TVDOWP Chapter 1


Episode 01: I think I got possessed in a novel 



The kingdom was overturned when news broke out that Muriel Storm could be the saint of the oracle that was rediscovered in 12 years. 


People cautiously concluded that the oracle was false or the temple’s life was coming to an end because of the misfortune that has fallen on them due to god’s wrath. 


Who was Muriel? 


She was the one who made the phrase “the typhoon blows” popular in the kingdom. The phrase was used at a ball or academy when someone deliberately caused a malicious disturbance to attract people’s attention. 

Muriel’s name had been synonymous with delusions, neurosis, forgetfulness and mythomania since childhood. 

She seemed like a person who would do anything for fame. 


One day she lied that she had frozen up the river where the spirits lived, and the other day she would lie that she had developed magic that could prolong the life of a dying person for a minute. 


Of course, no one believed her. Everyone knew how bad Muriel’s magic skills were. Muriel couldn’t make a small candle-sized flame. When she tried the magic of fire, it suddenly thundered – and when she tried to do the magic of water, a spark exploded a kilometer away; causing disaster whenever Muriel tried to use magic. 



Muriel was good at lying, too. Just yesterday, she had spoken as if she would give up everything in her life, but brazenly said she didn’t remember it the next day. 


How unshakeable her lies were! Whenever Muriel lied, it could not be authenticated with magic. It meant that she truly believed her lies, so people had gotten fed up with her. 


People were confused, disgusted and even amazed that such a person might be the saint who would foretell the threats to the royal kingdom. 


Some people who had never met Muriel were saying that her lies as a child might have some sorts of sign of being a saint, that she really might have predicted something. But that was because they knew nothing. 


A saint was a person who saw threats to the kingdom. They couldn’t see their own future. The saints foretold who the threat was caused by, when and where it would occur, and the consequences should the threat not be prevented.  


But what of Muriel’s lies? 


She wasn’t predicting the behavior of other people. She had no interest in that. Muriel was only ever interested in letting people know special she was, how powerful she could be and what strange things she had done. 


If Muriel was a saint, did that mean she herself was the only one who posed a threat to the kingdom? Her, who was terrible at magic?  


People firmly believed that Muriel was not a saint. No, they earnestly hoped that was not the case. In that time period, a second candidate was revealed and people were full of relief and enthusiasm. 


The second candidate was Rovelia Dachini, adored by everyone. She wasn’t just any young lady; she was the young lady of a guardian family. There had never been any saints among the children of the guardian families, so just how special would she be? 


“The saint is Rovelia anyway. There is no point in me going.” 

 “You won’t know until you meet the high priest and find out! And even if you’re not the saint, what an honor it is to be chosen as a candidate for it! You have to congratulate the other lady with the bottom of your heart, miss. If you become greedy, you will be punished.” 


The servant thought Muriel’s stubbornness was due to jealousy. Muriel and Rovelia were of the same age, so they grew up being compared a lot with each other from an early age. Perhaps it was not just coincidence, but fate that the two people born under the same star were competing for the glorious position of the saint. Before the lid on the pot was even opened, people were already talking about Rovelia as if she was the saint – so it was reasonable that she felt grumpy.  

It was her jealousy that the servant thought was worse than Muriel’s lies or her poor ability at acting like an aristocrat. It’s unpleasant if you don’t have what it takes and are still greedy. If she lets go of her greed, Muriel would be able to marry into a good family, live comfortably and loved by her husband. Even if the barrel was big, it only overflowed with jealousy; the servant was worried Muriel would lie that she could see the future.  

The servant intended to persuade Muriel gently, but without realizing it, she pressed her. Except for Katrina, who was Muriel’s tutor, the maid was the most thoughtful person in the mansion. 


Katrina was Muriel’s tutor and a therapist who managed delusions, neurosis, mythomania, and forgetfulness of the unstoppable girl. Muriel stopped spouting her obvious lies or delusions after meeting Katrina. 


However, Katrina left for a foreign country far away three days before the oracle came down. She said she couldn’t come back for three months at the shortest and a year if it ended up taking long. Until she came back, did she have to be the one who cleaned up the mess after this immature lady? The servant almost held her throbbing head at the thought. 

Muriel did not care what the servant thought. She truly believed the saint was Rovelia. 


“The question is not who the saint is. The real problem is….” 


“Young lady, is there a problem?” 


When Muriel insisted she would not go, Sharan’s knight came to her door and inquired. 


Muriel’s pale face hardened as she bit her lips. She was agonized; even if she held out a little longer, she would still end up in the royal palace under Sharan’s orders. 


“I wish to be alone for a second.” 


I want to sort these crazy thoughts out by myself, even just for a moment. 

 “You must leave at once. Are you going to keep His majesty Sharan and Lady Rovelia waiting?”  


If I had a little time, I would deal with this situation more tactically, but this sudden development right after I woke up is…! 


“Isn’t this a novel I’ve only ever heard of?” 


