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TWTLH-Chapter 25


In Stefan’s words, the man was neatly organized. Thanks to this, I was able to successfully submit my application to the youth competition.

“Thank you, Stefan.”


Stefan, who had just threatened the man, had returned to silent mode again. But I felt good even without an answer.

Stefan stared at me and paused as if he was about to reach out.


Not knowing what He was trying to do, I looked around and saw Stephan’s large hand gently resting on my head.

When I looked up at him in surprise, Stefan gave me a quick pat on the head.

I usually feel bad when I touch my hair, but somehow this touch wasn’t that bad. No, I actually felt pretty good.

So I accepted his hand as if I had become a docile puppy.

That was then.

“Can’t you hear me?”

A harsh voice caught my attention.

“Yes, brother.”

“Brother? Who’s your brother? I told you to call me young master, right?”

“Yes, master.”

From one side, Jonathan, the eldest son of the Duke of Bronte, and a huge mass of luggage were walking behind him.

The person following was carrying such a large load that his body was covered, and his face could not be seen properly.

I could see his arms trembling from the burden he was carrying forcibly.

The moment I was contemplating whether to help or not to do one more good deed, the luggage in his arms collapsed and spilled on the floor.

At the sound of the porcelain teacup and teapot breaking between the luggage, the people around them looked at it at the same time.

“what are you doing!?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

The boy carrying the luggage bowed his head.


Dorothy immediately recognized the silver-haired, bright boy.

Ethan Bronte, the bastard of the Dukes of Bronte. Ethan shrugged his shoulders as if he were Jonathan’s servant, and was terrified.

It was the first time that Ethan, who was always smiling and playing with people, was so stiff.


At that moment, Jonathan’s hand slapped Ethan’s cheek.

“I was going to give it to my mother as a present, but because of you, it all fell apart! Do you want to die?”

Jonathan was swearing at Ethan.

Ethan heard Jonathan’s swearing and began to pick up the fallen objects.

But it was almost impossible to re-stack the piles of things alone.


Ethan, who was collecting the fallen objects, winced as if he had cut his hand, lifted his finger, and bit it with his lips to suck.

“Why are you exaggerating? Hurry up and clean it up. People can’t pass because of you! Break the damn present and ruin everything! An unhelpful bastard.”

Jonathan rushed and kicked the small box Ethan was trying to pick up.

I clenched my fists at him.


In the end, I intervened.

“Don’t pick it up.”

I blocked the broken teacup from Ethan picking up the shards.

Then Ethan, who had been squatting, looked up at me and widened his eyes.

“You’re not an idiot, why are you sitting there picking it up with your bare hands?”

I pushed the broken pieces of teacup away from Ethan.

Then Jonathan tapped me on the shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing? It’s the good deed of the day.”

I raised my eyes at Jonathan, who looked down at me threateningly.

“Do you know who I am? You crazy kid!”

Jonathan’s hand went up high, but I didn’t blink an eye as if to give it a try.

But Jonathan’s hand, floating in the air, could not come down.


Because Stefan was looking down at Jonathan’s wrist tightly.

His silent black eyes led Jonathan into a terrifying stillness.

“Do you know who you are? 

Jonathan Bronte, the eldest son of the Duke of Bronte, right? Have you come down because it’s Episteme vacation now?”

I recited His personal information to Jonathan over and over again.

In general, they know that he is the son of the lord here, and no one can confront him.

But I am an exception.

“So do you know who I am?”

I asked Jonathan who was caught by Stefan and groaned.

“How do I know someone like you?”

Jonathan, who came back to his hometown after a long time, did not recognize me, whether he did not know that the princess was living in a separate palace in this area, or was unable to connect the girl in front of her with the princess.

No matter how much I am dressed as a commoner, you’ll notice it.

“Jonathan Bronte. Ignorance is sometimes a sin.”

Ignorance is not a sin, which applies only to those whose status is not a sin.

In many cases, ignorance is a sin, with consequences.

“Because I’m kind, I’ll pass this time. If you want to live a long life in the future, how about you behave well?”

I smile softly. Jonathan’s face twisted oddly.

“What are you talking about, little girl!?”


I looked back at Ethan, ignoring Jonathan, and Then Ethan squatted down on the floor and jumped to his feet.

I grabbed Ethan’s wrist.

“Follow me.”

I grabbed Ethan’s wrist and left the place.

“You, what are you doing? you stop there!

As Jonathan shouted, Stefan grabbed his wrist even tighter.

“Ah! hurt! It hurts!”

Only after Jonathan screamed in pain in his wrists did Stefan let him go and follow me.

I grabbed Ethan’s wrist and walked without stopping until Jonathan was out of sight.

Ethan saw a small hand holding his wrist.

Compared to when Ethan first met her, she had grown and become stronger, but was still small.

The little hand was leading him forward.

I stopped walking until I reached a place where there were no people.

The hand that was holding Ethan slowly fell away. Ethan waited a little longer to see what I would say now.

Wounds on fingers, red, swollen cheeks. Since I rescued him from Jonathan and brought him here, I must be worried about the scratches on his beautiful body just like everyone else… 

“Stefan, thank you.”

I saw Stefan instead of Ethan.

let go of Ethan’s hand, and Ethan’s hand fell into the air. Ethan stared at his hand, which had been released so easily.

“If it wasn’t for Stefan, things would have gotten bigger.”

I was busy talking with Stefan

I didn’t think the practice of being kind was completely useless. If it had been before, I wouldn’t have left the man at the reception desk or Jonathan alone today.

‘I think I’ve gotten a little nicer.’

looked at Stefan with a little elation, and he nodded.

“So… I thought I was really lucky to have Stefan.”

As I confessed shyly, a quiet smile appeared on Stefan’s blunt face.

Ethan watched Dorothea quietly, biting his lip and stroking his cheek with his hand.


Ethan let out a small painful sound, I looked back at him.

Ethan’s cheeks were red and swollen. It looked like Jonathan had hit him hard without mercy.

“Hey, your cheeks are swollen.”

“It’s okay… It happens often.”

Ethan laughed bitterly. It was so delicate that he could even live off Stefan’s sympathy.

But I was puzzled.

“often? I thought you could fight Jonathan enough.”

I didn’t understand the scene where Ethan was only being dealt with by Jonathan.

That Ethan, who even played with me, who was the emperor, is just being obedient to Jonathan? Is it because you’re still young?

Even so, Ethan isn’t the kind of person who can’t just go through something like that…

No, rather than that, is there someone who can shrug off Ethan’s face?

How dare you damage the beauty that leaves out a person’s soul.

It’s not strange that there’s a woodcutter who wants to cut down a thousand-year-old spirit tree, and someone who wants to engrave his name with a knife on an ancient relic that has been handed down since the first Milanaire…

* * *

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