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TMMC Chapter 24


Chapter 24:

“Father, we’re going back in the evening.”

I spoke to Edgar a few steps away from me.
It meant that Leon would wait, so let’s do it moderately.
His steps stopped with a start.


He murmured softly.
It seems quite intrusive to suddenly call him a father.
Everyone is watching, but our relationship is so bad! have something to advertise?
It was only to show it to others, but there was no other meaning.
Looking around, everyone was busy making new friends.
They greeted each other, chatted lightly, and laughed.


People became rather noisy with the bell ringing the hour. It seems that it is about to begin.
When I saw Edgar disappear, I couldn’t see where he had gone.

‘Oh, my God. I’ll watch over you.’

I felt sorry for him. But didn’t he originally survive alone.
In the end, I waited my turn blankly, feeling that it would work out.
One by one, their names were mentioned and they went out in front of the emperor.

As the door opened and tension revolved, people’s eyes turned to the person who appeared.

“Oh, I’m suffocated.”

Some took a deep breath, while others entered with their chests open.
I’m sure everyone waited for today’s event in their own way.
On the other hand, I was displeased that I had to face someone who would kill me, let alone expect it.
Of course, even if it didn’t happen, how can I look good knowing the future?
I won’t get married, I won’t have a companion, and so what would I expect?
There was no need to be nervous because there was no expectation. It was a relief if I didn’t find any flaws.

“Young lady Elle Natasia from the Belois family.”

With the introduction of the family, people stopped talking.
Everyone held their breath and turned to the emperor in unison.
Yeah, no surprise. I didn’t even know I was going to stand here.
I walked slowly in front of the emperor.
I greeted the emperor as I had learned.
The emperor looked at me unpleasantly and raised the corners of his mouth.

‘I feel bad.’

But I still kept a smile on my face.
He gently smoothed his chin and opened his mouth.

“I didn’t think you would come, but it’s pretty good.”

I could also feel the empress staring at me next to him. Unknown anger, and contempt.
It didn’t make sense.
Why would you hate me so much even if they don’t get along?
Edgar didn’t give me the details.
It was the same for everyone in the house.

“I didn’t know that the Belois family, who had been silent on the outskirts, would participate. I can’t believe Edgar’s here. What a wonder.”

I didn’t think you’d be watching Edgar that much.
I stood still listening to the emperor.

“Yes, you can see Seline Delisha’s face as it is…… It’s pretty similar.”

As if I knew my mother well, my head went up without realizing it.
However, I had to lower my head hurriedly in the eyes of the empress, who soon turned fierce.
The feeling of being hated even though I didn’t do anything.

It was really dirty.

“I think it is the duty of the people to say hello to your Majesty.”

I answered, trying hard to pick a good word. I was openly persecuting him face to face.
If you don’t come because you’ve been kicked out, you’re going to tell me you won’t come again!
I let out all kinds of curses inside.
The empress smirked at my words and said,

“You really look a lot like Seline. To the point where I got goosebumps.”

She got out of her seat and grabbed my chin with her hand.

“It’s nice to see you again. I’m looking forward to it.”

The queen’s words seemed very friendly, but her sharp voice didn’t.
Rather, it sounded like a warning to me to be careful in the future.

* * *

I’m shaking!
I stepped back, tense as I could to keep my head above water.

‘I understand that my family is hated.’

There was no reason to look good to the royal family, but I didn’t want to lose pretense.
It is beneficial for personal health to maintain friendly relations with anyone at the peak of all power.
The other youngsters glanced at me and kept their distance from me.

“It’s completely out of my eyes.”

“I know, but it’s a pretty wealthy family…….”

“They’ve been in a cold situation since they broke up with the imperial family in the past, aren’t you? I think it would be better for us to stay away.”

I turned my eyes to hear the voices of young children hitting my ears.

‘I don’t want to get close to you even if you don’t say that.’

I don’t know how it will work for me, who have become close to others and have no way forward.
So it would be comfortable to just live alone.

‘By the way, when will it come out?’

I was curious about today’s highlights quickly.
It was all because of this that they suddenly held a banquet in such a large place.
No wonder the royal family is hosting a debutante.
Today will be the day to see Janice Abel Bonita properly.
That’s why I was surprised while talking to Edgar.
Honestly, I was curious.
The heroine who will fall in love with Leon.
There’s gonna be a whole lot of fuss.
As you know, Janice Abel Bonita was the illegitimate child of the emperor.
I glanced at Delter Cabezer.
How will that face be distorted?
Delter has already seen Janice in town.
Later on, he hated that he fell in love with her. Although it was Janice who suffered from it.
Suddenly, a child who doesn’t even know her origin appeared and be the princess! If she did, the country would be stunned.
Apart from that, didn’t Delter fall in love with Zenith at first sight?

“Janice, Princess Janice Abel Bonita is entering…!”

Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the loud voice.

“Oh, is it finally coming out?”

She finally showed up, as if she was going to wrap it up.

“Princess? Now they  call her a princess… ?”

“I thought your Highness is the only one here”

“Oh, my God, then the rumor must have been real…….”

People chattered in sympathy.
Everyone knew the emperor’s unquiet private life, but I never thought he’d let his illegitimate child into the imperial family.
While the empress had her eyes wide open, the emperor who brought an illegitimate child was also amazing.

‘What, you must have all been vague about it seems like everyone knew about it.’

Maybe it’s because of the famous newspaper in society.
I didn’t receive it, but the story I hear often says it’s all about it.
It seems that the contents of Janice have also been circulated.
I’m the only one who didn’t know. Me again.
The news could not have come to the Belois family, which was stuck on the outskirts.
If I knew, Edgar would know.
But Edgar didn’t seem to know anything from the carriage.
I should have been in the capital to keep up with the latest stories!
If it wasn’t for the story, I wouldn’t know.
But I knew it beforehand, didn’t I? It was a relief at least.
I saw Janice quietly in the crowd.
Silver hair, thin as thread, fluttered, and violet eyes, as clear as violet, looked elegant.
Janice had a charm that caught people’s eyes at a glance.
The voluminous folds of her curvy dress made her appearance more prominent as she walked.

‘It’s worth remembering. I couldn’t forget her face.’

As I saw then, her appearance had no place to wear.
No matter how much Leon has facial recognition disorder, Janice’s face will surely be remembered.

“Oh, my God. I thought she was the daughter of a woman I didn’t even know from, but I guess that’s not it.”

“That’s right, I don’t see any place to find fault with… huh.”

The young girls, who were talking while looking at Janice, felt the queen’s gaze and closed their mouths.
Perhaps the empress could not have imagined it.
The emperor would have brought his illegitimate child here.

“You did something really interesting.”

Edgar whispered to me, who came to me before I knew it.

“Father, can we pretend to be strangers?”

“……I can’t believe you don’t even feel this way.”

It’s wrong to ask Edgar for consideration. I shook my head slightly and stared at Janice.
The queen’s hands trembled as she looked at her.

‘You seem very angry, but that’s amazing.’

Her face was so calm. In other words, it doesn’t show at all to others.
How much effort did she make to hide her expression like that?

“Whose daughter is it?”

I only knew that the heroine was the illegitimate child of the emperor.
I don’t even know the power she has. I only remember strongly that it was Leon’s companion.
That was also the most important part for me.


Edgar didn’t say anything so he wouldn’t let me know either.
I’m sure there’s no way our informant doesn’t know that big of a deal.
I smacked my lips and looked at Janice.

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