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TWTLH-Chapter 3


That’s why I didn’t want to see him. Because Carnan and I have never had a good time.

I looked up at Carnan so clearly that I felt cocky.

His face was quite younger than I remembered, but he also exuded the heavy dignity of an emperor.

“This is Princess Dorothea Milanaire, Your Majesty.”

The nanny introduced me, who had been behind her, by making me stand in front.

You don’t have to do that, nanny.

“Are you not educated?”

Carnan looked up at me without saying hello and asked as if he was annoyed.

I endured what I wanted to say, ‘I don’t have parents to educate me,’ with a promise to live a good life.

“No, Your Majesty! The princess is very smart and special!”

“Well, All I see is that she is small and arrogant.”

“I guess it was because the princess was surprised that it was her first meeting with His Majesty. She is also bright in royal etiquette…”

The nanny sweated and glanced at me.


I sighed and bent my knees.

“Meet, your Majesty Milanaire.”

It’s all because the nanny wanted me to say hello to Carnon.

As I politely greeted Carnan, he looked down at me with cold eyes.

“How old is she?”

“huh, yes?.”

“I am six years old this year.”

I felt sorry for the nanny who struggled to answer Carnan’s question, so I answered it myself.

Then Carnan met my eyes again.

“Where is that special?”

“The nanny is excessively unarmed. There is nothing special about me. your majesty.”

“your majesty! As you can see, the princess is humble and very intelligent compared to her age. She is already memorizing the entire family tree of the imperial family!”

The nanny seemed to be very determined and dared to recite me in front of Carnan.

The nanny Tone was passionate about making the princess who had been neglected until now caught in the eyes of the emperor, but I was not grateful at all.

Hearing the nanny’s words, Carnan’s eyes narrowed.

“Is it true that you memorize the family tree of Milanaire?”

I wanted to say no, but if I did, the nanny’s neck would be blown off for lying to the emperor.

Still, she’s a nanny who has worked for me all the time, and I can’t let her throat fly off here.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

I had no choice but to speak with Carnan.

“Memorize it.” an impertinent Carnan.

I managed to catch the middle of my forehead, which was about to be crushed by his rudeness.

“I think your Majesty already knows about the imperial family lineage.”

Carnan’s expression hardened as I responded with a rebellious retort.

Everyone trembled as if a winter wind was blowing in the garden at his firm expression. Except for me and Carnan.

“Do you not know the family line of the Milanaire imperial family?”

“Are you testing me now?”

“I think your Majesty is trying to test me.”

Everyone was astonished at my remarks, and the nanny’s eyes were so big that they popped out.

But I knew.

Even though Carnon is indifferent to me, he’s not crazy enough to hit his six-year-old daughter on the neck.

Tyrant was my modifier, not Carnan’s.

Carnan was a monarch with a fairly decent reputation in terms of politics. 

Although he wasn’t a good father.

“What’s the benefit of me reciting a family tree here?”

In response to my bold question, Carnan let out a short breath.

“Are you vomiting the Emperor’s orders?”

“This is to save the time of His Majesty the busy Emperor. Aren’t you so busy that you haven’t looked for me since I was born?”

Oh, I didn’t resent the ‘father’ I met for the first time in 6 years.

It’s just that I didn’t like giving orders to topics that I had never paid attention to before.

Carnan’s eyes fluttered slightly at my words, but then they found their place.

“Are you only going to write your family tree when it’s in your interest?”

Carnan’s eyes lit up with a little interest.

“I just hope that at least I and your Majesty’s time will not be wasted.”

“What the nanny said is true.”

Carnan, who muttered with a brief glance, again looked down at the little me, which was only about the height of his knee.

“Dorothea Milanaire. If there is anything you would like to have, please tell me.”

Can I tell you what I want?

I couldn’t see a single smile on Carnon’s lips, but I was startled as if I had been hit in the head by his words.

unexpected reaction. I thought you were going to say that I’m rude. 

As far as I can remember, Carnan never said this to me.

But now Carnan seems willing to at least throw a bone at the taunting dog.

the problem is.

‘What I want from you… It’s nothing.’

Maybe it was before the return, but now, there was not a single thing I wanted from Carnon.

I know better than anyone that having wind is meaningless.

But Carnan did not tolerate the dog’s disrespect of the Emperor’s sincerity and looked down at me with bitter eyes.

“Answer me.”

