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TWTLH-Chapter 39

Theon’s greeting to get a good night’s sleep magically took away my sleep.

But today’s insomnia wasn’t just because of my excitement for Theon.


I sighed as I looked up at the dark ceiling.

My heart was pounding anxiously.

Will that terrible insomnia come again? The fear of insomnia brought it back.

‘It’s all because of Ray.’

After returning, I said I had cured my insomnia by living the life of a baby, but it was because of Ray that reminded me of the past.

I didn’t feel guilty about killing Ray. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

Nevertheless, it was Ray’s death that started terrible insomnia that haunted me for the rest of my life.

I did not understand why. I killed the guy I wanted to kill for the rest of my life, but why can’t I sleep?

But there was only one thing that bothered me about Ray’s death.

‘He probably didn’t lose to me, did he?’

That doubt made my heart pound every night.

It’s impossible, he was going to become emperor, his life or death depended on him, but in that battle, he lost to me?

Memories of the past, which I had long been trying to forget, held my sleep.

* * * 

 I  did not watch Carnan die.

It was because I was on the way back after the war with the enemy country, Hark.

“So… What is the will of the Emperor?”

I asked in disbelief after 

reading the will with her own eyes.

“Protect Prince Raymond from Princess Dorothea… It was.”

At the messenger’s words, I stood still for a long time, as if time had stopped, and didn’t say anything.

So, not from the Harks or the wild northern barbarians… … he wants to protect Ray by me?

My hand trembled as I held the letter of will. Does that mean I am now the enemy of the Empire?

Carnan’s advice. It was a horse that took everything away from me. Protect Raymond, who will soon become emperor, from me.

It means that I will become the enemy of Emperor Raymond.

It means that you can put any number of traitors’ masks on my face.

Raymond was able to take my possessions using Carnon’s will.

The army, the knights, the bankruptcy, and the power I had.

A single word, ‘threatening to Raymond,’ means to lose a moment.

It is not uncommon for a new emperor to take the throne and purge the hostile forces.

The Emperor had kindly provided an excuse for that, so now I was in Raymond’s grasp.

“To the very end, amazingly…You have abandoned me.”

At my fingertips, Carnan’s will was crumpled.

I didn’t get anything from the beginning. I couldn’t have what Raymond had. All I have now is my own achievement.

But now you’re trying to steal even that.

My teeth were broken.


The one who called my name was Ethan, the secretary who was guarding me.

As a bastard, he could not be appointed to the center and was in charge of chores next to the princess, who was not able to inherit the original throne.

But he was capable, and I took advantage of his abilities and used him as a sage.

People were enamored with his beauty, but what I liked was his cleverness rather than his beauty.

And I liked the subtle filth that I felt from him. I think we’re in the same class.

“The princess has the qualities of a true emperor,” Ethan whispered to me in a soft but strong voice.

Raymond Milanaire is too docile to be emperor.

A good emperor cannot be a competent emperor.

“The era in which the spirit of light decides the emperor must come to an end.”

The old-fashioned old people said that the spirit of light was important and that it was the absolute law of the world.

However, it is not right to become an emperor just by dealing with the spirit of light. The position of the emperor is worthy only when a person with the ability rises.

“Princess Dorothea is the most suitable person for the position.”

Ethan approached me with the letter, willingly bowed down, and worshiped me. 

“If we go back to the imperial palace, the nobles will definitely want to take the princess’s army and cut off your limbs.”

Raymond’s nobles will do anything to weaken me. They will take the army away because they could be a threat to Raymond.

They would not allow my power on the grounds that it could cause a disturbance in the country.

Perhaps, my existence itself will take away my neck, which is a threat.

“Other than now, there is no chance, Princess.”

Ethan said, making eye contact with me.

He had become adept at lying, and he did not raise an eyebrow, even if he made eye contact for a long time.

The expression on his face was so genuine that it moved my heart.

This is not the age of following the legends of spirits, but the age of true humans.

The age of rising above the spirits with human power.

Ethan grabbed my hand lightly.

“Become emperor.”

His lips touched the back of my hand.

That light touch made me speechless.

