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TWTLH-Chapter 7


There was another reason why the name Milanaire was not good. The great imperial family was that it had to look like an externally plausible family.

At the banquet hall that was held after the ceremony was over, I had to stand by Ray and Carnan just because I was a Milanaire.

“You look exactly like the deceased Empress, Her Majesty.”

“It is very similar to the appearance of Her Majesty Empress Alice as a child.”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Carnan cut off the words of those who showed interest in me and changed the subject.

From then on, the centerpiece of the whole story was Carnan and Ray, and I stood in the background like a candlestick on the wall.

The body of a large adult, 

concentrating on the conversation, obscured me, and I was pushed back as if I had been cut off from the talking crowd.

‘I hate this.’

Bringing people in and treating them as a background. And you shouldn’t leave because you are a ‘Milanaire’.

If it had been before the return, I would have been caught in the midst of them, trying to get attention from them.

I would have tried to prove just how smart I am and how valuable I am. At the same time, he must have cursed while stating Ray’s shortcomings as a crown prince.

But now, I kept my mouth shut and waited for this time to end quickly.

“Dorothea. come here.”

Surrounded by adults, Ray sometimes turned around and called me back in the shadows, but today’s main character, swept away by people’s attention, turned away from me again.

Then someone stood next to me and handed me juice.

“Isn’t it fun?”

It was Theon. He was holding red pomegranate juice like wine. The pomegranate color, clear and red as his eyes, suited him well.

I stiffened like a fool and looked at him.

Theon is talking to me, handing me juice…!

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

Theon was polite but kept a certain distance from people. There seemed to be a fence around him, so no one could easily approach him. Except for Julie Delevingne.

But why does he come and talk to me first? Did he bring the juice for me? Really?

Thinking of him having the juice for me again, my heart started racing without knowing the subject.

“Please drink. You haven’t drunk anything since before.”

from before? So you’re saying you’ve been watching me for a while?

When it comes to things related to Theon, I go back to being a child and get excited and concerned about the little things.

I took the juice he gave me, calming my trembling hands. But I didn’t even think to drink the juice he gave him.

With Theon by my side, I didn’t think about what to put in my mouth, but it was the first time he had given me something like this, so the pomegranate juice felt like a waste.

I can’t drink this. I think it wouldn’t be a waste to bring it to the room and display it.

I wanted this red drink to last a lifetime without evaporating and rotting.

“His Majesty Raymond was very proud of the princess. You’re very smart, you’re a genius.”


“yes. I heard you’re already memorizing all the teratology.”

Theon’s compliment left me at a loss. 

It was true that I was smarter than Ray. Not only through regression but even before regression, I learned a lot faster than Ray.

Despite the two-year age difference, I outperformed Ray in various fields such as geometry, philosophy, and history.

Because I wanted to get attention and have everything, I thought there should be nothing I can’t do better than Ray.

If I read the constellations before Ray and calculate the time, I thought that someone would love me more. I believed that if I answered any question before Ray, someone would recognize me.

However, what came back unexpectedly was not recognized, but shackles.

“I hope to see you at Episteme.”

In Theon’s words, I had to control my expression again.

Episteme was the best academy in the empire, a school that nurtures talented people, and a place of exchange for excellent nobles to spend time together and form networks in advance.

Not only Ubera, but also foreign royalty and nobles, most of whom graduated from Episteme, and even formed factions among the nobles who graduated from Episteme.

However, unlike Rey who was able to enter the Empire’s highest academy, the Episteme, I was not allowed to enter the Episteme because I must not be ahead of the Crown Prince.

‘Was I born to decorate Raymond?’

If I go to Episteme, I can show you how great I am, so why are you saying no?

At the time, I couldn’t quite understand it. Even the nobles who can’t see her spirits get along well with Episteme, but I felt like I was going crazy because they couldn’t see me as a princess.

In the end, not being able to accept that fact, I fiercely resisted.

I left the palace and threw stones at Episteme. The stone I threw broke a window and hit the eldest son of the Duke of Bronte in the head.

The severe head shattered intensified protests from the Dukes of Bronte, and Carnan imprisoned me again in the palace and prohibited The maid from feeding me anything except water for a week.

The relationship with Carnan, who had already been bad, was completely separated by that.

So…“ I’m not going to Episteme.”

