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TMMC Chapter 30


Chapter 30:

“Diria, isn’t it strange?”

“It certainly is.”

I alluded to Diria. For several days, Leon was nowhere to be seen.
Isn’t it really strange?
I always went to the training place to look for him, but he wasn’t there.
What if you’re not avoiding me on purpose.

“I have to go find him.”

This place was wide, but not to the point where even Leon’s shadow could not be found.

“By any chance, has Edgar ever called Leon out separately?”

“Well……I can’t say for sure.”

As expected, Diria didn’t seem to trust Edgar either.

“Oh! I think Leon was looking at a document the other day.”

A document? What document?

“Does it have a fancy seal and a lot of writing?”

Diria pondered for a while and then nodded.
Oh, really! That’s so cowardly.
Only then did I realize why Leon was invisible.
I didn’t expect Edgar to use his hands.
Then it may be too late.
There’s not much time left until the announcement…….
Don’t tell me you put it in.
Anxiety surged in.
Where would Leon go? However, his skills may not have improved yet, so it might be okay.
“Huh? Lady. Isn’t that Leon?”

When I turned my eyes along Diria’s hand, I really saw Leon.

“Oh! It’s really Leon. But why is he making such a serious face?”

I rushed to him. I had to catch him before he ran away again.

“Oh, Young lady, don’t run!”

Diria hurriedly followed me as if she remembered what happened last time.
But I ran fast and stood in front of Leon.
I was out of breath and took my breath.
Whoo! Whoo!


“Why didn’t you see me these days? Did you really avoid me?”

Leon shook his head silently.
I could still see the expression full of sorrow.
I grabbed him by the cheek and made him face me.

“Leon, don’t tell me you applied for the announcement…?”

Leon turned his eyes as if he were ashamed.
What! Did you really apply? Not yet!

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it….”

His eyelashes trembled.
I sighed deeply and closed my lips tightly.

“It’s okay! Anyway…… Well, no.”

How would you feel if you spit this out of your mouth?
I smiled awkwardly at Leon.

“How’s your training going?”

“It’s just, I’m working hard. Did you come here because you were worried about me?”

He asked with a clear smile.
Then why did I come?

“You won’t be able to pass. Just have fun. Don’t get hurt!”

I tapped Leon on the shoulder.
I, too. No matter how much Leon is the main character, there’s no way that a child who hasn’t even awakened will be able to compete.

“Elle, if I pass, will you do what I want?”

At Leon’s words, I touched my chin.
Are you confident? It’s difficult.
I squinted at the knights he was training with.

“Well, hold on a second.”

I approached the leader and asked him.

“How’s Leon doing? Do you think he’ll pass the examination?”

“May I be honest with you, my lady?”

The leader shook his head at my words.
As expected, is my prediction correct?
That’s a relief.

“Good. That’s a relief.”

“Yes? What are you happy about? Wasn’t that what the young lady wanted too?”
I’m not so ignorant. Would I want to send Leon to such a scary place quickly?
I approached Leon again and looked determined.

“All right, I’ll listen.”

There’s no way that Leon will be there.
Leon’s face was wide open at my words.
Well, a little. I’m a little nervous, but what’s the big deal?

“But what do you want me to do?”

“That’s for later.”

I felt anxious, but I tried hard to make up my mind, saying it was okay.
Leon swept my face lightly with the back of his hand.

“Elle, don’t worry. I won’t ask you to do something you don’t like. I just want to do something with you.”

I nodded at Leon, who’s talking and being shy.
How can you say no to that?

“Yes, I think that would be fine.”

Only then did Leon’s face turn bright.
Is it my mistake to say that his hand that is holding the sword puts strength into it?
I felt like I had done something wrong.

“Elle, I won’t let you down.”

Leon’s eyes glazed.
Only then did I realize that something was wrong.

* * *

Leon swept his hair while looking at Elle’s room with the lights out.
His eyes were red in the moonlight.

“Sigh. Elle, acting in front of you seems to be getting harder day by day.”

