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TWTLH-Chapter 27


The beautiful palace, precious birds, flowers, and jewels could not have made it impossible to beg for the rest of my life, but it seemed possible with sympathy and compassion. 


“That’s why I first told His Majesty that I wanted to go with you.”


“Are you uncomfortable with me?”

Theon asked cautiously. I didn’t know how to respond. It’s uncomfortable, but I don’t want to say it’s uncomfortable.

An ambivalent feeling choked my throat.

Meeting Theon was definitely painful. But at the same time, it was fun. With one touch of his hand and one look in his eyes, I used to realize clearly that I existed.

So I can’t say it’s uncomfortable.

If I say it’s uncomfortable, Theon will leave without even looking at me. I will kick the little chance Theon gives me.

I had to choose.

“It’s not uncomfortable…”

After all, my choice was determined from the beginning. Dorothea Milanaire doesn’t know how to forsake Theon Fried. Theon looked at me with friendly eyes, as if a little relieved.

“But why do you always have that expression whenever you see me?”

Theon asked, looking into my eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks.

that expression?

I didn’t know exactly what expression I was making. But it was clear that it would never be a pretty expression.

I tried to put my expression within the realm of the ordinary.

“I…I want to get along well with the princess.”

Theon leaned back slightly and came to eye level with me.

He spoke as if to ask for forgiveness. Like, don’t hate himself.

At that one word, the fortress that had been built solidly collapsed.

‘I want to get along well.’

I’ve told you that a hundred times, Theon.

My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t control my expression.

I don’t even have time to think about a kind smile or kindness.

To you, who sympathize with me with such pretty eyes like jewels and ask for kindness…


At that moment, someone came in between Theon and me.

“My cheek hurts so bad, is there any medicine? My fingers too…”

Ethan’s red, swollen cheeks covered Theon exactly like the moon that swallowed the sun.


Then, as if being pushed by a huge wave, the mind that had floated returned to reality again. That’s right, I brought Ethan. I was so startled by Ray and Theon that I completely forgot Ethan’s existence.

“yes! Medicine, Because I was hurt.”

I avoided Theon and nodded hastily.

It seemed that the more I faced Theon, the more I couldn’t stand the pounding in my chest.

“I’m sorry, Theon. Ethan’s hurt and needs some medicine. He was a guest, but I forgot.”

I spoke busily without even making eye contact with Theon. I, refusing to answer Theon’s words, took Ethan and rushed to the infirmary where the medicine was stored.

It was stupid.

The person I love said he wanted to get along with me, but I ran away in such a hurry.

But I couldn’t help it. I’m not used to this kind of thing, so I don’t know how to do it.

I entered the infirmary with Ethan and shut the door.


“Oh, I brought you, but another guest came and didn’t pay attention. I should have looked for medicine as soon as I arrived.”

I hurriedly put Ethan to one side of the infirmary and gibberish as I rummaged through the shelves.

My hands opened and closed the pitiful drawers, lifted and laid boxes in the cupboard, and shuffled the items, lifting things to and fro.

“Uh, where is the medicine? It will be around here.”

Ethan sat quietly in his chair and watched me.

I, who was looking for medicine, was confused and eventually spilled the items on the shelf.

“Oh my God…!”

I barely sighed as I looked at the objects scattered on the floor.

Why is this happening today?

I squatted and picked up things that had fallen on the floor.

Then Ethan quietly approached and helped pick up the items.

“Oh, thank you.”

I couldn’t see Ethan for some reason.

I feel like my expression is going to be messed up again now.

Everything didn’t go as planned today.

From the letter, I received this morning from Carnan, the application for the swordsmanship contest, and the sudden arrival of Ray… It’s all messed up.

I put my organized things on the shelf, trying to suppress my mind.

I struggled to raise the corners of my lips, not wanting to show my mixed feelings in front of Ethan.

“Oh, I can’t find it by myself. I guess I’ll have to ask Clara where the medicine is.”

I smiled awkwardly as I walked away, and Ethan grabbed me.

“I don’t need medicine. It’s just swollen cheeks.”

“But obviously, I want you to apply for some medicine…”

“It’s okay.”

Ethan smiled brightly with his red, swollen cheeks.

“Aren’t the princesses in need of medicine more than that?”

“me? why me?”

“just…You look a little sick.”

Ethan’s eyes narrowed quietly as the smile faded away.

For a moment, Ethan before my return came to mind, and I took Ethan’s hand away.

“I am not sick.”

“No…Do you have a fever?”

Ethan’s hand approached and touched my forehead.

From a distance, the sweet scent of flowers wafted from Ethan. The scent of Ethan seemed to fill the narrow infirmary.

