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TVDOWP Chapter 22


Episode 22: Murishi, the demon eating race. 

It was an impulsive choice on Kation’s part to visit Muriel. For when Muriel, who’d returned to her domain, came back with a piece of her hidden in her hands, he could feel it. 

You used the sculpture again. 

He ran out of patience. How much did she spend this time? How much pacio did she have left? It was her second time using it, so she would surely become a demon soon. He couldn’t stay still as the question seemed to bite at his tail. 

And fortunately, her pacio was still fine. 

It was still absurdly small and insignificant, but it was not small enough to become a demon immediately. 

In fact, Muriel’s pacio had disappeared completely when she used Ur’s sculpture and was re-filled, so it had increased from when he’d last checked. However, for Kaiton’s standards, the quantity was still so insignificant that it looked the same now as last time. 

In addition, the panic and luckiness he felt made him overlook the narrow difference he wouldn’t have usually missed. 

What a relief. 

Kaiton was bewildered by his own relief. 

Still, the pattern of using the sculpture was much faster than he’d expected. Did she even know how terrible her pacio was? Muriel, hiding the sculpture of Ur behind her back – like a child hiding a candy that it didn’t want to be robbed of, filled him with unbearable irritation. 

Was he worried whether Muriel would become a demon or she wouldn’t become one? He didn’t know. 

Anyway, it was clear that he didn’t want to see the piece of Ur carried around in a candy bag or something anymore. 

“…A good talisman has good sensitivity, so it connects to one’s pacio automatically.” 


Muriel raised her head and her eyes met Kaiton’s, who was already staring at her. After confirming what he needed, he let go of her hand. 

“So you can protect your pacio just by keeping it close to your body. Even without the will of its owner, the talisman would reach the pacio and influence it.” 

I was wondering what you were talking about. 

Muriel quickly realized that the ‘good talisman’ that Kaiton was talking about was the sculpture of Ur. 

“It’s a tough thing that I have. I don’t wanna use it, because I can’t just help myself with someone else’s pacio, but I can’t throw it away either.” 

Kaiton smirked. He also understood that Muriel’s difficulty referred to the sculpture. 

“If it’s a talisman that can’t be handled easily, it can also be put in Nihil.” 


It was an object Muriel had never heard of. 

“It’s a storage box made of disaster stones. It has a mana-blocking property, so it is also used for the moving of luxury Talismans. Talisman with pacio are consumable materials, so it is used to keep the quality from deteriorating during travel.” 


If there was such an item, Muriel needed it. If she had known about it since the beginning, she wouldn’t have been robbed by the Murishi after burying it in the ground. 

“If you keep a Nihill close by, it becomes difficult to operate mana due to it’s nullifying nature, but that wouldn’t matter to young lady Muriel – isn’t your magic already terrible?” 

He was a man of talent who keeps the words ‘thank you’ from coming out of my mouth. 

“The only flaw is the astronomical price. It would be enough if Miss Muriel had two talismans, though.” 

Kaiton pointed to Muriel’s two brooches on her chest. It was a gift from August. 

“This is…” 

Kaiton doesn’t know the brooch is from August, so he told her to sell it. But Muriel didn’t like the idea of selling something her friend gave her, besides, the storms would surely have that much money. How expensive was it? 

Kaiton frowned and explained as if there was nothing to hesitate about. 

“Disaster rocks are a precious material that can only be found occasionally after the star of disaster falls, so if you miss the timing, you may have to wait six years for the next star to rise. I know a place that trades Nihil, so let’s just go there.” 

“You’re even going to show me the store?” 

When Muriel was surprised by the sudden kindness, Kaiton raised his eyebrow as if there was a problem. 

“There is only one place in the kingdom that makes Nihil that completely blocks mana, so be careful not to buy it elsewhere.” 


Muriel was puzzled. Nihil must be an evil object that accelerates the consumption of pacio. Otherwise, she couldn’t understand why Kaiton was so interested in actively helping her. 

“….Let’s go together tomorrow. It’s dangerous to go alone since it’s a rough place, and the roads are complicated, so it’s better to have someone as your guide.” 

“What? No- You don’t have to….” 

“You have to pay the price right away, so make sure you bring the Talisman. See you tomorrow.” 

“Wait a minute, Mr. Crawford…!” 

Kaiton had finished what he had to say, so he swept away as if he had completed his business. I’m glad I found out about something like Nihil, but I didn’t know I’d be buying it alongside Kaiton? 

“Isn’t this really just a trap?” 

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ 

“Are you ready?” 

“Are you really going with me?” 

Actually, I didn’t even need to ask. Kaiton had taken off his royal robe and wore plain black clothes, as if he really intended on going with her. Wearing a black satin cloak and a sword on his belt, he looked well-prepared from every angle she looked. 

“You’d better wear a robe. It’s better not to show your face where you’re going.” 


“Because we’re going to the black market outside the border. All kinds of scoundrels walk around. There are many who pick a fight when they see a pretty girl. I want to go as quietly as possible, so make sure to wear the cloak well.” 

