TVDOWP Chapter 21


Episode 21: The Demon-Eating Race, Murishi (7) 

In addition to Muriel’s unintended attack, there were many wounds on the Murishi’s body. It looked like it needed treatment right away.

“If you return the piece of Ur, you can be treated properly.” 

‘I don’t know what that is.’ 

“The fragment – a little bead you took from here. Give it back. It’s a very necessary item for me.”  

‘I’m hungry.’ 


‘I’m hungry. I’m hungry.’ 

“Say it straight. Give me the piece of Ur!” 

Muriel burst into a fury, and the Murishi rose to its feet with a cry that did not match its vicious appearance. He seemed to be trying to eat the demon she’d brought.

‘I’m hungry.’ 

Muriel quickly grabbed the demon and hid it behind her back. The soft texture of the demon’s corpse was vivid against her hand, making hair all over her body stand up.

“If you didn’t take it, some of your friends must have. Bring it here. Then I’ll let you eat your fill. Someone took it last night.”

‘I’m hungry. I’m going to die.’ 

“So, bring me the piece of Ur. Then I’ll have you eat your fill and heal you.” 

‘Human’s treatment. It kills me.’ 

That’s really… 

Muriel was infuriated by the needlessly perceptive Murishi’s words as it whined that it was hungry. However, he seemed scared, so I thought it would be better to gently soothe him instead of screaming.  

“You’ve starved a lot, haven’t you? If you find the bead that was buried here yesterday, I’ll let you eat this demon to your heart’s content. I promise. Give me back the piece of Ur. It smells exactly like this.”

Muriel took out the piece of Ur from Rovelia and showed it to the Murishi. It shook its head.

‘It’s not the same.’ 

“Don’t pretend that you don’t know. Do you want me to hurt you more? What?”

Muriel forgot about her resolve to gently soothe it and pressed.

‘It smells different than the one from yesterday.’ 

“As expected, you took it yesterday, right? Where did you put it?” 

‘It’s too small.’ 


‘More meat. I’m very hungry. I need a bigger piece of meat. Every day. Every day.’ 

Ha. Muriel laughed vainly at the unimaginable attempt at a deal. What a great guy. This felt especially clever because it wasn’t that intelligent.

“Yeah, I’ll keep you full with bigger meat every day. Sounds good, right? Now give me back that piece.”

Excited, the Murishi stomped its feet and shook itself. Thanks to this, Muriel was splattered with all the blood dripping from its long, stiff fur.


It smells terrible. 

I can’t feel the spiciness and pain, yet I can feel the smell swelling in the mucous membrane of my nose. I thought that the novel was also very inconsistent. 


I thought the Murishi was throwing up heavily, but it spat out a piece of Ur. 

“Uh, did you keep it in your stomach? Ugh…” 

Muriel quickly wrapped the piece in a handkerchief and picked it up, feeling nauseous.  

‘It was a stone with a strange smell. I ate it because I was hungry. Ah, it’s bad. I’m hungry.’ 

“Yes, yes. You must be hungry. Hurry up and eat this.” 

Muriel threw at him the demon that had been hidden behind her back. The Murishi sniffed through its short nose and ate the demon in one bite. Looking at the glutton, Muriel thought that the Murishi was right, one demon definitely won’t be enough.

“Let’s treat the wound now.” 

‘I’m still hungry.’ 

“I know, but I’ll have to treat it first.” 

I thought he’d be more stubborn, but the Murishi gently folded its legs and slumped on the ground. The wound seemed to hurt as he made a painful sound. 

I didn’t know I’d reuse Ur’s sculpture so soon. I couldn’t help it, because it’s much more efficient than August’s talisman. 

Muriel cleaned the piece of Ur that had been in the Murishi’s stomach with her handkerchief.  This time, she didn’t want to have Sharan’s eyes look at her, so she didn’t have to send Pasio to Kaiton.


It was a success at once.  The wound disappeared from the scarred Murishi’s body. 

‘It doesn’t hurt. I’m not sick.’

“This is really… great.” 

Muriel looked down at the piece of Ur in her hand. It was just a tiny piece of marble and much easier to use than August’s talisman. 

“Just a little more… Should I test it?” 

Kaiton wouldn’t know, anyway. 

I have unlimited Pasio, so it shouldn’t be a problem. 

I have to heal the wound as well… 

I could think of endless excuses, but I really just wanted to use the piece of Ur again. It was also surprising that she, with her abilities as a magician, succeeded in magic quite skillfully.

“Yeah, well, it’s just one more time.” 

Muriel treated his arm, turning a blind eye to her determination not to use Ur’s piece again. 

“Wow… Another success…” 

Muriel clenched both her fist and her teeth, feeling goosebumps from head to toe. You can’t indulge in this power anymore. I knew it so well in my head, but my heart began to pound as I wanted more. 

‘I’m hungry.’ 

The Murishi nudged its head and whined to Muriel, who was lost in thought. Whether it was through words or he was originally a weak-minded person, he was quite friendly.

“Yeah, wait here for a minute. I’ll get the demon. Oh… I can’t bring it myself, so hide well. I might die if I get caught. Got it?” 