It’s not that I haven’t coveted Raymond’s place so far. However, the slightest bit of conscience caught me by the ankle.

I was shackling myself, saying that the unqualified should not take the place of the qualified.

But the conscience I was trying to protect was really insignificant and ridiculous.

Is it right for Raymond to become emperor, or is it a renunciation of conscience for me to become emperor?

Is Raymond right and I am wrong? 

why? Because I  can’t summon the spirit of light? Or because I was born killing my mother? Because the Emperor did not spare me? Because I’m too greedy?

No. It doesn’t matter. I just want something like Raymond.

However, it was given to Raymond easily and freely, and I had only to win by destroying and stealing.

okay. I’d rather break it.

“I will become the emperor.”

I will not deny my power and my existence. 

I willingly took up the sword of rebellion. I led the army that way and headed for the Imperial Palace.

The last day of the grievous Emperor’s funeral.

I ruthlessly pushed the army into the island without any sympathy or courtesy for Carnan’s death.

Those who were holding a pious funeral were defenseless. Who would have imagined that the daughter would push up an army before the death of the great emperor?

Ethan, with his good-natured rhetoric, allowed the briber to open the gates of the closed island of Lampas.

TL: Lampas ( imperial place country)

Thanks to the cooperation of Ethan’s followers throughout Lampas and the soldiers who moved like my limbs, I was able to deal with the core nobles of the Raymond faction one by one.

It took less than half a day for my forces to capture the islands.

“You must hurry, Your Majesty.”

Ethan urged me to lead the army.

I had to take the emperor’s coffin until Raymond’s reinforcements arrived from the country.

At least we have to cut Raymond’s head before dawn. But I, who was heading towards the palace, looked back.


Theon was always on Raymond’s side.

My love, my fiance, Theon Fried.

He must have been here for the emperor’s funeral, but where is he?

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Duke Theon Fried, I have put him in a safe place.”

Ethan brought my gaze back to the front again. Ethan was perfectly prepared for everything. The people of the Imperial Palace, Theon, and the army.

As if he knew for a long time that I would become emperor.

“So, your Majesty, you just have to look ahead and move on.”

A golden palace stood before me.

Ethan opened the door of the palace for me, who hesitated.

Milanaire’s palace, which had always turned its back on me, was shining facing me.

Yes, no need to hesitate.

I stepped into the palace where Raymond would be, the palace where the emperor’s coffin was.

There were already many soldiers and knights lined up in the palace.

But I was not afraid.

I also had soldiers who believed in and followed me, each of whom was a great hero.

Mercy was a virtue I did not possess, and I killed all the ‘people of Raymond’ in the palace.

And after a long, but not long battle, I was able to reach the final stage.

The emperor’s room waited for me peacefully without knowing the slaughter was taking place.

When I opened the golden door and entered, the red sunset that came through the window flowed long on the floor. The sunset was redder than ever, but it was clear and bright compared to the blood I had stepped on.

There, as I was familiar with, there were large tables and chairs, curtains, chandeliers, wooden cabinets, and portraits of successive emperors hanging on the walls where you could have refreshments and chat with your servants.

The scene was so casual and peaceful that the shouts of the soldiers from afar seemed like a completely different world.

The only difference was that the emperor’s crown and spirit staff, which belonged to Carnan, were placed on a red velvet cushion on the table.

As if waiting for me.

Raymond was standing in the middle of the room, watching the sunset.

The spirits of light hovered around Raymond.

A long shadow stretched behind his back as he watched the sunset, reaching up to my feet.


As I repeated his name, Raymond, who was looking at the sunset, looked back. His bright blonde hair shimmered brilliantly in the sunset light and the lights of the spirits.

“Welcome, my dear sister.”

Raymond greeted me with his usual bright smile.

My hand, holding the sword, was tense and the tendon popped out.

“They said you had won the war against Hark. Shall I make a toast for you?”

Raymond poured red wine into a glass on the table. The sound of flowing wine filled the room.

Red wine glides like blood into the golden goblet.

Raymond, who had filled two glasses, grinned, took one, and handed it to me.

“We should toast to the victorious hero.”

* * *

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