In that case, it would be better if Kaiton were the one to cover his face, but he only wore a cloak and nothing to cover his face. And a pretty girl… 

“…are you making fun of me?” 

Muriel quickly took out a dark robe from the room. 

She sighed deeply when she was alone for a moment. I can’t believe I agreed I’m going to a lawless land outside the border with Kaiton. She knew it was too reckless. 

“Today may be the last day of my life.” 

However, the urge to use the piece of Ur again had become intense. Wouldn’t it be better to have a Nihil that completely blocks mana? 

“It’ll be all right.” 

Muriel, who is not only fearless but also does not have any countermeasures, stood next to Kaiton with irresponsible words. 

“Shall we go?” 

With that said, Kaiton pulled Muriel’s hand in front of the window. The two people were on the eighth floor of the castle. Are you trying to push me to death here? 

“Hold it tight. If you fall, I won’t catch you.” 

While Muriel was stuttering, Kaiton pulled her waist and jumped out of the window without hesitation. 


She thought they were going to crash into the ground, they floated in the air. It was as if gravity had chosen to avoid only two people. 

“A…Are we flying?” 

“I’m walking on the path of the wind.” 

“We’re walking on the wind now?! …No way!” 

Kaiton rode on the wind, leaped forward in a light motion by the time the speed dropped, and moved forward again. It was fast enough that the hat attached to Muriel’s robe came off. 

“Wow…! That’s amazing…!” 

Muriel’s face, which had been hardened by tension, quickly brightened. She always had a casual and sour face, but perhaps because it was a unique experience to walk in the sky, her eyes now sparkled and she rejoiced like a child. 

“Stick close. If you fall from me, you’ll crash.” 

Kaiton stared at Muriel and pulled her waist closer. However, Muriel was distracted by looking at her surroundings, so she didn’t even notice her body was so tightly clinging to him. 

Kaiton, who was staring at the front without any expression, eventually said something. 

“…You’re not afraid.” 

“Yes, I’m just happy” 

“…isn’t it scary?” 

“Well, not much.” 


The refreshing wind flapped Kaiton’s cape, and Muriel’s hair fluttered. Kaiton looked somewhat disappointed. The moment he let go of her hand, she would crash, but he couldn’t get rid of her excitement over her first experience so easily.  

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ 

“Oh, it’s land. It’s the ground.” 

Muriel knelt down as soon as Kaiton made his light landing. She got motion sickness after hanging on from Kaiton for three hours. Her legs were shaking and her body was already tired. 

“Use the robe properly. You don’t want to show your face to the people you’ll meet here.” 

Kaiton stood still and gazed pitifully at Muriel, who was dragging her feet. It was Kaiton who flew them in, and it was Kaiton who’d brought Muriel, who was half knocked out, but it was Muriel who seemed to be more tired. 

“There’s a store this far away? Where the hell are we?” 

Muriel could only tell this was somewhere in the north. 

“If you go further north from here, you will find the entrance to the plateaus.” 

“The entrance to the plateau… Isn’t it close to the territory of Monseigneur belonging to the Pendragons? It would have been more convenient if we’d travelled by portal.” 

Then I wouldn’t have had to hang on to Kaiton for three hours. 

“Black magic is fundamental to making perfect Nihills. I can’t open a portal to confidentially find such a thing. There’s already a misunderstanding that I practice black magic.” 


Since when have you been careful? 

Muriel stoop with a resentful glare at Kaiton, who pretended not to be a black wizard only at times like this. Her legs were shaking, but not to the point where she couldn’t walk. 

Thinking Muriel was ready to go, Kaiton took out a black mask from under his cloak and put it on. It was a plain, unprinted mask with a shiny gloss made of ebony, but he looked like a real villain wearing black clothes and even a black mask. 

He goes around like that and says it’s unfair to be misunderstood as a black wizard. 



Muriel, who almost called him Kaiton for a moment, bit her lips. No matter how exhausted you are, you need to stay alert. Muriel Storm. Get a hold of yourself. The day you call him Kaiton, you’re dead. 

“Kai… Mr. Kai Crawford.” 

“…what is it?” 

At least it was a good thing that Kaiton had chosen his alias so insincerely. Muriel awkwardly continued after her sudden stop, as if she had meant to call him Kai to begin with. 

“That mask. You look like a really bad person.” 

You look like a black wizard. I wanted to say, ‘You really look like a devil.’ but when I said it in a more filtered way, Kaiton walked ahead, fluttering the hem of his cloak. 

“I know.” 

“…I don’t think you know it at all….” 

She shook her head. 

She followed him with a groan, but Kaiton looked back as if what she was doing walking so slowly. 

“Come close to me. Didn’t I say there are a lot of dangerous people walking around here?” 

“…look, you have no idea. Saying others are dangerous…you’re the most dangerous one here…” 

“What are you whispering about?” 

“I’m coming…You have good ears.” 


“Nothing, I didn’t say anything.” 


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