‘I got it.’ 

Muriel solved the demon hunting problem again with the help of a knight. The knight who guarded the gate was not enough, so all the knights resting in the dormitory were called out. In the middle of the night, the territory became noisy due to the sudden demon hunt, but she thought it would be better than requesting it several times. The Murishi said it could also eat rotten corpses, so she was planning to prepare a month’s worth at once. 

“Gah! It’s a demon! The devil appeared on the estate!” 

“No, it’s me…” 

“Gyah! It’s speaking the language of people. It’s a ghost! It’s a ghost! A ghost appeared in the territory..” 

“No, I’m Muriel Storm..” 

“Miss? Are you not a demon?” 

The knights misidentified Muriel, who appeared covered in blood, as a demon. But as Muriel asked, they caught a lot of monsters and brought them to the mountain. 

It was a questionable excuse for anyone to hear that it was part of the duties needed for the saint candidate, but they listened without saying anything because they were frightened by Muriel. 

“Ha… It was a long night.” 

Muriel opened a portal and returned to her residence at the palace. The Murishi, who was excited to see the demons piled up like a mountain, was cute when seen through clouded eyes, but it still was not a good picture for mental health anyway. 

“I’m exhausted.” 

I couldn’t wait to fall down and sleep like I was dead. 

Muriel hurried along, and found Kaiton standing in front of the room. 

“You’re late.” 

He glanced down at Muriel with his eyes. She had wiped off all the blood from the Murishi and changed her clothes, but his sharp gaze seemed to see traces of the event. 

“Yes… I had some business to attend to.” 

Muriel hid the piece of Ur that she had put in her pocket behind her back without realizing it. I couldn’t bury it in the ground in case a Murishi ran away with it, so I just brought it with me because there was no place to put it. 

Kaiton slowly moved his gaze along Muriel’s arm. His cold eyes narrowed slightly. He seemed to already know what Muriel was hiding behind her back. 

“Have you been to your territory?” 


He also knew where Muriel had been. Yeah, that was possible. It’s the wizards’ job to open and close the portal, so he must’ve gotten a report on it. 

“I smell blood. Did you get hurt?” 


She should have acted otherwise, but Muriel sniffed to see if the smell of the Murishi was still on her body without realizing it. All I could smell was soap. 

What the… Was I tricked? Or do you really not know anything about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing? 

Muriel looked at Kaiton, who was smiling with a strange face. She couldn’t read his expression. It didn’t seem angry or unpleasant, but he didn’t seem happy that Muriel had touched the sculpture as he planned, either. 

“I had a slight scratch, but I was immediately healed.” 

“Did you do it yourself?” 

“… it’s…” 

“I guess you’re seeing the effects of the Talisman.” 

Kaiton nodded before Muriel could answer. As she was wondering what he really knew, Kaiton gradually approached her. His eyes briefly turned to the Talisman that August had given her, but soon returned to the hand hidden behind her back. 

“I just remembered that I didn’t give you any mana today. The mana path is developed only by constant stimulation, so it’s better not to miss a day.” 

“Right now? No… Right now…” 

Muriel took a step back. 

Kaiton must have used a trick to identify Pasio. You’re trying to determine if I’ve used a piece of Ur. 

“By any chance, did you already use enough magic to open your mana path? Then you don’t need my help because the passage of mana mustn’t be muted anymore.” 

Kaiton reached out his hand. 

“If not, give me your hand. I will help you awaken the power of the saint.” 

Muriel regretted bringing Ur’s sculpture here. It’s a mistake. Kaiton is unnecessarily distracting. 

Muriel carefully hid the Ur’s sculpture in her chest and held Kaiton’s hand. She wondered if his big hand would take away the piece of Ur, but Kaiton remained silent and watched. 

Muriel put her hands on his big, thick hands. His hands were icy cold. Muriel’s hand was about to fall in surprise when the cool hand held her tightly. 


“Stay still.” 

Kaiton’s mana squeezed in a narrow vein like cold seawater. It was breathtaking. 

The cool energy was painful, but I held back my lips to keep from shouting. Kaiton sharpened the mana spent, looking down at Muriel. 

So that it hurts a little more. 

Just a little more distortion in those eyes. 

Kaiton carefully watched the embarrassment on Muriel’s expressionless face. It would be nice if she were in pain, but Muriel rarely got sick or suffered. 

Muriel’s embarrassment also grew dimmer. 

No matter how much you engrave and cut her, when you reach Muriel, all the pain, embarrassment, and sadness disappears. Like a sand castle that disappears without a trace after a wave no matter how well-built it was. 

What if I could leave an unforgettable, indelible scar… 

Kaiton’s grip, immersed in evil thoughts, tightened on Muriel’s wrist more and more painfully. But Muriel, who felt no pain, did not know that and calmly waited for his confirmation to end. 

“Aren’t you sick?” 

“Yes, I’m fine.” 

“… I see. I’m glad.” 

Feeling grumpier at that easygoing face, Kaiton kept quiet to avoid losing his temper. 

translator: Kindapitiedmielle Editor: Rainshower

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