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TMMC Chapter 26


Chapter 26:

“My mother is right. It’s annoying that your hair is red.”

……You’re talking so beautifully.
No matter how shiny the color of your hair is, you’re even worse.
Gold can be melted and used elsewhere, where do you spend it?
Delter doesn’t seem to want to let me go.
He moved from Janice to me and stared at  me.
He looked down because he was tall.
Obviously, Leon is taller than me, so the way he looks down is similar, but why does it feel different?
Delther’s flaming golden eyes fluttered in an instant.

“I like your blue eyes, but it looks terrible because of your father.”

“Yes, that’s what I think. Because I was born without knowing anything.”

Janice and I are in a similar situation.

“I guess Count Edgar didn’t say anything else.”

“What are you talking about…….”

I rolled my eyes.
What didn’t I tell you? These people know me and Edgar are close, but it was nonsense.
Edgar wasn’t so affectionate as to give me information.
He didn’t even tell me why you came to the palace today.

“I have so many questions about the Belois family. Enough to want to talk to you separately.”

“Thank you for your words, but I think it will be difficult. My father doesn’t like to invite guests. As you know, we’re on the outskirts, so we have to be careful.”

So I said, Thank you for your interest, but I don’t want to be nosy.
How long should we continue this conversation?
I wanted to stop talking to Delter.
This seat was very uncomfortable, as well as the attention of people.
In addition, I hated the mysterious rude behavior toward me.
Meanwhile, a familiar new model caught my eyes from afar.


I couldn’t see him properly because he quickly disappeared from the crowd, but he certainly looked familiar.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I have an emergency. Can I go now?”

Feeling nervous, I looked at Delter’s face, lifted my finger, and pulled out my neck.

“Elle Natasia. What are you doing…?”

I answered urgently to Delter’s gaze looking at me with an absurd face.

“I’m sorry if I looked rude. But I don’t think I need to be nice to anyone who is rude to me either.”


Delter narrowed his brow toward me.
Why are you so clingy to me? Is there a reason?
No matter how bad we don’t get along, I can’t believe you’re being so mean to my face.
Why the hell is Delter taking it out on me all of a sudden?
I wait for his reply. Then, I said it first.

“I think you feel uncomfortable with my presence, so I’ll leave you alone.”

It was judged that it would be better to take a step back first because there was no sign of stopping.
Oh, really. I should have followed him right away. I quickly followed the man in frustration.

“What? It’s really familiar.”

Without listening to Delter’s answer, I immediately passed by him into the crowd.
I think it was Leon.
It couldn’t be, but it definitely looked like Leon. His strange atmosphere, his height and wide shoulders.
How can I forget your body after being in your arms so many times?
However, no matter how much I looked for him, I couldn’t see what I saw earlier.

‘Did I see it wrong?’

That’s really weird. I tilted my head and turned towards the terrace.
I think it would be comfortable to wait for Edgar while getting some fresh air.
When I looked at the clock, there was some time left before we head back.
How long do they intend to stay in this boring place?
Everyone seemed to have no intention of going back home.
I tried to close the curtains, but I quit because I thought something bad would happen.
Instead, I stood in a corner and looked up at the sky so that people didn’t know I was there.
I definitely felt sympathy in the way Janice looked at me.
Maybe he thought she and I were in a similar situation?
Although the texture was different, it seems to be similar in terms and conditions. My shoulders were stiff with boredom.
I stretched and relaxed.
The more I think about it, the more I get angry.

“But it’s a little cold.”
Perhaps because the dress was thin, the cold wind gave me a chill.
I timed my way into the banquet hall when I felt like I was going to catch a cold.
Should I hold out a little longer? But I think it’s okay now.
Eventually, I couldn’t overcome the cold and come inside.
Looking around for Edgar, I saw Delter staring fiercely at me.
The way he walks without hesitation… should I run away?
I extended my distance from Delter by stepping back unnoticeably.
His face was irritated by the narrow distance.
Uh, I don’t think I can take it anymore.
Ah! I think it would be comfortable to just get on the carriage.
After thinking about it, I walked a little faster back toward the banquet hall door.

“You’d better stand there.”

I shook my head at the obvious threat.
Would I stand here?
If you rush in with such a scary face, anyone will run away.
I don’t know why you’re doing this to me all of a sudden, but this isn’t good. His interest in me was rather poisonous to me.
Damn it, damn it. Where’s my father at times like this?
You just told me not to face the crown prince and left me alone.
Pretend you’re protecting me! I have to handle this by myself.
I shivered with cold sweat running behind my back.
His legs were so long that he immediately followed me to a close distance.
I had no choice but to turn around and get ready to walk. But when he caught up, Delter reached out and grabbed my hand.


It hurts a lot. You shouldn’t have grabbed it so carelessly!
I looked at Delter with gallant eyes.

“Elle, Natasia. Didn’t you hear me? Or…….”

Delter didn’t finish his sentence. With the restraint of someone behind me.
I turned my head slowly and looked back. There stood Edgar, my damn father, who couldn’t be seen even if I looked for him like crazy.

“Delter Cabezer Benua and His Highness. You’d better let go.”

Edgar’s voice made me feel alive. For a moment everyone was silent.

“I’ll say it again. Let go of my daughter’s hand.”

My daughter?
Now Edgar called me a daughter……?
I opened my mouth with more shock than the pain in my hand.

* * *

“Father? Hahaha.”

I noticed the unusual atmosphere and immediately pulled out my hand that was held by Delter.
And now, Edgar, this madman, has spoken in front of everyone!
You’re already hostile to the imperial family, but you’re making it obvious.
I felt like falling down at this moment.
Falling down? Oh!

‘That’s it. That is the only answer.’

At the same time as I finished thinking, I put the back of my hand on my forehead, picked it, and fell sideways.


I didn’t forget to make a faint voice.
Fortunately, Edgar held me by the waist and never drop me on the floor.
However, Edgar stared at me, who fell down without moving.

‘Oh, my! You’re so slow-witted!’

This is the right time.
I had no choice but to open my eyes slightly and glance sideways at Edgar.
It was a silent pressure to go home quickly.
If Edgar was a minded nut, he wouldn’t make a fuss anymore.

‘What are you doing, hurry up’ (What are you doing, hurry up.)

Without doing anything, I whispered softly to Edgar.
Edgar’s hands were trembling. But suddenly he came to his senses and hugged me.

“I hope to talk to your Highness again next time. My daughter is weak, so I have to go.”

Yeah, let’s get out of here.
I nodded steadily and pulled Edgar by the collar.
Don’t hesitate and go straight outside.
If you don’t, there’ll be a bloodbath here. My mouth trembled with dizziness.
People began to murmur about us in a rather exasperated voice.
I thought I could stay quiet, but I think I’ll have to give it up today.
Edgar’s steps slowly came off.
The murmur died down little by little, and soon the refreshing wind brushed the tip of my nose, and I opened my eyes.

“Really, how can you act like a scoundrel?”

“That’s what I want to ask. Why is the Crown Prince holding your hand?”

It sounded strange to say that we held hands.
It was like he caught me running away.
You’re right. Is it something to get this angry about even if it’s because of that earlier?
They’re really personality breakers.

“I must have touched the prince’s heart a little. I was really going to stay calm…….”

“Well done.”

Did you just say I did a good job? I opened my eyes round and looked at Edgar.

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