Leon’s hand flashed with flames.
He could not even spell properly, but he lightly cut the straw in front of him.

“Elle, you don’t know. How crazy that kind of behavior drives me.”

She was worried and made him dream in vain from looking for him.
There’s no way he’d want to leave her.
There was only one reason why he did this.
Because he’s well aware of Edgar’s impact on Elle.
He was already able to use his powers to his heart’s content, contrary to Elle’s expectations.
Leon stared at the hand that touched Elle’s cheek.

“I still want you like this.”

Why can’t I do anything?
He was acting as Elle wanted, pretending not to know anything.

Yes, Elle could do anything she wanted.

“If only I had found out his secret.”

It would have been his card. Leon gritted his teeth.
The deadline for the announcement is just around the corner.
I’ve already applied.
Edgar will doubt him if he doesn’t pass. Maybe they’ll tighten me up more than they do now.

“What am I supposed to do…….”

Leon saw no way out.
Even though he is by Elle’s side, his thirst is getting worse.
At this rate, he might swallow Elle without realizing it.
If I hurt her with the desire to make her mine…

“Yes, it might be better to keep my distance and watch.”

Leon was afraid. He’s afraid he’s going to ruin Elle.
He cannot deprive her of her happiness.
It may be unbearable.
If the smile of Elle who smiled at him every day and the woman who loved his red eyes ceased to exist, nothing would be of any use.
That’s why Leon decided.
He decided to leave Elle even though he could have stayed with her a little longer.
Before he can’t control himself later.
No one will know. They don’t know how I felt when I made this decision.
It was probably a disaster for everyone that Leon showed up.
Leon wielded his sword and exhaled his sword.
A little more yes, it will be done with a little more time.
Even if he went to war, he had to come back alive. He had no intention of dying.
He was not a righteous man who sacrificed his life as a nation’s weapon and for others.
Just for Elle.
Edgar is watching me closely, so it would be good for everyone to move as they please.

“Instead, I won’t forget you.”

As long as he had her in mind, Leon had no intention of giving up Elle.
As time went by, his heart for Elle burned more and more.
The more I thought she’s not mine, the more I wanted her.
The more I did, the more my body felt like it was a reaction, and my wrists were getting hotter.

“Ah…… I think it’s too much.”

The throbbing pain got worse and worse.
Leon turned his head slowly and looked at his wrist.
An aura surged from his body, along with his languid red eyes.

There was a vaguely engraved pattern on his wrist.


I still have a few years left to become an adult. Why?
Leon didn’t understand the change in his body.
Isn’t this too sudden?
I thought it was going a little faster than last time, but…….
Leon tried to erase the pattern with his own strength in nervousness.
Blood flowed out as the sun raked through my wrist. The pattern remained the same despite the strong force enough to cut off the wrist.
One more time. And again.


The blood soaked the floor.

“I never wanted such a pattern, so please disappear.”

He chewed up the curse. The pattern was also clearer on the blood-colored wrist.
I was nervous about the feeling of falling deeper like a swamp.

Drip, drip.

Blood from his wrists ran down his fingers and continued to drip to the floor.
He felt rather like crying. However, not a tear came out of his eyes.

“It must be Elle. I have no other companion.”

My world, everything that surrounds me, will collapse.
Elle may not even look at me if there is a pattern.

“I can’t do that. Never….”

He reflected on his thoughts.
Where did it go wrong?
Or what he was missing.

“No way.”

A smile hung around his mouth.

He found it.
What he was so curious about.
The woman. Yeah, it’s been weird since I met her.
When I sneaked to the banquet hall, I remembered Janice, who had been passing by for a while.

‘Did she say Janice Abel Bonita?’

Elle had made a strange look at her and Delter.
Yeah, maybe Elle knew.
Because she always knew what he didn’t know.
This time again, she must have figured something out a step ahead.

“What on earth are you…What do you want to do? Elle Natasia.”

Leon looked at Elle’s room and chewed his lips.
Maybe she’s the only one who knows the answer.
If I had the power, if I could have Elle.
It didn’t matter if one part of my body didn’t do well.

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