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TMMC Chapter 6


Chapter 6:

There were some difficulties, but fortunately, what I wanted to do ended well.

‘I didn’t expect the slave business to quit.’

Even though I paid a fair price for it, the information pointed me to a mine that was legal and where I could raise money

I made a ridiculous excuse as to how I got the information.
While looking at the map, I found a hidden mountain range, and there may be treasure.
There was nothing strange about the words that came out from a child’s mouth. But Edgar did not listen.

“It’s a relief, because I heard what the merchants were saying.”

I didn’t know walking around would help me so much.
It was quite useful to pick up this and that.
The mine was hidden in the mountain range. It was like an abandoned land because the road was so rough and there were no people, but it was rich with minerals.

In short, it was a success.
Merchants used to tell stories that were handed down among themselves.
As a child, I thought it would be interesting.

It must have been the intention to get people to buy things without thinking, but they didn’t know.

My eyes opened wide when they talked about the mountain range.

‘I never thought it would be true.’

As a result, the deal was successful.
There was only one thing I wanted from Edgar. Keeping things the way it is.
He also decided to give support to Leon, so I got everything I wanted with this.
10% of the mines are mine, so I don’t have to worry about money from now on.
If I run away, it’s enough to take the money and hide in another country.

“Elle? Look, it’s a crown.”

“It’s pretty.”

I drank tea and looked at Leon. I had a blue ribbon on my wrist.
Leon recognized me even though he couldn’t recognize others.
It was because of the blue ribbon tied to the same position every day.
Getting close to him wasn’t that easy.
As a result of my daily efforts, we slowly became close.

“This is… this is for you.”

“Wow, really?”

I didn’t like flowers very much, but I happily accepted the flower crown he held out.

“Pretty. There’s nothing Leon can’t do.”

I smiled broadly at Leon.
His slender fingers touched me and fell.
I put the crown on my head and stared at Leon.
His shy red face was lovely.

“How do I look?”

Leon gently raised his head to my gaze.
He couldn’t have recognized me properly, but at times like this, it was courtesy to wear and show it to the person who made it.



I smiled at Leon’s words.
His wriggling fingers stopped, and he immediately put the flower crown on my head.


Wow, I’m melting down.
I stared at him, mesmerized by Leon’s happy smile..
The red eyes that he only shows to me soon folded in a good line.

“Leon is pretty even when he smiles.”

Oh, his face is about to explode.
I reached out to see Leon’s red face.

“I think it’s going to explode. What if you have a fever?”

Leon’s body froze hard when my hand touched his forehead.
I tapped my forehead and looked at him.

“Leon, are you hurt? You don’t have a fever.”

“Oh, I’m not hurt!”
Leon quickly moved away from me and opened his eyes wide.
I thought he was catching his breath, but he quickly headed to the mansion with a creaking walk.

“Let’s go together!”

“No! I’m going to sleep!”

What’s wrong with him?
I saw Leon running with his head tilted.
You’re going to fall.

* * *

“Why did you call me?”

My father narrowed his brow in my sullen tone.
Isn’t it uncomfortable to see each other?
I hid Leon behind me.
I can’t believe he even calling “Leon”. Isn’t this a breach of contract?

“You two seem to be together too often these days.”

“We’re a family, so we stick together.”

“……… Family?”

My father’s eyes became thinner. He must be in a bad mood today.
I looked at my father with the same wistful eyes.
Blue eyes came out and stared at Leon.
Edgar de Belois. The name was wonderful.
In fact, he was a person who had nothing to envy about his appearance and status.
I don’t know if it’s a good thing that his child is me.


“It’s all right. Don’t be afraid.”

I spoke quietly to Leon, who carefully tugged at my collar.
He asked me because he didn’t know who was in front of him no matter how many times he looked at him.

“He’s a little boy who can’t do anything.”

It was good that Leon couldn’t recognize people.
So he doesn’t need to introduce himself.

“Don’t listen to what that man says.”

I grinned at Leon and touched the back of his hand slightly.


Leon did not withdraw his anxious eyes. It’s probably because he hasn’t seen someone show hostility towards him in a long time.

“You have me. Even if you‘re afraid, he won’t kill me.”

Oh, does that make him more scared?
But I had to tell him the truth. In the meantime, Edgar didn’t pay attention to Leon.
It may be good for each other to maintain this relationship as it is now.
I’ve seen my father and it seems that he cannot be saved.

So, I didn’t even think about making up a lie.


I raised my head when I saw the corners of my father’s lips crooked.

‘What, dude, what’s wrong?’

I’m your daughter. You’re not gonna kill me so there won’t be too much of a mess.
I was worried when he put it on.
I’m a human being, so people don’t always make the right decisions.
No, considering he looked at the sword on the wall the other day…….
It’s okay. He’s not gonna kill you.
I gulped down my dry mouth.
Edgar’s face was intrigued by my imposing manner.

“Don’t mistake the child you brought for a family.”

“He’s more like a family than my biological family who doesn’t know what they’re doing because they’re busy with work.”

“I want to know who’s responsible for you to eat and live well until now.”

“It’s thanks to my father, right?”

I don’t know how much he’s turning his back on other people.
Because of that, I didn’t want to thank him for eating well and living well.
Yeah, I’m a hypocrite.


I looked at my father with a smile.
Looking at the distorted face, I think I should behave appropriately.
This joke is too much so I quickly asked, coughing in the air.

“I don’t think you’re jealous of the two of us, so what’s your business?”

“I don’t like the way you talk to your father.”

“I know.”

Edgar pressed his thumb against his forehead as he looked into my slow blinking eyes. It looks like a headache is forming.
At this point, he could have told me to go, but he changed his target to Leon.

“You’re Leon, right?” You and I are not family, so you’d better not do any useless things.”

“Wow! Look at you talking!”

I closed Leon’s ears in a hurry.
If he keeps hearing that vile mouth flutter, Leon might hold a grudge.

‘I beg of you!’

Are you going to sprinkle ash on the cooked rice?
He’s a very unhelpful human being.
Leon won’t even remember my father’s face anyway, so don’t worry.

“Lion, let’s go. He’s doing that because he’s grumpy. You and I are a family, okay?


Leon nodded hastily.

“Don’t call me! We’re not supposed to be like this!”

Edgar’s eyes opened wide.
Without looking back, I led Leon out of the office.

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