“What? What kind of nonsense are you trying to say? Please stop being delusional and take off that dull dress. You’re not even a follower of Ur, why did you choose such a dark dress…” 


“I don’t care, I’m the wicked woman who will destroy the world anyways!” 




⚜ ⚜ ⚜ 




Muriel’s unreasonable conclusion that she was possessed by a novel was with good reason. On the contrary, there were too many reasons. If she counted it, she could easily pass ten. 


No, should I just number them then? 


Number one, Muriel woke up from a three-day long slumber just before she was possessed. It was a common cliché that the main characters of novels were injured just before the possession happened and were in a coma or close to the death.  

The difference here was that Muriel was a loner-young lady who was neglected in her mansion, and no one knew the cause of her long sleep. It was also belatedly discovered after two days that she had only gotten on the bed since and was still sleeping. 


Number two, Muriel had no memories of the last three months. When Muriel had woken up, she thought it was still April, but now it was July. The star of disaster that rose every six years in July had already sunk. 


The pattern of amnesia was a characteristic that was often seen in evil women and extras, not in the main character, due to the characteristics of a novel. Muriel seemed to be possessed by a novel starring a wicked woman who destroys the world as the main character, but anyway there was partial memory loss. This was evidence in conjunction with reason three. 


Number three, Muriel’s memory had a lot of gaps. 


The memory was so sparse that it could not be seen as just natural memory deterioration over time. 


This was indisputably due to the common characteristics of a novel. 


Since a novel only unfolds the important events, the gap between these events might have led to the gaps in Muriel’s memory itself. 


Muriel was already convinced that he was possessed by a novel with only these three, but the evidence continued. 


Number 4, Muriel knew what it meant when it was said that one could survive even in a tiger’s den if they were alert. Even though there were no tigers in Bulrion! 


In addition, Muriel knew the unpleasantness of smartphones, computers, some coins, SNS, the gloomy expressions of people walking in high-rise cities, the cloudy skies due to air pollution, and the subway always crowded with people. 


Muriel was named Muriel there too, but there was no such thing as a blue-haired woman named Muriel living in Seoul in the global era. 


Number 5, this was the most decisive and undesirable reason. Muriel already knew in advance the Oracle was coming down. She had already read about it in the novel. Entering the royal palace for the hearing of the oracle was the beginning of the novel. 


Muriel gained possession of a piece of Ur in the royal palace when she went there under call for the oracle. It was a bait thrown by the devil Ur who wanted her removed from his path. 


According to Ur’s plan, Muriel should have lost all of her Pacio and inevitably turned into a demon – but Muriel had a unique ability. 

It was that her pacio was infinite. 


It was an invincible ability that made no sense. 


From this, Muriel was proven to be a character in a novel. She had a main character buff. 


Muriel’s pacio was small in amount, but that small pacio was refilled indefinitely. Even If scooped out- like a well that never dried up – it was filled up again. 


Muriel becomes a powerful wizard with her infinite regeneration of pacio and a piece of the sculpture of Ur that allowed anyone to use powerful magic at the cost of pacio. She rose to the throne and many people were killed in the process. 


This alone was enough for her to be branded as an evil woman, but the author wanted a stronger and more stimulating wicked villainess, so Muriel ended up becoming the devil. 

Muriel, sitting on the throne, receives a visit from Kaiton Ur – the real master of the sculpture of Ur – and is killed by him. However, Muriel does not give up even in death and revives herself as a demon on the day the star of disaster rises. Then begins the destruction of the world. 


The destruction of the world. 


What do you mean, the devil? 


The mere thought gave me goosebumps. 


If this isn’t a novel, what is it? 

Muriel – the real Muriel who had somehow possessed a wicked woman – didn’t hate the world. She had no intention of destroying the world, she neither needed nor wanted power! 


“I’m glad I fell in here at the starting phase of the novel.” 


It would have been difficult if she had possessed Muriel after she already trapped her first victim after she went to the palace, but since nothing had happened yet, it should be easy to step out of the original storyline.  


“All I have to do is not touch the piece of Ur.” 


No one will be interested in Muriel after it was revealed who the saint is. You can disappear quietly then. 


“Yes, let’s go for now.” 

Translators’ notes; I have come to realise that I have not done this series the justice it deserves, thus instead of releasing chapters quickly, I will work on improving the quality instead. I am currently re-translating all the chapters that have already been uploaded from scratch, so please bear with me for the slow updates. I want this series to be one you can read without losing your braincells – hehe. Hope my efforts will this time make this series worth reading for you; since it is one that is definitely worth it, if you ask me. (´∀`)

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  1. Why wouldn’t she just take it and have literally unlimited power? It’s not like she has to destroy the world. Sick of MCs with OP af backgrounds and then they don’t do shit with it.

    1. KindapitiedMielle

      true. if i had such power, I wouldn’t let it go, but that’s just me tho haha. but I guess Muriel knows kaiton would take advantage of her if she openly tried to strive for power.

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