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TMMC Chapter 25


Chapter 25:

Her face facing the empress was full of sorrow.
So would I.
Now that she has to live in a palace, will she face her every time?
Janice had been protected by the emperor before her debut.
Now that she has revealed her identity, she’ll be staying in the imperial family.
Maybe she would live in a more fear of death than I do.
Poisoning will prevail, and covert deals will be exchanged to join hands with her.
I wondered how she would overcome all that.

“Are you really not going to tell me that it’s cheap?”

“If you want to know the information, ask for it, too. Don’t you know the basics of the deal? at a reasonable price.”

Edgar said just like I told him.
What would I wish for?
I have no choice but to come forward and find out.
At the end of Janice’s greeting, the young children flocked to her.
Even if she was hated by the empress, she was favored by the emperor.
I crossed my arms and stared at them.

“I’ll be self-conscious, so my father should also take care of his business. Didn’t you say you had something to do?”

I couldn’t wait for Edgar to go somewhere else. When we’re together, it draws more attention.
The two with red hair would be eye-catching from a distance.
So it’s better to disperse.
Edgar looked at me once and then turned to the other side without saying a word.

Now that I can breathe a little, I hold my breath and grasp the movements of others.
Before coming here, I learned information about other aristocrats by cramming.

‘The yellow dress I see over there must be the Looping family.’

The little girl, who liked colorful attire and had brown hair with a soft impression.
What was the name of the Looping family?
The seal of the duke family on the fan caught my eye.
There was no other reason for her to approach Janice. She was just curious about the princess who suddenly appeared.

“I really don’t think I’ve seen you anywhere else. With this appearance, I would have remembered you everywhere.”

How eloquent to say where you came from?

I put my tongue on my cheek at the social world conversation.

“Did you? I think I would have remembered Lady Burt if I had seen you somewhere else too.”

Janice responded calmly.

“Oh, I see. By the way, what kind of mother princess Janice Abel Bonita had?”

Lady Burt’s eyes narrowed. It seems that it is not an ordinary bet to openly dig up the origin.

“I don’t want to talk about my mother.”

“Oh, there must be something to hide. I didn’t mean to offend you, so don’t worry about it.”

Lady Burt’s words made everyone laugh.
It seems that the emperor slept with a maid or a woman whom he did not know about the family.
His bottom parts were famous.
What a mess the emperor is to despise.
I felt a little sorry for the empress. She had to endure with a husband like that by her side.
Ugh, I can’t.
How long are you going to insult her?
I couldn’t even step up and just stood by.
As soon as Delter Cabezer approached Janice, the voice that had been talking well died down.

‘Oh, that’s scarier.’

If anyone sees Delter’s current expression, they will shiver.
His expression went beyond a sense of betrayal and was humiliated.
That’s because he had a crush on Janice just a few days ago.

“What happened the other day, was it intentional?”

His sharp voice held everyone’s breathing.
Delter seemed to think that what he had encountered before was something that Janice had made up.
From his point of view, it was natural that everything was suspicious.
This situation itself didn’t make sense.
I don’t know what’s going on, but curious eyes alternately looked at the two.
Yeah, I’m curious too, but will it be different because it’s someone else?
I knew it would be like this, but when I actually saw the scene, there was more tension.

“No, it was just a coincidence.”

“Ha, you tell lies well.”

Delter put his hand on Janice’s shoulder and pressed it down.

“If you tell a lie from now on, your tongue will be cut off.”

His harsh words made everyone watching swallow their saliva.
Janice stared at Delter with unshakable eyes.

“There’s no difference. I’m not welcome anyway. Pretend you don’t see me.”

She took Delter’s hand away.
I was not afraid to see Delter’s expression distorted endlessly.
But I saw one hand clasping the hem of the dress.
She’s barely holding it in now.

* * *

Delter’s eyes shook.
Oh, you must have been embarrassed by Janice’s confidence.
Or he was angry at himself when he knew that the woman he fell in love with was his half-sister.
I trembled at the energy of the two people.
I’d better get out of it.
I felt like a fire would break out if I stayed like this.

‘You’re saying I’m going to die at his hands?’

It was similar to the situation I saw at the time, but it was in the opposite atmosphere.
This is why people say they don’t know what will happen the next day.
Everyone picked up the fan and glanced at them. In contrast, I…….
Oh, I forgot to bring a fan.
I don’t like carrying something in my hand, so I think I left my fan behind.
And most of all, my hair is a color that stands out.
It seems that Delter’s eyes caught it because he couldn’t hold back his curiosity and moved his head to and fro, looking at them.
His head turned to me for a moment.

“Oh, my.”

The moment I looked at Delter, I hurriedly turned my eyes away.
I should have gone somewhere else instead of looking around……!
Even those who were not interested twinkled their eyes as his eyes turned to me.

‘Oh, this is not good. If Janice turns her attention to me…… I have to answer that, too.’

I’m tired.
The mere thought of it gave me fatigue.
That was a no deal.
I turned towards the terrace in a hurry to escape their gaze.

“Elle Natasia de Belois.”

My steps stopped at the low voice.
Damn it, damn it!
I couldn’t ignore the prince calling me.
I had no choice but to turn and face Delter Cabezer.

“It’s funny that you’re darkly watching from a distance.”

Do you have a… a… a…
Then why did you want me to come close and look at you?
I managed to hold back a laugh and smiled.

“I see His Highness the Crown Prince. Hello, Elle Natasia de Belois.”

“Do you think I called you to say hello?”

Then what do you want me to do?
However, contrary to my innermost thoughts, I could not cause an accident, so I smiled broadly without saying anything.

“I was just watching from afar. No one will welcome me. Were you offended by my attitude?”

I spoke to the Crown Prince in the softest voice possible.
I’m not so happy to have a conversation with him. Besides, if Edgar sees this, he’ll definitely ask on his way home.
I didn’t do anything! They’ll ask me what I did to stand out.
Ugh, the thought of it makes me feel sick.
However, contrary to my innermost thoughts, I continued to smile at Delter.
Let’s just move on quietly.
Why are you letting me know that you’re mad at Janice?
Isn’t it too sad even if it’s really sad.
Most of all, even those who were not interested in me continued to talk.

“Come to think of it, I heard she was neglected, didn’t she have a good conversation with Count Edgar?”

“Yes, I think I’ve seen it, too. It looked pretty intimate.”

Everyone is starting to show interest in me, not the princess. The daughter of a villainous count that was rumored to have been abandoned.
The control of power.
All of a sudden, the attention was on me. It’s all because of Delter.

“That’s funny.”

“If my presence is unpleasant to the Crown Prince, I will disappear.”

I was just about to go.
I stepped back a little and waited for Delter’s next words.

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