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TMMC Chapter 29


Chapter 29:

“Elle Natasia.”

“Oh, my ears are itchy.”

Every time I ran into Edgar, I ignored him pretending I couldn’t hear him.
I was sick and tired of talking about the announcement he told me every time I met him.
I refused to come into the main building and was holding on..
Leon asked me what was going on, but I never told him.
How sad it must be to know that he’s trying to drive you out.
Every time, I glossed over to Leon, saying that it was nothing.

“Elle, do you really have anything to say to me?”

I shook my head again at Leon’s question.

“Yeah, even if it’s really nothing. Never mind, Edgar. Don’t even meet him separately!”

I hurriedly wrapped my hands around Leon’s face and asked.

“But I think you’re suffering these days. Is everything alright?”

“Sure! Leon, all you have to do is focus on training.”

Of course, the word “public announcement” should not go into Leon.
Didn’t you even seal other people’s mouths for that?
Everyone nodded when asked to behave well on their own.
Everyone seems to be shocked when I talk with a straight face, which usually laughs and shouts haha.
But no matter what my reputation was, the important thing was to let Leon stay longer.
I needed a little more time.
Seriously, Edgar can’t stand that little bit?!
You just need to wait a little longer. That’s the only way for everyone to live, so why is it so hard?
I pushed Leon’s back, barely holding my upset stomach back.

“Come on, come on. You’ve only taken up your time playing with me again. Go ahead.”

Because of Edgar, I spent all day with Leon.
It was an action that came out of fear that he might be called out separately.
As a result, it was not easy for Edgar to meet me or Leon separately.
I felt a little relieved after avoiding him for a month. How long would the announcement be?
Hang in there a little longer and Edgar won’t be able to help it.

* * *

Edgar failed again today.
He had a headache because the two of them were sticking together so much that they didn’t think of falling apart.
He didn’t give up on Elle’s words.
Every time he faced Elle again, he brought up the story of the announcement.
Whenever that happened, Elle stared at him with cold eyes and left without answering.

“Who do you think you’re really being stubborn like?”

I had a headache because of the imperial family, but was frustrated in Elle with what happened.
The deadline for the announcement is just around the corner. But for as long as a month, Elle completely ignored me.
At this rate, the announcement will be closed. Elle was clearly considering and ignoring it.

“She’s evil.”

“I think she’s smarter than that.”

Edgar’s eyebrows wriggled at the aide’s words.

“Who are you working for?”

“I work for the Belois family. You know what I’m asking.”

“I guess I’ve been decent lately.”

Edgar’s angry voice made a smile on his face in a hurry.

“My master is Count Edgar de Belois.”

“……never mind, call him.”

“At this hour?”

“Then when can I call him other than this time? I can’t take Elle out of the box, they’re stuck together all day.”

Wow, do you want to be this persistent?
The aide shook his head gently. Isn’t she the daughter of his father?
Those who want to protect and those who want to let go.
It seemed like a very fierce battle of spears and shields.
Inevitably, the aide called in the head staff and gave him secret instructions.
He didn’t forget to cover it around with something else if he ever got caught by the lady.
Otherwise, it was no wonder she ran straight here and grabbed Edgar by the collar.
She seemed to be scared when she was young, but since when did she become bold?
Indeed, Edgar’s attitude has changed a lot.
In the past, he wouldn’t care what Elle said, he would have grabbed Leon and forced him out.
Why not do that?
The aide felt at ease at the thought.
Above all, it was fortunate that he was Edgar’s. It was terrible to think that I had met him as an enemy.

“But why didn’t you hand over that information?”

“I asked you to find out who it was, but you didn’t ask me about the princess.”

