TVDIGAO Chapter 35


To be precise, the relationship between the Empress’s mother and the former Marchioness Radwike is quite special. Therefore, of course, her son, Marquis Radwike, helped the Emperor and Empress even before he received the title of Marquis. I thought their relationship still continued up to this day.

“They used to be. It’s been a while since he has come and gone. Because there was a slip of the tongue made by Marchioness Radwike.”


“Well, their relationship could go awry just because of a slip of the tongue.”

Sir Shubart said that sarcastically and grinned. Come to think of it, Sir Shubart was frequently in contact with other nobles, unlike my mother and me.

Except for Bei and Sir Shubart, they become enemies cooperating with each other. A few years ago, when we were kicked out to the North, there was a rumor that Sir Shubart had a special relationship with Lucellai Rudbihi. Still, I remember it had disappeared before I knew it. So I thought that Sir Shubart would have difficulty returning to his position, but it seems that it wasn’t difficult for him.

Marquis Radwike would be perfect for getting information about the Empress.

“Take care of yourself for the time being. I’m worried that your sick body is going to drag us down. Take the medicine Shuabrt sends you until you get better.”

“Lu was very worried about you. That’s why she said that.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Sir Shubart grinned and translated what my mother said, but he quickly shut his mouth.

“Is mother going to stay in Bei?”

“Of course.”

Mother looked at me. Her eyes, which I thought would soon revert, stayed there.

“…Is something wrong, Mother?”


Soon after, mother went back to Bei again.

A few days later.

A young maid with short brown hair came with quite a large number of guards. She was accompanied by a tall, sharp-looking maid and a stylish-faced maid with red hair similar to mine now.

I decided to pick a maid who would be easy to put next to me, and Nina, who looked the youngest, was chosen by Sir Shubart too. Since Shale didn’t tell me if he had sent his man, so I had to let her help others work on the first and second floors.

“Greetings, my name is Nina. I will do my best to serve Lady without any inconvenience.”

“Yes. Please take care of me in the future.”

Sir Shubart, who was looking at my new maid with satisfaction, stood up again not long after he arrived.

“Is Sir Shubart going to leave right away?”

“Yes, I’m a little busy today. If you need anything, just send someone to me.”

“Ah, no, it’s not like that. It’s just we haven’t drunk the tea yet.”

“We can have tea. But I need to check my schedule and come back here.”

“Yes, then please be careful.”

As soon as Sir Shubart smiled and said his goodbye, he disappeared into his carriage as if he was really busy. Before I knew it, I turned to Nina, who followed me.

“When I’m in my room, don’t come in until I call for you. I don’t like being woken up by someone. If you need anything, speak to Ian.”

“Yes, Lady. I will do that.”

“Your work won’t be that difficult. Ah, I also don’t like when you prepare things in advance before I tell you. You just have to do what you’re told to do.”

And just as I was about to return to my room, Nina pulled something out of her chest and held it out.

“Yes, Lady. Just let me do anything.”

She was sent by Shale Iskar. I already got a hunch, but I didn’t know if it was true.

I took the little box she held out and a paper note from her. They must have searched her body before coming to her, but thinking that she didn’t get caught made me nod and let her come to my room.

Sitting in the chair, I asked, unfolding the note.

“What are you good at?”


Then Nina came closer to me and whispered.

“Actually, I’m an assassin, and I’m good at running errands. So let me know if you need me to do anything.”


Assassin? A-A-Assassin?

Did he send her to kill me? It was ridiculous to see a child with a cute face, and gentle eyes specialized in assassination.

“You can order me to do anything.”


I closed my mouth without realizing it when I saw her talking like that with a bright smile.

Seeing that he had sent his man, I vaguely knew what was written on the note, so I opened the box first. The box size is small but quite heavy, and I found a necklace inside. Why is everyone giving me necklaces? The necklace was studded with a king sapphire as large as two fingers put together.

Eventually, I opened the note. As expected, he got the pocket watch. I told him the date vaguely because I didn’t remember it accurately, but it seemed he had looked at the auction house every day.

The necklace sent to me was said to be loot. Don’t tell me he has turned the auction house into a big mess. I don’t think he would have entered the auction house and bid the pocket watch fairly.

“Anyway, I’m glad. It finds the right owner.”

On the note, it was written bluntly that he would pay whatever I wanted. He knows what I want, and it’s simple. Still, seeing that he sent someone, he seemed to be loyal.

I would reveal all the tax evasion and crimes he committed if he ran away after getting the pocket watch. Even if it is not everything, it’s still the few facts I have heard from Sir Shubart. When you’re with bad guys, you hear all sorts of things. Shale also knows I’m the person of Bei, so this made it easy for me without worrying about losing.


I held out the box to Nina again.

“Yes, Lady.”

“It’s too heavy to carry around. If possible, exchange it for money. I think I will need money later.”

“L-Lady not going to use it?”

Nina looked at the jewelry size and asked, widening her eyes.

“I don’t really have a place to put it. If he wants to thank me in the future, don’t send me something like this and tell him to keep it. I will visit him later.”

Nina quickly hid her surprised eyes and took the box.

“Yes. I will pass it on to him.”

“And this, too.”

I handed Nina one of the medicine bags that I had hidden.

“I need you to investigate the ingredients of this. The use of this medicine won’t be easy to find. This medicine wasn’t distributed in the market.”

Nina nodded and accepted the medicine bag. Just like she had pulled out the note, she hid the box and medicine bag inside her clothes and smiled cutely again.

“Yes, Lady!”

After I learned what she specialized in, hearing her bright voice made me feel weird. Maybe it’s because of her cheeks or round black eyes, which made me feel like I was looking at a hamster. A hamster with plump cheeks.

“Light on the fireplace.”


As soon as the fire lit up, I burned the note I received without hesitation.

“I have one more thing you need to do.”

“Please feel free to tell me.”

“Ask him to look through the orphanages all over the capital and East. Find a boy with heterochromia there.”

Nina widened his eyes.


“Yes, that child is probably being abused. They regard it as an ominous sign. If I’m not wrong about it, maybe that child is 6 years old? I don’t really know the exact age. You just need to find a child like that. You can do that, right?”

“I already said to order me anything. I will take care of that right away.”

“Thank you.”

I will leave the job to them, but I hope my memory is still intact. The problem is my original memory was too old to remember. It was a memory I had gained after struggling for days, but I wasn’t sure about it. Still, I need to use it to the fullest.

“Where do you meet?”

“A dressing boutique, a bakery cafe, a general store. If there is another store you want, I will ask them to put people on it. Unless it’s an area controlled by another person.”

Nina said, folding her fingers one by one. It looks like they were purposely made separately for the route I was going for.

I got up and took out a dress from the dressing room next to my room. Then I found a piece of clothing I needed to sew at the waist and pulled it with both hands. One side of the dress was torn in tatters. I’ve only worn it once, but I can’t help it.

“There’s a ruined dress. I want to wear it right away tomorrow, so I’ll put Ian on it. You can go.”

“Yes, Lady. I will be right back!”

Nina hurried out with a dress the size of her body.

* * *

Shale has been keeping the pocket watch by his side for hours or days. Whenever he had time, he held it.

“I thought I’d never find my mother’s belongings.”

He was almost late. It was because he didn’t believe what that woman said. 

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