared here, it seemed that the plan won’t be carried out at any time.

I guess Valery wasn’t coming. What if I was the one who turned him in that direction? Thinking so made my fingertips cold. It was true that I couldn’t give him something to make him trust me, but I thought he would listen for sure. Now that I thought about it, he had no reason to do what I said. I was arrogant to think like that.

There wasn’t much time left now. The scorching sun slowly loses its strength. Even the nobles, tired of waiting, were almost lying on their chairs. Shortly after that, the long table on one side was filled. It was the award ceremony, the celebration party with a simple dish to get ready to move.

It was not long before the sound of the horn. In line with the sound, nobles who entered the forest began to come out one by one with the signs they got.

“Blake, I’ll be right back.”

It meant she was going to meet her fiancé. I gladly told her to go and looked around again. It was then that my eyes turned to one place.

The cheers of ladies seemed to get a little louder, then Delkian appeared. Looking at the sack his subordinate was carrying, the number of signs he got were many just from a glance. However, I felt something sad about it.  

After that, Delkian turned around and called someone. Soon after, as soon as I saw the face of the person who appeared from the forest, the breath I had been holding down with tension was relieved. I even almost burst into laughter from that. That person’s subordinate was carrying a large load on his back, and it looked like that person had swept away the signs. The frown on that person’s face looked troubled. In contrast, that person looked as fresh as someone just out for a walk, with the exception of his shirt being slightly loosened.

“If you’re not busy. Your Highness the First Prince promised to give me the fox statue.”

Ah, like an idiot person… I was grateful that he kept his promise, but I didn’t think he remembered those words and participated so hard.

As soon as I confirmed his safety, my head turned automatically to the face of Marquis Radwike. Was it just my feeling that Marquis Radwike’s face looked somewhat cold? I could see him turn around and say something to his aide nearby.

After capturing the image with my eyes, I turned my head again. Valery, who seemed to be coming this way a while ago, disappeared.

…where did he go?

He disappeared as if it was a lie that I had just seen him. Everyone began to gather at the long table, which was made of several long tables.

Before the award ceremony, I simply tried to moisten my throat and relax. I searched for him for a while, but Juri came back, took my hand, and then led me toward the table as if I were being dragged.

“Eat something simple. There will be only alcohol in the banquet hall later.”

“Thank you.”

“Hold on a second. I have something to tell my father.”

She didn’t have to take care of me, but Juri took care of me as if she was taking care of her sibling, then she headed to her parents. Delkian was also having a pleasant conversation with other nobles. Soon after, our eyes met, and he came over to me.

“You don’t look delighted.”

He smiled and held out the glass. The translucent apple juice with ice and soda was glistening.

“This is the expression I make when I’m happiest,” I answered, accepting the glass.

The surroundings were so noisy and lively, and Delkian was kind to everyone, so we didn’t really attract much attention.

“I can’t keep my promise.”


He had a sad expression on his face. When I raised my eyebrows as if asking what he meant, he smiled in vain.

“There was a person who did very heinous things, risking his life to win.”

Noticing it, I burst into a small laugh.

“The second prince?”

“Yes. I don’t know what kind of wind suddenly blew, but he came to destroy His Majesty’s orders at once and hijacked the party. What do you think? Don’t you think he’s too much?”

Ah, he has already done his work. I didn’t think he would have time to do that, but how did he do it?

“…I don’t know.”

“I think you know.”


“I’m just saying it.”

Delkian smiled softly.

“Your Highness, I have something to tell you. Can you spare some time for me?”

“Of course. Lady, please forgive me.”

“No, go ahead.”

“See you later then.”

There were many places where the prince called here and there. I watched people, sipping the apple juice that Delkian had given me. Then someone tapped my fingertips. I thought they bumped into me because there were so many people, but now they put their fingers slightly on my fingers and then lifted them. It wasn’t a mistake by anyone.

When I turned my head in surprise, there were few people around me. I wasn’t saying there wasn’t, but there was no one who dared to play a joke on me. However, there were a few nobles about two steps away. One person quickly disappeared to one side with a plate.

“Did you wait for a long time?”

A familiar voice was heard in the other ear. When I turned around again, Valery was beside me, bringing a glass to the table. Instead of looking at him, I opened my mouth with my head facing straight again.

“I thought you weren’t coming.”

“Are you angry because I was late?”

“No… I just think people would pay attention to us.”

“Didn’t you just have a good conversation with Delkian?”

Delkian? I think Valery used to call him as brother. I remember clearly he referred to him like that on the day I hurt my leg.

Since when has he been watching? Then he must be here for a long time, but he pretended not to know. Well, the promise was only to attend, though.

“That’s because the first prince is kind to everyone.”

Without realizing it, my words came out bluntly. I could feel his body getting closer to me.

“Do I have to be kind to everyone? Can’t I just do that to you?”

“You must be joking.”

Still, Valery looked much better than when we met again and saw each other in the hallway. Seeing him try to exchange jokes like that. Above all, I felt a great sense of relief that he had arrived safely.

Then my hand touched his hand. Without realizing it, I stepped back slightly in shock. I didn’t mean to touch it like before, I bumped into it, but he misunderstood it as intentional, just like I did before.

Sure enough, Valery looked a little hurt. When the atmosphere changes so drastically, I should do something so it won’t happen again.

“I thought people would misunderstand if we got too close.”

“I thought you’d give me a compliment. As expected, it must be because I was late.”

That’s not it… Of course, we became closer than we used to be.

“No. It was not like that. I’m fine with it.”

Valery must still distrust me, but what did he think while keeping his promise to me? What is he thinking at this moment? I don’t even know if he’s really smiling from his heart. I was the one who deceived him again and again, but I was the one who was suspicious of him.

“Because I decided to trust you.”

I finally turned to Valery.


“I decided that there must be a reason why you said that. At least I don’t think the time I spent with you was fake. So I decided to believe what you said. Then won’t you tell me one day?”

“… that’s why you had a hard time attending?”

Then his mouth grew loosely without realizing it.



“…I was afraid my brother would give the award instead of me.”

It was a joke, but his expression was so serious that I almost laughed.

“Simply… because of that?”

“It’s important to me.”


In the end, I couldn’t hold back my laughter. Ah, he was serious.

“I’m telling you the truth.”

“I wasn’t going to receive it anyway, even if the first prince gave it to me. No, I didn’t even want to be here.”

“Are you not going to accept mine too?”

So that was why he collected so much. He didn’t have time to attend because he swept them all away.

“Your Majesty the Emperor and Empress are also watching.”

“I don’t care.”

He looked like he would be sad if I didn’t accept it. In the past, he stood out in dancing, but now he was in the age of marriage, Valery would stand out even more. Moreover, at today’s event.

“Then give it to me later, not at the award ceremony.”


“After the evening banquet is over. I will accept it if you give it to me then.”

Then his expression brightened again. His cold expression, which I saw the first time we met again, was nowhere to be seen.

“All right.”

I turned my head again. I even moved half a step to the side because I felt like gazes were slowly gathering because I got too close to him. But it was hard to ignore him because he played my finger under the table again. Still, I didn’t refuse anymore because it wasn’t a visible place. Rather, Valery’s ear quickly turned red when I clasped his finger.

I purposely glanced at him and sipped the remaining apple juice without making eye contact. The fingers clasped with him were still there until the award ceremony began.

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