“I really don’t feel sick!”

I shook my head hastily, removed Ethan’s hand, and stepped back.

Then, Ethan raised the corners of his lips as if he could see it.

“I think I can see why the princess came to recuperate.”

Ethan muttered to himself.

My heart sank again at his words.

Ethan’s yellow eyes seemed to be looking straight into my mind towards Theon.

Even before my return, as if he had read my mind, He was the one who commanded what I wanted before anyone else.

“It’s not like that. I came here because I was really sick.”

“What is that? You just said you weren’t sick, didn’t you?”

I felt trapped by Ethan. Ethan waited for my answer with a face disguised as innocence.

You’re a really bad guy.

“Now go back to the duke.”

I pushed Ethan away. I had no desire to play with his pranks.

Ethan then cleared my messy side hair and whispered in my ear.

“Can I help you? the disease?”

A slyly pretty smile came over me. As if a deceitful snake swallowed the fruit of time, for a moment it seemed as if time with him had stopped.

“I like the princess,” Ethan whispered softly like the wind.

I had to look into his eyes to see if the words were hypocritical, but I couldn’t make eye contact.

No, I don’t even have to make eye contact. That is a lie.

“Stop joking around. I hate pranks like this.”

I pushed Ethan away again.

“Yes? I thought you would laugh, but wasn’t it fun?”

Ethan shrugged and smiled.

“It’s not fun at all.”

“You must be in a lot of pain to not laugh at such a joke, really.”

Ethan’s words sounded mean, so I glared at him.

“It doesn’t hurt, just leave.”

“What about you?”

“I will be here a little longer.”

“You say you’re not sick.”

“get out.”

I weighed in my hands and pushed Ethan out of the infirmary.

“If you want to go to the dukes, tell Clara. I will prepare a carriage for you.”

I drove Ethan completely down the hallway and slammed the door shut.

Ethan saw the coldly closed door in front of him. His eyes, which had just shown a subtle playfulness, became cold.


Ethan mumbled quietly, touching his lips with his fingers. Then, as if calling for his gaze, people passed by. A red-eyed boy standing at the end of the hallway.

‘Oh, that kid.’

Ethan found him and shook his head with a smile.

“Nice to meet you.”

It was a polite and friendly smile, but Theon’s face was hardened.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Ethan Bronte of the Dukes of Bronte. Bronte is a family that rules this area.”

Ethan greeted him brightly with an innocent face.

“Did you apply for medicine?”

“sure. Princess Dorothea applied it herself, so it doesn’t hurt at all anymore. By the way… Am I the only one introducing myself? I don’t know who the master is.”

Ethan’s horse was soft and boney, so Theon realized his mistake.

“Theon Fried.”

Theon replied briefly.

‘Oh, the son of the Grand Duke of Fried.’

Ethan cynically recalled his origins.

A grand duke who is in line with the imperial family. Milanaire and Fried from the legend.

From a distant ancestor, it’s close to the Milane language, and it’s driving Ethan crazy.

He thought that the black hair was a terrible match with the Fried family, who somehow deals with dark spirits.

“Wow, it’s great to be Grand Duke Fried. I didn’t expect to see you like this, but it’s an honor.”

Ethan clapped his hands a couple of times and said.

But Theon ignored Ethan and went to the infirmary where Dorothea was. Theon hesitated for a moment before trying to knock, but Ethan grabbed his hand lightly and stopped him.

“The princess must be very tired today. She says she wants to rest quietly by herself.”

Ethan glanced at his wounds and added, ‘As you can see, I was kicked out of the infirmary, too sick.’

Theon looked at Ethan with a firm expression on his face.

Ethan only smiled at Theon’s hostile reaction.

‘Theon Fried, the atmosphere is very different from before. He asked Dorothea to tell his fault like a dog with a tail, and now…he is annoying.’

“Today, she practiced swordsmanship hard, and went around town with me…so she will be tired, right?”

Ethan grinned, and Theon’s lips clenched tight.

“Are you close with Princess Dorothea?”

Theon’s lips, which had been closed, opened with curiosity.

Ethan didn’t like Dorothea’s name, which came out of Theon’s lips.

“No. Princess Dorothea and I are not very close. As you can see, it’s just like putting medicine on if we get hurt.”

Ethan smiled with a humble face. Then Theon’s expression froze.

“I can’t even call her by the nickname ‘Dorothea’ like the master. We just live close and we don’t have any friends, so we only see each other occasionally. About once a week…?”

Ethan scratched his cheek with a shy smile, In front of Theon, who had met Dorothy for the first time in years.

* * *

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