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TMMC Chapter 9


Chapter 9:

“Young Lady, did you do something else in the middle?”

“…… No. I’m wondering. How come mine looks like this?”

It was clearly put in the same mold as Leon, but only mine looked strange.
I worked hard on the shape of a cute animal, but why does it look more like evil things?

“……The taste will be the same.”

“Well, I guess so”

Diria couldn’t grab the cookie and smiled awkwardly.
Leon looked at my cookie and picked up one and bit it in a crisp bite.

“It’s delicious.”


You won’t die if you eat it, right?
I made it, but it’s not good to eat.
What did I do to make it look like this?

“Lady, I think you’d better not think about opening a bakery later.”

“Yeah, I definitely realized that, too.”

It’s not for me, whether it’s a bakery or a coffee shop.

“First of all, you should rest here. I’ll throw this away.”

Diria sighed as she looked at the ruined kitchen.
I did it while organizing, but there was a lot to clean up.
I asked Leon carefully as Diria left the kitchen.

“By the way, Leon, are you really okay?”

“Yes, it looks like this, but it’s still delicious. It’s better than mine”


I felt good, but I knew that Leon was lying for me.
I picked up Leon’s cookie and put it in my mouth.
It melted in my mouth, it was so tasty.

“Wow, really, Leon, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

“Elle, your cookie tastes better.”

Leon casually put an animal cookie in his mouth with a screaming look on his face as the chocolate dripped.
Looking at him blankly, I approached him as if I had been possessed by something.

“You got it here.”

Leon blinked when I pointed at the chocolate on his mouth.
The red tongue lightly swept his lips and licked the chocolate on my finger.

“You’re right, it’s on here, too.”

Leon’s gaze showed no sign of getting away from me.

“Then wash up… Huh?”

He took my hand to his mouth before I finished talking.
I swallowed my dry saliva when I saw Leon licking my fingers.

‘………This is what it’s all about.’


“What are you doing? Do you know how many germs are on my hands!”

I struck Leon’s hand and narrowed my brow.
It’s because he doesn’t have this much concept of hygiene.
I think he needs to retake his etiquette education.
Leon stared at me with a glum expression.
He had a blank look on his face the whole time I washed my hands that tingled in the back. 

* * *

I opened the door carefully.
I tried hard to avoid him because they said he was looking for me. I did not know what was going on, but I came with the thought that I might be able to reconcile through cookies.

“Have this.”

“… … If you have any complaints, you should have said it in words. Even if you give me that, you ignore me and now you’re sticking your head out”

Edgar looked at the cookies I put out and said.
You’re too mean to my face when I’m giving it to you.
I took the box I had put out back into my arms.

“I made it myself, so don’t eat it if you don’t like it. And why are you doing what you usually won’t do? Why are you looking for me these days? You must have heard something.”

He doesn’t seem to hear what I’m saying to him.
His eyes softened as he fixed his eyes to the cookies.


No, is it true that I become a little more suspicious?
Of course, I wasn’t a nice daughter, but I didn’t bring cookies to poison you or any bad idea.
I picked some nice things to get close to him.
Suddenly Edgar pulled out the box in my arms.
He looked at the box in my hand and ate a cookie.
Why am I so nervous?
Leon says it’s delicious…….

“…..You really don’t have any talent.”

 “Give it to me!”

That’s right.
Edgar looked down at the cookie without hiding his distorted brows.
He pulled out a tissue and spat it out.

“Where did you learn to give and then take it away?”

“No, you spit it out right in front of me.”

“Giving you food that you can’t eat, doesn’t that mean fighting rather than reconciliation?”

“So give it back to me!”

“Since you gave it to me, it’s up to me to throw it away.”

Indeed, the more we talked, the more unfavorable we became.
I don’t know why I brought this to him.

“Leon said it was delicious”

“He doesn’t seem to be doing anything right.”

How can you be so unkind when you say it?
I crumpled up my face and looked at Edgar.
Look at him now. Looking at a cookie with such a suspicious look on him.
That’s right. There’s nothing to worry about if you made the enemy moderately.
“No matter how annoying you are to me, I don’t intend to poison my father”

“Thank you for this.”

Please put your soul into it.
I was choked up and speechless.
Getting along is invalid. I’ll never be able to get along with this man.

“That’s enough, that’s enough! If it doesn’t taste so good, throw it away.”

“You must read what I think.”

One corner of Edgar’s mouth crept up.
It was obvious that he was laughing at me.
The moment I turn around, the cookie will go straight to the trash can.

“Why don’t you learn how to work on information instead of doing useless things?”

“……Why am I?”

“How did you find out the information you gave me at that time? I thought you were an ignorant kid who was trapped here and knew nothing.”

“I’ve been walking around well. Why is the Count so interested in me?”

It seems strange that I, who used to call him my father, said he was a count.

‘What, I thought you didn’t want to hear it. I guess I was wrong.’

I stared straight with my eyes wide open.
From what he says, the information I have seems to have been quite helpful. But trying to push your daughter into the same place as the Dark Guild.
He must be a madman.

“I’ll pay you tenfold.”

“That’s enough. Just quit your drug business. Casino would be better.”

I left the room in a hurry.
I get indigestion from eating that cookie.
It’s clear that Leon lied to me.
I proudly brought it because I heard it was delicious, and I was fooled. Maybe Edgar also thinks I’m worse for this one.

“I shouldn’t go anywhere for a while.”

I took a look at the tightly closed door and quickly headed for the room.

* * *

Edgar glanced at the cookie box.
The little girl, who was huffing and furious, looked quite upset by today’s incident.

“Why didn’t you just say it was delicious?”

“Try it.”

He handed a cookie to Herrington.
It was slightly burnt, but it smelled quite delicious.
His face, which he bit without any doubt, hardened.

“……I want a tissue, too.”

“Eat it. Who recommended me to eat it?”

Herrington had to gulp down the cookies in his mouth.
He couldn’t feel anything but salty as if it was poured with salt instead of sugar.

“What should I do with this?”

“Throw it away, did you think I would eat this?”

“……Not that. You seem to be quite soft these days.”

It couldn’t have been.
I’ve never loved Elle Natasia, who looks just like her mother.
Just looking at her reminds me of the woman I loved.
No matter what others said, the two loved each other.
Although the marriage was made because of the pattern on the body, the two did not regret it.

“No way.”


Edgar grunted and shoved the cookie box into the trash.

I don’t know what brought her close to me, but it won’t be good to give her affection.
She was also a family member who would leave when she had a companion.

“Give up the business. What do you think?”

“I don’t think I need to listen to her.”

“Then how do you see the last time?”

“Isn’t that a coincidence? There’s no way she really knows what’s going on in the world.”

Edgar was bothered by Elle, who was huffing out the door.
When he peeked to the side, he saw cookies that fell into the trash can and were broken.

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