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TWTLH-Chapter 10


“Your uncle is strong.”

“And it’s fast.”

Tutu made a loud ‘shhhhhhh’ sound and moved his body loudly.

‘Oh, come on. Stop it. There’s a limit to going easy on you.’

I applauded and matched the tutu’s bravado.

Tutu got excited, came closer to me, sat down, and continued bluffing.

As I listened, I could see that his imagination was very good.

He met a bear in the forest and he won it with my bare hands, so the bear’s skin is hanging on the house, or it was hit by a landslide and he dug out the soil with his hands and survived.

‘If that’s the case, why don’t you try writing a novel instead? If He had that kind of imagination, He would have been able to make a living.’

I thought in a series of mechanical exclamations.

Listening to his bluff was as hard as facing Carnan. But thanks to you, I got time to sneak a look around.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in my favor, such as weapons, exit locations, or the environment.

Having roughly grasped the situation, I did not need to listen to Tutu any further.

“uncle…I am hungry.”

Tired of listening to Tutu’s bluffs, I interrupted his story as soon as I had time. If I listen more, my temper will come out.

Besides, my hands were shaking from hunger that had reached the limit.

“Ouch! Our little girl is hungry!”

Tutu went to the man who was already on my side and was playing cards.

Sitting on a chair at an angle, fiddling with cards, he did not hide his displeasure.

“Danny, she is hungry.”

“So what?”

Danny stared at the tutu.

At a glance, it was clear that Danny was higher in the hierarchy than Tutu.

“That’s right, it’s time for us to eat, and the kids starved a lot…”

Danny glanced at me scornfully.

But it was definitely time for dinner, so he ordered Tutu to bring him a meal.

They cleared the playing table and prepared the meal.

The food served was pretty good.

‘You kidnapped me and you’re enjoying your dinner and thinking about the money you’ll get.’

One well-cooked chicken on bread topped with cheese.

Only after the smell of food stung my nose, the hunger I had been ignoring came back.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so hungry. Hunger who wants to ask for a piece of bread even if I kneel down to make people servile.

I didn’t want to go down to begging for kidnappers, so I kept my mouth shut. If I opened my mouth, I felt like my saliva would leak out secretly.

Tutu naturally grabbed me and sat me down in front of the table where the food was served.

“Why do you sit here? Go down.”

Danny looked at me with a stern look.

a firmness that does not allow me to share a table with him.

It’s not like I’m sitting there, but it’s like someone who treats me like a criminal.

The lame words, “Can you give me a piece of bread?” rose to my throat, which seemed to be spidery, and was finally swallowed.

“But the kid…”

“Aren’t you out of your mind? Are you here to play?”

Danny wrinkled his brow, and the tutu quickly curled up.

I quietly got down from the chair. 

Even after taking only a few steps, my head was spinning.

I starved for three days, right? I feel more hungry than that.

“Tie her to a pole.”

“I am her uncle…”

“Are you kidding me?”

Feeling frustrated with Tutu’s soft behavior, Danny stood up with a knife and came up to me.

He held a dagger the size of a sage’s hand at me.

“Kid, we brought you here to kill, we are not your uncle.”


“When I see rich kids like you, my belly gets twisted and I can’t stand it.”

Danny grabbed me with his wretched hand, dragged me, and threw me on a pole.

Perhaps because of three days of starvation, my body fell into His hands very lightly.

I bit my teeth hard at the unpleasant treatment rather than the pain.

Danny came with a rope and tied me to a pole.

“Danny, that’s a bit too much…”

“I’m going to kill you, what’s wrong with you? Or do you want to die first?”

Tutu shut his mouth as Danny threatened with a dagger in his hand.

Then as he was about to sit down at the table again, Danny jumped up like a frog.

“Ahh! shit!”

“Why, why, Danny!”

“Scorpion cub!”

Danny ran into the corner of the room.

I looked under the table and saw a scorpion I did not know where it came from, lying flat.

While showing off its shiny dark brown shell.

Tutu, who found it, also slowly retreated back.

‘ A scorpion.’

I thought of a place where a scorpion might come from. There are no scorpions in the Islands of Lampas…

There was only one place to point out.

In the past, when we were at war with a neighboring country in the western desert, I remember suffering quite a bit from scorpions.

Sometimes there were soldiers who suffered damage, and there were scorpions in my barracks.