At the request of the crown prince who was looking for the woman, Edgar gave the information as promised.
Of course, he only gave the basics of Janice.
Neither the emperor’s illegitimate child nor the fact that she was another sister of Delter.
He just let him know that she’s the daughter of a fallen baron family.
Janice Abel Bonita. She is known as the daughter of a fallen baron family, but the facts were different.
There was a woman whom the emperor had given his heart to for quite some time. It was Defeloa Delisha, Elle’s mother’s older sister.
She took her child away before she died.
The emperor believed that it was his bloodline and found it, but eventually he could not find the child Defeloa gave birth to.
This was what Edgar learned while trying to find out the truth behind the death of his wife Seline.
The Catean family is now peaceful as if they have regained their former glory. It was in the countryside, but it was a place where people’s stories were often heard.

“It’s really scary to watch at times like this.”

“I’m glad it’s not now. Anything special after that?”

“Yes, fortunately, He didn’t come back.”

It was a fair deal, so it would be difficult to argue and listen.
Their side also did not identify themselves, so maybe it was not a condition that harm each other.
The Crown Prince would think Edgar didn’t know he was commissioned.

“He’s pretty slow, by the way.”

Edgar looked at the clock and waited for Leon to come.
It’s been a while since I called him, but he’s still not coming. Elle would have told him not to answer my call.
However, Leon will come. I thought he would come, so I threw the bait.
Didn’t Leon have a bait to catch just by mentioning the name Elle?

Knock, knock, knock.

“Leon is here, Count.”

“Tell him to come in.”

It was difficult to be polite every time he could come in without informing them.
Edgar just didn’t like Leon himself.
Edgar’s mouth was flattered when he saw Leon standing in front of him.
The bandage wrapped around his hand looked like Elle’s work.
Did you even call that treatment?
I think it will only hurt more. Although she is my daughter, it seems that she is not very dexterous.

Edgar sighed and said.

“Elle seems to care about you a lot.”

“Is that so?”

“I still don’t like you.”

“I know. I feel the same way. I don’t think you called me to tell me a story that everyone knows.”

Leon went on calmly. He had a tone of saying that if you had something to say, be quick.

“Leave as soon as possible.”

“I hate that. I don’t want to leave Elle’s side even for one day.”

Edgar threw the documents on the desk at Leon’s words.


Leon’s eyes turned downward on the documents that fell on the floor.

“If there’s a pattern, You’ll split anyway. Just apply for this.”

“What are you going to do if I say no.”

“What do you like the most? It’s not that important to me.”

At Edgar’s words, Leon’s eyes suddenly changed.

“Don’t make me say it twice. Isn’t it good cause you were going to leave when the time came anyway?”

There is no place to go, if you apply, accommodation and food will be resolved.
The reason Edgar didn’t like Leon so much was simple.

He felt his power. It’s hiding its signs now, but it’ll grow out of control later on.
Although he didn’t make it obvious, Edgar also knew that the force flowing in Leon’s body was different from others.
Leon Davis. Hair dyed in darkness. It was also proof that he had been cursed.
Edgar, who did not see Leon’s red eyes, noticed the ominousness he was hiding.

Edgar intends to prune the shoots before they can get out of hand later.

If he gets in the way for both Elle and me, I have to cut it off now.
War was the same reason to send him to places where life and death were unclear.
If he survives, it will be Leon’s fate; if he dies, it will also be his fate.
One thing for sure is that the current Leon is neither good for me or for Elle.

“The pattern has not yet appeared.”

“I know. It won’t show up until you’re an adult. But I think we’d better separate from each other before then.”

Edgar knew by instinct. The pattern that will appear to Leon and Elle will be different.
It is better to fall with even a small hope than to get hurt and move away at that time.

“Alright. I’ll go over it.”

Leon leaned over and picked up the papers.

Something hot boiled in his chest, but he bit his lip and held it in.

Leon went straight to his room.

He shut the door and leaned back and closed his eyes.

The pattern. What’s wrong with that pattern?
His eyes, staring at his wrist, were stained with grief.

“I wish nothing will appear.”

Leon’s heart broke again.

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