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TWTLH-Chapter 26


“He hates me because I am an outside child.”

I see. There must be a relationship that you can’t overcome with that face.

If the younger brother that my father brought from outside was this pretty and beautiful, I might be jealous and I don’t like him already.

“If the princess doesn’t mind, can I stay with you until Master Jonathan’s anger is relieved?”

Ethan pinched my hem slightly with his finger.

I swallowed my saliva at the glare. Those beautiful golden eyes seized me with irresistible force. I brought him out, but it’s not good to send him right

“Yes, Ethan.”

I couldn’t help but nod my head.

* * *

Why didn’t I predict when I saw Jonathan coming down for Episteme vacation?


Brilliantly shiny, curly blonde hair, a bright smile, and blue eyes that shine brighter than jewels.


Raymond Milanaire. was also on vacation.

“I missed you, Dorothea!”

Ray, who had grown taller, ran to me, hugged me tightly, and turned around. My feet floated in the air and my skirt fluttered like petals.

“Did you miss me, Dorothea?”

“Let go.”

I don’t want to see you.

I wanted to refund Ray who hugged me. Who can’t take this guy? 

“I missed Dorothea so much. I wanted to escape from Episteme and run to see Dorothea.”

When Ray stuck out his lips to kiss me on the cheek, I blocked his lips with my palm.

Where do you stick your dirty snout?

And then…

“Princess Dorothea.”

There was a strong voice that penetrated like hitting me.

No way.

My heart pounded.

Ray let me go, and I slowly turned my head.

“Long time no see.”

He was standing behind Ray. Her dark hair was fluttering in the wind, and his ruby-like eyes were directed at me.


How did he get here?

He was noticeably taller and had a skeleton. So he got closer to the figure I loved.

“What a relief. You remember me.”

Theon grinned, and my heart trembled helplessly.

‘How could I not remember you, I’ve never forgotten you in my whole life.’

My heart raced madly at Theon, and I wanted to tear it apart if I could. I thought it would be better if I got rid of my throbbing heart without listening.

“Why is Theon here?”

“I asked him to come with me. Episteme is on vacation, so let’s go play.”

Ray said with excitement like a waving dog, whether he thought he had done well.

My mouth clenched at him, and I grabbed Rey’s wrist roughly and entered the private palace.

“Hey, Dorothea, wait a minute!”

I didn’t stop and strode up to my room, despite Ray’s twisted feet and poking steps following me.

I threw Ray into my room.


Ray looked at me with wide eyes, startled by my harsh behavior. 

“Why are you here!?”

“I want to see you.”

“what? Do you know What it’s like for me to live in a corner of the country?”


“Why did you bring Theon?”


I just want to forget, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to be shaken, so why do you come all the way here to bother me?

Then there’s no reason for me to run away!

“Theon also knows you, so I want to go to the private palace together. Theon said it was good, and Grand Duke Fried said it was okay.”

“What about me?”

I asked fiercely.

“What about my doctor? What about my permission? What about my heart?”

My doctor was not here.

Regardless of this, the decisions of Rey, Theon, and Grand Duke Fried determine everything. It’s me who’s staying here As if this space isn’t me.

No, it might actually be.

This Palace belongs to the Imperial Family, so even if I was living there, Crown Prince Ray could visit whenever he wanted to.

My doctor didn’t even have to think about it at all.

“I’m sure you will like it too…”

I can’t believe it. How can you understand my feelings so easily?

Why do you imagine and conclude other people’s feelings as you like?

“Why are you always on your own? Don’t you even think about my position? Is it all you have to be good and happy?”

“I just wanted to make Dorothea fun, so as a surprise gift …”

“This is a disaster, not a surprise!”

When I shouted, Ray stiffened in surprise and then closed his lips as if he was about to cry.

“I just…I’m afraid you will be lonely because you are alone in this place…”

A single teardrop dripped down Ray’s face and wet the floor.

cry? Who should cry now?

What the hell are you crying about?

Ray also turns me into a resonating villain.

I’m sure I will look bad in the eyes of others.

The great Crown Prince took time out of his busy schedule to come to this far place, but you are bad to treat him.

“Stop crying.”

“I’m sorry, Dorothea…”

Do you know what you’re sorry about?

I licked my lips.

Why doesn’t his apology sound fine? Why are his tears so annoying to me?

Now I can even hear the sniffling sound.

“Stop crying.”

I had no intention of comforting him. I couldn’t even comfort him.

‘Damn it.’

I would have gotten really angry if I had been facing Ray further. I left Ray alone and turned around and nervously opened the door and stepped outside.



As I left the room, I met Theon who was standing in front of the door.

Theon looked at me with worried eyes.

‘Did he hear everything?’

My heart sank again.

It would be nice if we could skip it and ask what it would be like to hear it while we were far away, but that doesn’t work.

I hope Theon didn’t hear me get angry.

Don’t get me wrong that I hate him.

Don’t think of me as a bad person.

Again, with vain expectations, I began to worry that I would not be loved by him. I was so afraid of being hated by him. I was being greedy even after doing something to be hated, I ran away from Theon.

“Princess Dorothea, wait a minute!”

When I reached the room, Theon, who followed me, caught me. I was startled by how hot Theon’s hand felt as if it had been on fire. It felt like my hand was about to melt.

“Would you mind giving me some time?”

Theon’s voice warmed up in my chest.

Theon was moving from a boy to a young man’s maturity.

It was a little hard to breathe, so I had to take a deep breath and exhale.

Was I always nervous about this?

Did I love you this much?

The depth of emotion I had felt for a long time was so deep that it was embarrassing. I thought it would be fine and nothing would be wrong. I thought I got used to it while staying in a separate palace.

“First of all, I’m really sorry that I came all of a sudden. I should have sent someone ahead of time.”

Theon’s voice coming from behind made my body tremble as if ringing a bell.

I stood with my back to Theon, unable to release my hand.

The reason I couldn’t take my hand off was that the hand he held was so precious. Because I’ve been waiting and hoping for him to hold my hand for a very long time.

However, the reason why we couldn’t face each other was that we weren’t confident about being loved. Because I didn’t deserve to be loved.

“Your Highness had informed me in a letter in advance that he would come to visit me during vacation, but the exact date was not revealed because the schedule had not been set.”

Letter. I recalled Ray’s unread letters.

Ray was very kind and delivered the news in the letter, and it was all to me for not reading the letter.

“Of course, I think you must have been offended by suddenly coming along with me. I’m not even from the royal family… I sincerely apologize.”

Theon was polite and kind.

It’s not for him to apologize for. I’m just doing this because I’m bad.

Those words tugged at the tip of my lips, but I couldn’t spit them out.

From the moment I meet Theon, my body and my head play separately, and do not listen to me out of control.

“I’m here because… I wanted to see the princess again.”

Theon’s unbelievable words pierced my heart.

Did he want to see me? But he never paid attention to me.

Before returning, Theon had never said a word that he wanted to see me even after marrying me. Rather, he avoided me as if he hated seeing me, and he hated standing in one place to death.

When I turned to look at Theon, He was looking at me with sincere eyes. At that one look, I pressed down on my heart.

The words I wanted to hear so much back then, the beautiful eyes I so desperately wanted to see, that I could face him so easily after giving up on him.

Why are you looking at me now?

“I was very worried.”

Theon’s red eyes sank very seriously.

“you are worried…?”

Theon smiled bitterly at my question.

“Pomegranate juice…That’s it.”

Theon was afraid that talking directly about the kidnapping would hurt Dorothea, so he turned around.

his attention, unfamiliar and affectionate to the limit.

* * *

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