The six-year-old daughter’s blade-like eyes made the nanny restless, but fortunately, I had long developed resistance to this pain.

As I was shaking my head for a while to forcefully think of what I wanted, a useful thought came to me.

“Please make the finest wine in my name.”

It just so happens that Carnan’s face made me crave alcohol.


“If I mature it well, I think I’ll be able to drink it after I grow up.”

I can’t make it right now, so I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to have Carnan do this.

Alright, wine. It also takes time to mature.

I don’t know how grape farming will be this year, but if it is aged well, it will become a drink that can be enjoyed in moderation after becoming an adult.

At my answer, Carnan’s stern gaze returned to the nanny.

“Nanny, what did you teach this child?”

“I, I have never even talked about alcohol in front of the Princess, Your Majesty!”

The nanny, trembling in fear, lowered her body to the floor and prayed.

“A six-year-old asked me to make wine.”

Carnan’s voice threatened the nanny in a savage manner.

I didn’t have any interest in my education until now, but it was not appropriate to get angry late.

“It wasn’t something my nanny taught me.”

I stopped Carnan from putting the pitiful nanny in trouble.

“What if your nanny didn’t teach you?”

“I read it in a book. There are some wines that have been aged for as long as several decades.”

Actually, I used to drink quite a bit, but I’m still too young to say I do.

Other than that, I already knew deeply about the adult world, but I decided to keep my mouth shut because if I said that, the nanny could suffer a heart attack and die.

“Did you read it in a book?”

Carnan had too many questions.

I wondered if it would be counted among the longest conversations I had in my past and present life.

“It’s a book called “Portrait of Babelua”. There, there is a scene where Babelua is drinking old wine with her lover, describing it as having a great flavor. So, I was curious to try a good wine.”

I improvised casually and wrapped the nanny around.

The nanny is annoying because she’s so fussy, but she’s the only one who takes care of my work.

You need a nanny to bring food, and you can ask the library to bring the book you want…

“Have you read <Portrait of Babelua>?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

He raised his eyebrows in disbelief that I had read the book of Babelua.

<Portrait of Babelua> was a play written by a knight in a way that he observed the life of Babelua while traveling with the fallen nobleman Babelua. The character’s anguish and metaphorical expressions are excellent, so it was selected as the essence of the play.

Still, it’s not very long and the sentence itself isn’t difficult to read, so even a six-year-old can read it… is it impossible 

Carnan’s eyes narrowed toward me.

“Alright, I’ll pick up the finest wines under your name as you wish. So, the family line of the imperial family, memorize it.”

Carnan looked at me like a watchman and continued.

“However, if even one is wrong, I will punish your nanny for lying.”

At Carnan’s words, the nanny’s body trembled.

To make such a threat to a six-year-old child to memorize the family line.

I sighed deeply inwardly.

I nodded with the terrifying thought that maybe my tyrant’s cotyledon might have been inherited from my father.

“Okay, Starting with the first Milanaire, II will recite the line of the head family first.”

I decided to live a good life, so I have to save the nanny’s life.

* * *

“Princess, you did a great job!”

While the nanny squeezed her trembling heart, she poured praises on me.

This is because I memorized the imperial family line in front of Carnon without making a single mistake.

Even though it took quite a while for me to reconsider, Carnan watched me through to the end.

It was a one-sided test, but have you ever met Carnan in person for so long?

Carnan was weird.

“Your Majesty’s will now take an interest in you.”

“Nanny, I don’t want much attention from His Majesty the Emperor.”

I said, deliberately, building blocks of wood like a child.

I feel bad when I meet Carnan.

It’s hard to live a good life when you feel bad. Therefore, in order to live a good life, one must not meet Carnan.

On the basis of a neat syllogism, I wanted to avoid Carnan.

However, the nanny looked at me with incomprehensible eyes, and soon became drenched in sorrow and hugged me tightly.

“Poor child…”


I was held expressionless in the nanny’s arms.

“Princess, Your Majesty is the princess’s father.”

Unfortunately, it is. Carnan is my father, and I have no choice but to be his daughter.

“Your Majesty will like the Princess. She’s just too busy to pay attention to you.”

“Stop it, Nanny.”

It’s just a nanny’s wish. I know better than anyone that it’s useless to have such expectations.

So don’t blow a false wind.

“I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed.”

I thought the nanny would keep talking about Carnan, so I pushed her away.

* * *

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