Later, I was unable to catch scorpions, so I collected the scorpions I caught and even held a scorpion fighting contest.

When I see the air is dry and the sand is scattered on the floor, it must be right there.

‘Even if I run away, it will be difficult to return to the imperial palace.’

Shouldn’t it have been two full days, even on a cart?

It is quite far from the islands, and there are not many villages near the desert. Even if I run away with my small body, I will quickly catch up with them and have no travel expenses.

First of all, I’m hungry and I don’t have the strength to run away.

“Tutu, catch that scorpion or throw it outside.”

“What if I am stung by a scorpion?”

While I was contemplating, the two of them were locked in a corner, trembling like fools.

‘I’m dying of hunger, but it’s very noisy.’

It’s not like people who aren’t aristocrats see a scorpion once or twice in their lives.

It was obvious that if we were stung by that little scorpion once in the desert, we would die without treatment.

We Will die of poisoning before we even see a doctor.

“Damn it, this is why I hate deserts!”

I alternated them with scorpions.

Fortunately, the scorpion looked flat and had no intention of attacking.

‘I have to think about eating something first.’

My head was too dizzy to think more.

“Uncles, if I catch a scorpion, will you give me bread and milk?”

“Bread and milk?”

Tutu and Danny looked at each other.

“Can you really catch that scorpion?”

“If only I had two sticks.”

They were terrified of entrusting me with a crisis situation, but they couldn’t find any other solution.

In the end, they had no choice but to comply with my terms.

“Alright, If you catch a scorpion, I’ll give you something to eat.”

“Then let’s get this out of the way.”

Get rid of this damn rope.

Then the tutu came close to the wall, sneaked up to me, and untied the rope.

With my hands-free, I picked up two of the lottery sticks I had been waiting for.

Then, holding it like tongs, I grabbed the tail of the scorpion that was on the floor and carefully lifted it up.

“I got it.”

I quietly picked up the scorpion and showed it to Danny.

“Hurry up!”

“Where are you throwing it?”

Where there are no windows? Can I put it in your mouth?


“I can’t kill, but will uncle do that?”

Kill the scorpion for what sin? The guilt is on you.

“Barrel! Let’s put it in the barrel! Our water bottle!”

“Why put a scorpion in a bottle of water, you bastard!”

While the two of them had a debate, the scorpion struggled with its claws wildly extended.

Not cute either.

“Uncle, look at the scorpion. It’s amazing!”

As I smiled coldly, their faces became paler.

Two shiny claws and a stoutly outstretched tail were truly menacing.

“I’m so hungry that I can’t put strength in my hands. I think I’ll miss it..”

If I miss and someone gets shot, that person ends today.

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to introduce a scorpion to the two of them.

Then Danny ran away from me and opened the locked door.

“Leave it outside! If you throw it away, I will give you something to eat.”

A kidnapper was willing to open the door to a kidnapped child.

A single scorpion was the key.

“Are you going to give me something to eat tomorrow?”


“The day after tomorrow?”

As I lifted the scorpion as a toast, Danny exclaimed with tight eyes closed.


Scorpion is the most beautiful creature in the world at this moment.

I left the room with the ecstatic scorpion. The room led into a narrow, dark hallway. Then I realized why there are no windows here.

‘This is the basement.’

I made my way through the hallway and headed up the stairs.

Can’t I just go out with the scorpion and run to the village? It’s hard, but I won’t die from starving for three days…

I scrambled my head up the stairs and pushed the closed wooden door open.

Then a bright light poured down. A dry sand wind blew with the light. I frowned for a moment at the light so bright that it was hard to open my eyes, but I slowly adjusted to the light and looked around.

‘here is…’

And I knew. Why are they neglecting my surveillance?

The outside that came up from the underground was a ruined village in a wasteland near the desert.

It was an endless wilderness, covered with sand, and it was impossible to see where it was headed. The intense sun was shining directly overhead without a single shade, heating up the sand.

I’m lost for hope here.

With this body, it was clear that I was going to fall over there on the way to the hot horizon.

Which direction is the village? Where are the people? Who knows I’m here? My heart also cracked dry and dried up in the desolate land like a blank sheet of paper.

I set the scorpion down on a parched bush in the distance.

I put the scorpion down in the dry bush.

Unlike me, who didn’t know where to go, the scorpion disappeared while circling the sand as if knew the way had to go.

* * *

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