“why? If it’s a princess, obviously…”

As Theon continued speaking, he noticed that my expression had hardened and shut his mouth.

Unlike Ray, he was quite intelligent and able to keep quiet. Although he is still young, it seems that Fried’s family tradition of ‘silence’ is already ingrained in his body.

I didn’t mean to. I wanted to talk to Theon, but the story of Episteme came out… 

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with him, so I hurriedly tried to find another topic.

“Today’s weather…”

“Theon, the Grand Duke is calling!”

But before he could find the subject, Julie called him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Princess. The Grand Duke is calling. See you again later.”

Theon rushed towards Julie at the call of Grand duke Fried.


I answered Theon’s back as he moved away. in a sound, he couldn’t hear.

Somehow I felt more shabby when Theon left.

No one seemed to care about me.

If I am not here, no one will care.

It was from the beginning though.

‘I should just go in.’

I walked over to Carnan to tell him I was going in first.

The desire to sneak in was like a chimney, but the politeness of this place meant nothing.

“your majesty.”

When I called for Carnan, a nobleman standing by Carnan turned around and hit my arm. The wind spilled the pomegranate juice Theon gave me on my clothes.

The juice soaked my white dress.

“Oh, Princess!”


I was about to be annoyed by how I was feeling, but Carnan looked down at me coldly.

“Dorothea. Apologize.”


‘You think it’s my fault?’

I even forgot that it was rude to ask the emperor again and talked back.

Someone else hit my juice glass and my clothes got dirty. I stood still, and my opponent turned around and hit me, spilling the juice Theon had given me.

But where do you want me to apologize? To my dirty clothes? Or to my presence who was there? Or me from the past who decided to say hello that I didn’t even want to be polite?

I was furious for a moment, but I knew why Carnon was doing this.

It was the Duke of Bronte who struck me. The Duke of Bronte was an important guest for Carnan. I threw a stone at Episteme and fasted for a week because Bronte’s eldest son was right. It means that the great emperor valued the duke more highly than the princess whom he might see several times in his life.

Those present at once understood what Carnan’s judgment meant.

“Your Majesty, Dorothea…”


Ray, who didn’t understand the meaning, tried to intervene, but I apologized.

What’s so hard about an apology? I decided to live a good life.

In the old days, I would have yelled at the whale and protested that it wasn’t my fault, but now I’m even tired of meaningless fights.

Because Carnan didn’t do this for a day or two. I’m the only one who gets hurt even if I think it’s upsetting and unfair.

Just this…It’s as natural and normal as breathing.

“Princess, no. I accidentally…”

“It was my mistake for interrupting the conversation.”

It was my fault for intervening between His Majesty the Great Emperor and the Duke, who was talking without even knowing my place.

I was bad… ‘cause I’m a bad person.’

“Robert. The princess’ clothes are dirty, so let her into her nanny.”

Carnan called aide Robert and ordered me to get out of there. His fingers move with one swipe, just as if he were removing dirty garbage from a noble place.

I clenched the empty juice glass. The juice that Theon had given him spilled out and not a single drop remained.

I’m really used to this situation, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in this situation.

Robert patted me on the back and led me out of the banquet hall.

‘I’d rather be fine. I have an excuse to go in.’

I thought to myself that, and turned around quietly, following Robert. I wanted to go quickly and rest.

But then. I made eye contact with Theon and Julie, who were standing together on one side of the banquet hall. Their gazes of concern and sympathy.

At that moment, blood rushed to my face.

It was definitely something that could be passed over calmly with worn-out emotions, but as soon as I realized that the two were watching, I became infinitely ashamed and wanted to hide somewhere.

I ran straight up to the room. Without an assistant or nanny, I went into the room alone and closed the door.

Theon’s expression did not leave my head.

‘Don’t look at me like that, Theon.’

don’t look at my ugly face.

don’t look at my shame.

If you don’t love me, don’t worry about me.

A glass of juice filled the red love and then spilled again with defiled feelings.

I locked the door and crouched down, hugging my juice-soaked dress.

I thought I was okay with spilling juice on my clothes, being treated like that by Carnan, and even bowing in my pride and apologizing, but Theon’s eyes turned over at once.

I gripped the hem of my dress with an emotion that was hard to control.

‘I hate myself.’

* * * 

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