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TMMC Chapter 7


Chapter 7:

“Well, Young Lady Elle is a little late today.”

“I know.”

Leon looked out the window quietly.
At first, he didn’t even recognize who was who, but through steady efforts, he was able to distinguish the people in the mansion.
Very few were aware of that fact.

Leon has been pretending not to recognize people well.

Somehow he felt like he should.

‘She’s the only one who uses this scent.’

A friendly maid who cleans my bedroom every day, Diria.
The maids were always wearing the same clothes, so it was easy to see what they were doing.
However, it took quite a long time to distinguish who is who because of the same clothes.
It took two years to distinguish Diria.
He couldn’t forget Elle’s expression of joy when he started to distinguish people.
He tried hard to see Elle’s smile.
The only person Leon could clearly distinguish was Elle.

Her voice was sweet with a unique body scent. He memorized everything about her steps and her habits.
Elle frowns at the tip of her nose when she smiles unconsciously.
When she was lost in thought, she repeatedly pressed the back of her neck with her hands.
Without knowing, he tried everything to recognize Elle with his eyes.
Elle thinks Leon is still distinguishing her with a blue ribbon, but it was a big illusion.
The blue ribbon was just a medium that made it clear when she was coming from far away.
He remembered her running and the way she called his name.

‘There’s only five years left.’

Why did time pass so quickly? Leon felt his stomach burn.

“You’re tall today, too.”

“………Have you grown again?”

“You’ll soon be an adult.”

Hearing the words of the maid, Leon bit his lips tightly.
I didn’t want to be an adult.
Can I be with Elle forever if I’m young?

“I don’t want to be an adult.”

“Well, you don’t want to be separated from Lady Elle.”

The maid groaned low as she looked at Leon. It may not be pleasant to see the day end as they stuck together.
However, as Leon grew bigger, people around him became more anxious.
Is he really the cursed child that’s been rumored?

‘But there are no red eyes…….’

For a moment, the maid saw a gleam in Leon’s eyes, who was staring out the window.
The red light that flashed momentarily in the black eyes.
She’s sure she’s not mistaken.


She trembled at the sight of Leon, who she had faced without realizing it.
The mouth closed tightly as a clear red color appears when their eyes face each other.

“What’s wrong with you, Diria?”

Diria’s behavior was always formal.
One step away from him, with a badge on so he can recognize her.
Leon, who sat on the window with a drowsy voice, smiled broadly at Diria.

“Yes, I don’t want to be separated from her. So I’m still a child.”

“That’s right, sir. You’re still a child.”

Diria nodded as if possessed.
Her body collapsed to the floor with the feeling that something inside of her was released.

“Elle, I guess everyone wants me to leave your side.”

Each time, the maids entered the room on a fixed duty, and the colors of the badges they each wore were different.
Contrary to the cold words that Elle spit out, she was quite caring for me.

The more I thought about it, the better I felt.

Leon glanced at Diria, who had fallen on the floor, and saw a carriage coming into the count’s house from afar.
Immediately, he had a feeling it would be Elle in the carriage.
It was just a hunch.

‘At this time, there’s a good chance it’s Elle.’

Before Elle came, I had to wake Diria up and let her out.

“Diria, are you okay?”

He rose slowly from the window.
He shook her up with a blank face.
Diria, who had been lost in her mind for a while, rose up with an expression of confusion.

“Oh, why would I…….”

“You suddenly collapsed. Here’s the water.”

Leon handed her a cup of water with a friendly smile.

“Thank you.”

Diria tilted her head to the side and drank in the water.
Somehow she felt like she forgot something, but couldn’t think of it.

“I think someone’s here.”

At Leon’s words, Diria nodded and held Leon’s hand.

“I guess Elle is here. Then we have to hurry up and meet her.”

When she opened the door, Diria swept her stiff neck as she saw Leon running toward Elle.

‘It’s weird, I’m losing my energy.’

It seems like she’s getting tired.

* * *

“Leon, that’s not it. Again”

I put my hand on my waist and scolded Leon severely.
I was worried that he couldn’t handle Mana well yet.

“You can’t just absorb it. It’s far from enough, it can’t protect you.”

“But I only need to protect you.”

Leon looked at me with a slow blink.
Don’t seduce me with those eyes.
Does he know what his eyes are like? He probably doesn’t know.

“Leon, don’t worry about me. I’m always worried about you.”

Leon will develop patterns after becoming an adult, and the mana explodes as it awakens.

“If I handle Mana well, is it good for you, Elle?”

“Well, that would help, wouldn’t it? Leon, I want you to go to a good place. Where you know your power”

“……I don’t need this power.”

He held his hand and lowered his eyes.
He could have blamed his power. But that power allowed him to survive.

“I don’t like it when others ignore you. I don’t like seeing them looking at you with hateful eyes.”


“Leon, to do that, you have to be a person that others can’t ignore.”

Everyone will kneel under your feet anyway.
From now on, his tender heart needed to be stronger.
Oh, of course. It’s okay for me to back off a little.

“Then, Elle, can I stay by your side?”

I’ll say this now, but he’ll forget me anyway. Maybe he won’t even remember.
I tried to swallow a bitter smile and asked without knowing.


“When others can’t ignore me anymore.”

“You can stay by my side even if you don’t have strength.”

Because no one cares about me.
Now, it was okay because Leon didn’t have much power, or because the pattern hadn’t appeared and his fate with Janice was not decided yet.
Because no one else knew who he was or what power Leon had.
I already know who he is and who he will marry.
Sadly, his partner is already decided. Even though my fate was also decided.
Wouldn’t it be okay if my fate, which was not the main character, be changed?
I try so hard to live, so maybe God will take pity on me and save me.
Leon reached out to me and quickly grabbed on.

“But you said back then that you will marry someone else.”

His voice sounds heavier.
I’m the one who should be sad, but why is Leon’s eyes shaking?

“I guess so, right? I don’t know who my partner will be.”

I might die before that. To be honest, I wasn’t confident about my future.
It’s ridiculous to say that you’re getting married in a situation where you don’t even know what’s going to happen.
I hesitated and looked at Leon, who asked me carefully.

What are you so curious about?

“If I become strong, can Elle not marry someone she doesn’t like?”


Don’t you think I’ll know when I grow up?
I don’t know right now if it’s a marriage I don’t want.
I’ve never thought about getting married because my pattern won’t show up.

‘I think he has been thinking weird things lately.’

I clapped Leon’s cheeks and grabbed him.

” Ouch…”

Leon’s surprised face was quite cute.
It’s hard when you think too much.
I asked with the hope that he wouldn’t ask anymore.

“Leon, do you not want to be separated from me?”

“I don’t want you to be an adult.”

I laughed at Leon’s childishness.

“Me, too. But I’m also curious about how you are as an adult.”

Being an adult wasn’t such a good thing.
I had to step into a complicated society, and I may gradually lose myself to please others.
Look at my father who abandoned his conscience in pursuit of fortune and only fortune.
Nevertheless, I was curious about how Leon became an adult.

“……Are you curious?”

“Yeah, maybe Leon will be a wonderful adult.”

Just imagining it made me feel good.
Leon’s tall, tall appearance, strong body, and power that no one else can reach were depicted in my head.

‘It’s gonna be great.’

I smiled broadly at Leon’s hair swaying in the wind.

“Don’t forget me then.”

“I’ll find you wherever you are.”

Leon took my hand and kissed me lightly on the back of my hand.
My body trembled at his unusual atmosphere.

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