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TVDIGAO Chapter 51


Valery held my hand and opened his mouth. His voice was shakier than usual.


The words that came out were stopped as if being blocked by something. What’s wrong with him? As soon he opened his mouth again, he continued. 

“Did you look for me?”


I looked up at his asking face, then nodded briefly. The strength in his hand that held my hand was released. I tried to pull my hand out, but it was caught again.

Glancing around, there were only the two of us here. I knew there were many things to talk about, but I have to say the most important thing before people came.

“When fox hunting.”

“When the fox hunting?”

“…won’t you attend?”

“Should I attend?”

He asked back. The topic that popped up out of nowhere might be funny.

“If you’re not busy. Your Highness the First Prince promised to give me the fox statue.”

He gently stroked the skin of my hand, which he grabbed without a word with his thumb.

“And then?”

After stroking my hand for a while, he asked again.


“You want me to attend?”

“Is it easy?”

“I want to know how far you know.”

He was looking at me when I looked at his fingers sweeping my skin.


“You promised me that day.”


“You won’t do anything dangerous.”

Eventually, I pulled my hand out of him.

“I won’t do anything dangerous.”

“Will you be safe if I attend? You won’t run away, won’t you?”

No, Valery will be safe. But I couldn’t promise the rest.

Apart from that, he didn’t believe me at all. Of course, I didn’t think he would believe the promise that day, but in the first place, I answered with distrust and pretended to listen.

It’s right that I came to save him, but when he gave the answer, strangely, I wanted to twist it. Gosh, I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

“Just tell me the answer.”

“I’ll be there.”


“Yes. Is there anything else you want?”


I hope he will be safe. I tried to say that it would be better for him to pay more attention than usual because it was dangerous, but I closed my mouth.

“I’m confused.”

“…what is it?”

“I should still be angry that you deceived me, but I’m just worried. Is it safe for me to listen to what you say? Or are you going to stab me in the back with a knife?”


“But even if you do that, you won’t leave me like last time. What do you really want? Have you ever thought of me?”


I was a little confused about what to say to him. Whether it was safe to deceive him or was it safe to expose myself as he was waiting for that.

“When we met again, I thought it was a dream. You did this to me. It was said that the first feeling is usually felt bigger. Actually, it’s not that big, but it’s the first time I’ve felt it.”


“However, I couldn’t forget the moment when Lady disappeared. Even knowing your existence, I was still worried.”

It was a very different voice from the night we met again. After thinking for a while, I could open my mouth to him again.

“…I’m different from my mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like you said, I came back to avoid doing anything dangerous. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have appeared in front of Your Highness.”

Valery’s eyes shook for a moment at my words.

“On fox hunting day, please come to me.”


I’ve made my decision.

“I have something I want to tell you that day.”

* * *

“What the hell is going on?”

“It’s been a long time.”

As soon as I sent the letter of thanks, she replied that she wanted to meet me. Juri couldn’t hide her surprised face when she saw me as soon as I accepted her invitation. Her face darkened when I said that I was ill and had urgently gone abroad for treatment.

“Are you okay now? I was really surprised that you suddenly disappeared like dust. Are you really okay now?”

“Yes, I’m much better.”

While I was away, Juri’s wine business was expanding very successfully. Thanks to that, it was said that she was taking on important tasks for her family’s work and major businesses. In addition, she was also planning to marry her fiancé soon.

“Do you know how sad it is to lose the person you most want to be congratulated on?”

“I’m sorry. But I’m glad it worked out. Maybe I should call you Marchioness soon.”

“This is what I wanted!”

Juri put her glass down a little rough and made a surprised expression for a moment. She quickly took a deep breath and opened her eyes as she calmly placed her hand on her chest.

“We were supposed to share secrets. I have already prepared everything. You’re no longer sick, right? Don’t get sick. Ah, Seri, bring that.”

Juri instructed her maid to do something. Her maid, who bowed and vanished, reappeared after a long time. Juri held out a spacious box, just the right size for the papers.

I asked with my eyes wide open, “What is this?”

“It’s our promise. I prepared really hard for it. It’s Blake’s turn now. You’re really not sick anymore, are you?”

I nodded my head and took the box. Various documents were inside when I turned the ring to open the lid. I would have to look closer, but those were probably the documents about what I said back then.

“You have a lot of time now. It’s important to start anytime. You can even put people to work on it,” said Juri seriously.


“Business is not as easy as you think. I mean, since you’re doing it, let’s do it properly. There are quite a few talented people among the people I have. I can also introduce my acquaintance. It will help Blake too.”

In fact, I thought the story of the borrowed name had already passed since I lost contact with Juri del Chartero. It was a pity, but I thought I would make it myself if I needed it later. Unexpectedly, Juri was preparing it while I was away.

“I don’t know if I can accept it like this.”

“Just accept it.”

She spoke so naturally that I burst into laughter without realizing it. Juri furrowed her eyebrows.

“I’m not kidding. I’m also doing this for Blake to become my partner. The more partners you have, the better.”

“I haven’t decided what to do yet.”

“You can decide that now. Or you can take your time slowly.”

She said it was a reward for her success in expanding her business, but I didn’t think it was a big deal for her to put in such an effort.

“Then I will take it gratefully.”

“Let me know whenever you need help. Ah.”

Juris asked the maid to bring a paper and pen, and then she suddenly began quickly writing something down.

“I will introduce you to a person. He will help you pick a good business item. He’s a pretty good business partner.”

She handed me the piece of paper she had written down hard. But the moment I saw the person written in it, I had no choice but to laugh.

“Let me introduce you to a person. It will help you choose a good business item. He’s a pretty good client.”

* * *

“…she said a novice entrepreneur would come.”

“…she said that person was a pretty good business partner.”

I fluttered the paper Juri had written down at Shale Iskar, who was sitting in front of me. As soon as I stopped by the mansion, I used the mana stones.

“It’s quite easy to get a commission.”

“That’s what I told you.”

“Anyway, Juri del Chartero asked for it, not you. You didn’t come here to make a request, did you?”

“No, I’m here because Juri told me to go. She told me you know about good business items. But it’s useless.”

Juri said she was getting a lot of help from that person, who knew it was Shale Iskar. Well, Iskar and Bei were legal on the surface.

Shale put on an unhappy expression.

“I’m serious when it’s about work. I guess you’re still doing any social activities.”

“It’s just necessary. Tell her that I’m thinking of opening a small salon.”

“You didn’t really want to start a business, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know when I’m going to die, so what’s the point of your question?”

“What are you answering in such an extreme way?”

Shale spoke with a sarcastic tone and shook his head. I smiled, looking at him like that.

“If you are that pitiful, put money in your name. You might have to go into exile all of a sudden.”

“Ha… your life is also like that.”

Instead of answering, I leaned on the sofa with my eyes closed and brought the teacup to my mouth.

There’s room for your body.”

Shale leaned forward and made a serious face.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying about the room to take your power out. You can just let it go.”

“If it had been easy, would I have come all the way here?”

It was something I endured to save everything. Although the story seemed to be gradually changing from the original, I couldn’t stop thinking about it though.

“It’s not nonsense.”

“Let’s stop talking about it.”

I stopped him. Then Shale shrugged his shoulders with a regretful face.

“How are you? I was about to call you anyway.”

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