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TMMC Chapter 23


Chapter 23:

Why is my mouth burning?
This is strange. Even though it was a very natural behavior that I had done, I felt a strange atmosphere.
Leon’s eyes looking down at me and his firm, big hand holding my hand.
Moderately cool wind temperature with the smell of sweat.
The tickling feeling facing each other is like…….
The touch of Leon on my hand was close to wipe off the sweat.
Before I knew it, I noticed a face that was getting closer.
Ugh. I took a big breath.

“Lee, Leon?”

“Are you surprised? I’m sorry. I want to keep this image in my eyes.”

“What else do I say? I will come in the evening and have dinner with you.”

Leon nodded to me.

“If it’s not now, I might forget. Just as I didn’t recognize you earlier.”


It’s because of the curse you have.
I blurted out the end of my sentence and smiled lightly.
It was natural that he didn’t recognize me because he was wearing the blue ribbon.
That was a fact I knew and Leon knew.

“Never mind. I’m fine! I know everything.”

I patted Leon on the shoulder and laughed.
Why are you so sad about that? It’s not like you didn’t know that you might not recognize me.
Honestly, I would have been more surprised if you recognized me.
Leon shouldn’t have recognized me.

“I’m not alright. Elle, I don’t want to forget you. You’re my one and only…… We’re friends.”

Why does Leon’s face, which  says he’s a friend, look so sad?

“That’s true……?”

Indeed, I thought I would be sad if I didn’t even recognize my friend’s face.
I lifted Leon’s face with both hands.

“I don’t want to leave you behind. But I hate it more when we go together and you’re in danger.”

Leon drew a smile on my words. Gently raised his hand and laid it over mine.

“I know. It’s just, I’m just a little grumpy.”

He kissed the palm of my hand with an unknown smile.

“Have a safe trip.”

I looked at Leon with a puzzled face.


What do you mean?
Before I could even ask Leon, I heard a voice looking for me in the distance.

“Young lady! Where are you? Young lady Elle Natasia!”

His head turned at Diria’s urgent cry.
Soon, Leon, who escaped from my hand, stepped back a few steps and shrugged his shoulders.

“Go ahead, They’re looking for you.”

“OK. See you later!”

I hurriedly covered my red face and ran towards Diria.
It seems like Leon keeps learning strange things.

* * *

“It’s not cold. Why is your face so red?”

“Don’t worry. Don’t be curious.”

I turned my head to Edgar’s question, staring at me.
Why do I have to ride a carriage with you?
You have a lot of money, but why do you cherish it at times like this? What a mysterious man.

“You’re not going to cause any trouble, are you?”

“You seem to think of me as a very bad person”

“Did my heart get delivered to you? Count, you don’t have a knack for reading people’s minds, do you?”

I looked at Edgar with a look of great surprise.
You’re not reading this in my head, are you?
His only ability was to protect his own mana.
That alone would have to be somewhere, but I don’t think I should let go of my mind because I’m also a villain.

“If you go there, you’d better not face the crown prince.”

The words from Edgar’s mouth made a sharp turn.
If it’s the Crown Prince….Delter Cabezer?
I tried to calm down my shaking pupils and clenched my fist.

“You mean Prince Delter Cabezer?”

“Yes, I heard he’s coming today, too. I heard the emperor is announcing something.”

Edgar’s words made my head roll fast.
I couldn’t think of anything.
Announcement? Are you going to announce the successor?
But isn’t it earlier than I thought?
Besides that, what else…….

“I’m looking forward to it because others don’t seem to know either. I don’t know what to say.”

Edgar had a long smile on his face as to what made him so happy.
Don’t laugh like that, father. Every time I see your smile, I almost have a nightmare.
Bullshit! What a bullshit!


Was that today? I shut my mouth to the scene that suddenly came to mind.
I thought you’d show up another day. Come to think of it, the place where everyone gathers would be good for the emperor.
The story goes this fast?
I was amazed by the tremendous speed. I can’t believe I’m getting to know the real thing as soon as I meet them.
Edgar’s eyes sank coldly.

“People would think you’re a person who knows what I’m going to say.”

I shook my head in a hurry and made an excuse.

“It’s just you and me in the wagon. If I’m caught, there’s a good chance you’ve been ruthlessly reporting your own father.”

“Anyway, can I report it?”

I hated Edgar very much, but if he’s taken, the family I’m supposed to be in is also ruined.

“It’s reasonable enough.”

“What does the Count really think of me? Do you think I am going to commit suicide?”

I wouldn’t do such a stupid thing!
It was very unfair this time.
I looked at Edgar with a stern look on my face.
But he had a face full of distrust as if he really thought so.

* * *

After many twists and turns, we arrived at the banquet hall.
There was a cold energy overflowing between Edgar and me because of the quarrel.
Did you escort me when I got off the carriage?
I proudly got out of the carriage on my own.
You’re a human being with no basic manners.
The screening must have been twisted by what happened earlier.

“What a narrow minded jerk.”

“I think my daughter should watch her mouth outside.”

“I’m a bit like someone, so I’m fearless.”

I smiled broadly at Edgar. I didn’t miss the strange distortion of his face.

“Stretch your face. It’s your first time standing in front of others. You’re not going to look scary, are you?”

“I’m really thinking of becoming a jerk because someone made me a jerk.”

“Are you really going to do this?”

Did you come here as a partner to screw me up?
At this point, I knew what Edgar was up to.

“Good is good, let’s get along well.”

“What’s the matter with you now that you’re here…….”

I put my hand into Edgar’s arm without a word because I thought my mouth would hurt if I said it again.
I don’t think he’s going to hold my hand, so I’ll have to wrap my arms around his.
I gently put my hand on his arm and smiled broadly without saying anything.
I definitely thought he would go wild, but there was no response.
That was even more strange.
I shrugged my shoulders lightly and walked into the banquet hall with a vigorous step.

‘I didn’t know because I was nervous, but they’re looking at me blatantly.’

The gaze toward Edgar and me was burdensome.
What is strange, the young girls who raise their fans and gossip, holding subtle gazes towards Edgar.
Well, he’s a bit annoying, but he’s very handsome.
After trying to hide my expression, I grabbed Edgar’s arm.

“Relax. You didn’t even get nervous in front of me, but you flinch in front of them.”

“I’m not scared. It’s just that I’m unfamiliar.”

At that moment, I felt an unpleasant gaze. It was so full of animosity that it was close to life.

‘Oh, that’s blatant. They don’t want to hide it.’

I turned my head to see who it was. And there stood Delter Cabezer.
Someone I never wanted to run into. And I didn’t want to get involved in the future.
Blue eyes were fixed on me with golden hair.

“I feel bad. Your eyes are the same color as mine.”

Oh, come on.
It was so refreshing and clear that even the eyes containing sapphire were reliable.
The corners of Delter Cavezer’s lips twitched at the sight of my poopy expression.

‘Oh, I miss Leon.’

If Leon was with me, I would have been less nervous.
I kind of missed his warmth, so I clasped and opened my hand.

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