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TWTLH-Chapter 5


Theon looked bewildered and looked into my eyes.

“maybe… I think so.”

“You are a bad kid! I thought we would be good friends.”

Rey got angry and took Theon away from me.

He seemed quite angry, he even showed hostility by staring at Theon.

“Dorothea has never cried like this as a baby!”

Ray has known since I was little that I rarely cry.

Being back, it was natural.

Only when they were very young when their bodies were not developed enough to use language, did they make sounds similar to crying to communicate?

Even if I fell while running, even when the nanny was away for a while and left alone, I didn’t shed a single tear. The nanny was worried about not crying abnormally, so she consulted a doctor.

“What did you do to Dorothea?”

“Your Highness Raymond, that’s…”

“I didn’t cry because of Theon!”

I shouted at Rey, who was mad at Theon without knowing anything.

“Isn’t it because of Theon?”

“It’s because there’s dust in your eyes.”

Ray tilted his head at my poor excuse. I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment because I was caught crying by Ray.

“Really. Something like thorns got in and it hurt so much…”

“It’s fine now?”

Idiot Ray looked into my eyes to see if there was anything wrong with whether he believed my weak excuses or not.

His blue eyes looking at me were so clear that I was sick of it.

“I cried and fell. it’s okay.”

“That’s a relief.”

Rey smiled relievedly.

Even the nanny, who had rushed after Rey, was surprised and wiped my cheeks with tears in them.

“Oh my gosh, our princess! You were in the garden, and when did you get here!”

The appearance of the nanny and Ray gradually calmed my heart.

“Dorothea, I want to introduce you to my new friend.”

Rey refreshed the atmosphere and pulled Theon closer to me.

‘Is the friend you introduced me to Theon?’

“I made a mistake in the first meeting, Princess Dorothea. My name is Theon Fried.”

Theon formally greeted me and kissed the back of my hand.

Even though I had gone through the path of regret once, my heart was running like an untamed wild horse, heading where I wanted to go.

Theon’s smile once filled me with unscrupulous hope.

We are now at a fresh start. There was no conversation between us.

So… Is it okay to forget me, who cruelly longed for love, shake off the misfortunes of the past, and start over?

If I love you a little more, won’t you look after me this time?

If life comes back to give me a new chance…But that dream was soon shattered.

“Theon, why did you go alone?”

Despair that came before my hopes were ripe.

“Julie! I told you to wait.”

His gaze on me turned back to her.

The pink hair and purple eyes 

sparkling like amethysts, reaching the tip of Theon’s gaze. A bright smile as if a shadow had never been cast. So a very lovely girl ran to Theon’s side and stood there.

Julie Delevingne, Theon’s first and only love.

Due to family promises and my stubbornness, he had no choice but to marry me, but Theon only loved her until death.

The two of them, who have been childhood friends for a long time, are like puzzle pieces that fit well together, so special that there is no room for me to intervene.

After all, my life was like that.

I longed for Carnan’s love but didn’t get it, I longed for Theon’s love but didn’t get it…unlovable life.

Theon looked for Julie even after marrying me.

Dozens of letters were exchanged with Julie without me knowing.

Knowing this, I didn’t let him go to Julie, and I didn’t even do it recklessly because I loved him so badly. I was blinded by jealousy toward Julie. I prayed that Julie would disappear from Theon’s side, no, she would die.

And when my faithful subordinate made a plausible charge and brought Julie’s death, I rejoiced. Now thinking that Theon will come to me.

But in the end, Theon escaped from me by death and went to her side.

He died because of my greed after all. My selfish love killed him.

Can I call it love? This feeling that’s going to break even now?

“Julie is here too!”

Ray had already greeted Julie and called her warmly.

“Dorothy. This is Julie Delevingne. 

She said she came from the Grand Duchy of Fridia with Theon.”

Ray introduced them one by one formally. Theon and Julie explained that they had come up to the island with their parents to attend Ray’s inaugural ceremony shortly thereafter.

After the introduction, Julie politely bowed her knees and bowed formally.

“Hello, Princess Dorothea.”

Julia smiled brightly and greeted her lovingly and kindly. to the point of jealousy.

‘No. You should smile, Dorothy. You can’t hate Julia.’


I tried to raise the corners of my mouth to say hello, but my emotions were out of control.

Unlike her innocent smile, my smile was stained with all kinds of emotions.

It was because Julie and Theon naturally held hands and rubbed their chests.

‘What did you expect, Dorothea? To the subject that killed Theon once.’

“You know Dorothea…”

“I want to go up to my room, nanny.”

Before Ray could say anything else, I pulled on the nanny’s white apron.

The prince who I killed with my own hands, the love who chose death to avoid me, and the woman my love loves, there is no place for me to stand in between.

I couldn’t stand the pain just to exist.

“yes? Aren’t you hanging out with your new friends?”

“I feel tired.”

I turned my eyes away from them and ran up to the room. Forgetting that my hand couldn’t let go of Theon’s handkerchief.

* * *

The name Milanaire was a curse to me. Because I had to attend Ray’s inaugural ceremony just by the name of Milanaire.

Even though I didn’t like being crowned, I had to admit it.

“What shall we do, Dorothea? I’m so nervous!”

“Keep clams, Ray.”

Ray, who was preparing for the opening ceremony, could not stay calm as he walked back and forth in front of me.

I was so upset that I couldn’t concentrate on reading the book. I was looking at a history book whose cover had been replaced with a children’s illustration book.

After my nanny came up with Carnan’s scheme, I got into the habit of deliberately changing the cover when reading a difficult book.

“I am the Crown Prince today, Dorothea.”

“Okay. The prince of the great empire Ubera.”

I replied nonchalantly.

Before returning, I was very dissatisfied with Ray becoming the Crown Prince.

Although I was only eight years old at the time, I had a clear understanding of the political implications of the ceremony.

Even if it didn’t have to be political, it was clear that Ray had a better place than me.

And that Dorothea Milanaire will never be able to get up there, and she won’t be celebrated for being the hero of a big event like the Crown Prince’s ceremonial.

Therefore, I stood there with a bad face throughout the ceremony, and as soon as the ceremony was over, I became annoyed with the nanny again.

resenting myself for not calling out the Spirit of Light. But now I was determined to give Ray the throne.

I don’t like Ray, but I wouldn’t bring him down or kill him again.

‘But I’m a little worried.’

Considering that such a bright idiot would rule the empire.

Spirits make emperors, but they do not have much power, and they do not give advice on governing the country.

Of course, I wasn’t a good monarch either, so I have nothing to say. Because I ruined the country with excessive greed and obsession.

So what I worry about Ray is that a dog covered in dung is a dog with chaff.

“The Crown Prince is an important position, Ray.”

I had a lot of things I wanted to say and my emotions were complicated, but I only said one word. Hope you don’t make the same mistake as me.

‘Unlike me, I hope you don’t make a mistake.’

* * *

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