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TMMC Chapter 28


Chapter 28:

“I just covered my face because I thought it would be ugly to others because I had a lot of scars on my face. So bye.”

“Well, I, I’m Janice Abel Bonita.”

Janice Abel Bonita must be the princess that the emperor mentioned earlier.

“I see.”

Leon replied insensitively. I’m not even curious, but why are you telling me your name?
He had no intention of revealing his name to the woman.

“Then bye.”

If we continue to talk here now, people may be paying attention.
If you were a princess, you weren’t a happy guest to come secretly.
Leon quickly disappeared before Janice could catch him.
After all, I didn’t even see Elle very much.

“Ha. Not yet, not yet.”

He thought that if it was Elle, he would be able to recognize her at a glance even among all these people.
But it was Leon’s arrogance.
The Count recognized Elle at once, but it was difficult to find because there was no sign.
He sent her as if nothing happened because he believed he could find her, but he only realized once again that he could not.
He wanted to find Elle everywhere.
Even if it was greedy, Leon tried to make himself like that.
However, such a miracle was not given because God was not on his side.
As he was about to return to the house, he heard Edgar’s voice.
He thought something had happened to Elle, so he hurried back to the banquet hall.
Someone was holding Elle’s hand. Suddenly, his teeth were clenched and blood came out.
Elle’s expression was a mixture of embarrassment and fear at the same time.

“Delter Cabezer”.

Leon repeated his name and clenched his fist.
I wanted to cut off the wrist of the man who grabbed her hand that he couldn’t even hold properly.
If it wasn’t for Edgar, he would have been on the spot.
Leon closed his eyes tightly to the lingering image.
I felt the pain of burning my heart again due to the shaking mana.
It’s a relief that he quickly returned to the house, or else he would have been caught by Elle.
He means that he went to the banquet hall.

* * *

Knock, knock, knock.

“I’m ready.”

I let out a deep sigh. It’s really complicated, but I have to face Edgar.
What on earth are you trying to say?
The garden would be better than the office, but it was uncomfortable.

“Really, I find that person whenever I can forget him. “

I wanted to be quiet for a while. Notify me in advance…

I left the room after stopping my insidious behavior.
Yeah, I said let’s grab a cup of tea, so I’ll be there on time. If I’m a little late, you’ll be freaking out again.
I really liked tea time, but I wasn’t very happy today.
As I slowly stepped away and headed to the place where I was prepared, I was able to see Edgar.
It seems that he was already drinking first.

“It’s not even the time I promised yet, but you have waited a little longer. You’re drinking alone.”

Well, that’s what it is, but people have affection. What would I wish for?
I sat down and savored the aroma in the teacup.
As expected, Diria knows my taste well. The irritation eased with a feeling of relaxation.

“So, why did you tell us to see each other in advance?”

I cut to the chase.
I didn’t mean to enjoy tea time with Edgar, talking about the bad guys.
It seemed to be the same for him.
Because he answered my question straight away.

“The announcement came up. Tell him to apply.”

“…… Already?”

No, this fast?
Leon’s ability would not have been properly expressed yet.
I put down my teacup because my appetite dropped.
The timing was earlier than I thought. Is that why Edgar attended the banquet?
Information sources would have found out about it even if I didn’t.

“… not yet, he’s not even an adult. You didn’t forget, did you?”

I made a fair deal with Edgar. As a result, Leon was able to stay here until he reached adulthood.
I wouldn’t forget that and tell me such nonsense.
There must be something else going on.

“Tell me, there’s another reason, right? Keeping the contract. That is a basic and natural rule of information.”

There was nothing more important than trust. But why are you trying to get Leon out of here as soon as you break it?

“I just said it because I had a chance to send him out sooner.”

“Why do you hate Leon so much?”

Leon had never done anything to offend Edgar.
Besides, why does he want to get rid of him when he’s doing well?
I said firmly with my arms crossed.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the suggestion you told me.”

“Are you going to disobey me?”

“Why should I accept it when it doesn’t even make sense in the first place? I was on the condition that I got through a legitimate contract.”

Are you saying that you’re going to eat everything you said now?
He was such a bully. This person… I didn’t see it that far!
I stared at Edgar with my eyes wide open.

“So don’t talk nonsense to Leon. He’ll go out on his own when the time comes, so don’t bother him.”

You may be grateful to me in the future.
How dare you imagine that Leon would become a great wizard.
I stared at Edgar with my chin in my hand.

“Even if Leon is not next to me, I will not inherit your business.”

“That’s funny. Is anyone going to hand it over to you?”

“That’s a relief, I’m not interested in the family business that commits all kinds of crimes.”

I don’t know if it’s clean. It didn’t matter if I set up a separate information store.
I knew all the information Edgar didn’t know. I might be the best intelligence dealer.
Twenty years old. Was it that hard to ask him to stay until then?
The room was overflowing, and there was no shortage of food.
So to me, there was no answer but Edgar’s bad personality.

“Well, come to the main house.”

“……the main house?”

Why is it suddenly the main house when I always live in a separate building?
I glared at Edgar with a more suspicious stare.

“……what are you up to? Why are you suddenly holding me up?”

I’ve grown up since I was a kid, but now you’re going to walk around with me in your arms?
As expected, there is nothing I like from one to ten.

“Then, how long were you going to stay with a grown adult in the annex?”

What, are you worrying about me?
Such a worry for me and Leon, who have grown up together since childhood. It will never happen.
I burst into laughter and waved my hands.

“Pfft, what else can I say? Count, what the hell are you thinking?”

Were you really worried about something you don’t have to do?

“Don’t worry. Because Leon and I won’t do that.”

Leon had a separate companion. Even if there is a strange atmosphere between me and the two, it is only for a while.
So even if something happens for Edgar to worry about, it will be temporary.

“How can you guarantee it?”

“You don’t know Leon? I’ve been watching from the side. First of all, Leon…… Ah.”

I’d rather not say this. I shook my head and drank the tea.

“I mean, you don’t have to worry anyway.”

I looked at Edgar with a more comfortable face.

“So don’t tell Leon about the first announcement. I’ll take care of it.”

Now, if Leon gets in the first announcement, the timing will be too early.
This is too fast. Then you won’t see Janice.
So I had to hold out a little longer until the next announcement was made.

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