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TMMC Chapter 15


Chapter 15:

Before Leon had a pattern in the original, my father heard about the curse of the Rubion family and learned about Leon’s existence.
In addition, he would have been a perfect hostage because he was a match for the princess.
If he was raised properly, he’ll become a dog, and he won’t have the power to seize great power.
In addition, it was easier than I thought to take Leon because he didn’t recognize people well.
He needed warmth, he needed a family in his home.

[I am your family. You could say we are distant relatives. If you follow me, we will be together for the rest of our lives.]

[………You’re not going to abandon me?]

[Eat, sleep, and give everything you need]

That must have sounded pretty sweet for little Leon.
Edgar was a smart man. He judged that it would be better to coax him into standing on his side without making a threat.
After gaining Leon so easily, he ended up in a catastrophe.

“Leon, you trust people so much that it’s a problem.”

“……I am?”

“Don’t trust me either. If someone says something sweet to you, you doubt it again and again.”

I took my head off Leon’s shoulder and held his hand and asked.

“Never trust anyone, but if a woman appears whispering she loves you, you can trust her. If you can recognize her face properly and remember who she was, that’s the girl who will save you.”

“What if I can feel it even if she doesn’t whisper that she loves me?”

“Well, when you’re confused, check with the pattern that appears on your body. Do you have that pattern on your opponent? If not, that’s a lie.”

Janice will have the same pattern as Leon, so I’m sure he’ll remember what I said.
Leon becomes happy only when he meets her and falls in love.

Leon peeped at my sleeve.

“Lion, not me, but you.”

I took his hand off and put on a calm look.

‘I don’t think I’ll get a pattern.’

Leon looked at my hand and stared at my long hair that had fallen down.

My hair ran back through his fingers, revealing the nape of my neck.

“It tickles!”

I shriveled up and laughed.
Seriously, aren’t you paying attention to the story?

Leon couldn’t take his eyes off my exposed neckline.

“Elle, you look pretty with your hair down.”

“Lion! Focus.”

Leon laughed low at what I said.
The hair that had fallen back was disturbed by his touch.

‘What the hell are you thinking?’

I swept my disheveled hair with my fingers and narrowed my brows.

“Okay, I’ll concentrate.”

Only then did Leon put his hand down.

“I told you, didn’t I? The pattern is a pair, and it only appears to the companion.”

“Yes, I remember.”

It wasn’t long before Leon fiddled with my collar again.
I guess the story is boring.

“But Elle, what if the pattern doesn’t show up?”

I picked up his sudden words and smile.

“It can’t be true.”

That will never happen.

“Elle, you always conclude as if you know everything.”

Leon’s voice was hoarse.
It may seem that way from someone else’s point of view. But what can I do if it’s true.

“Is it? But it will be.”

I smoothed my hair and smiled lightly.
The ending I want is for everyone to be happy without dying, but maybe it’s greedy.
Hopefully, I don’t die in his hands.
Of course, my destiny is to die to Delter Cabezer.

You never know what’s going to happen, to prevent that from happening, I have Leon by my side right now.
Leon, who fell in love with Janice, may not remember me in the end and has blood on his hands.
When I become an adult, I will take off the blue ribbon tied to my wrist.
To be honest, if I’m going to die, I’d rather die by Delter.
So it would be good for the two of us if Leon didn’t recognize me.
He had to recognize only one person, Janice.

Confusion is only to make things more complicated.
I chewed my lips. I kept having a bad habit because of anxiety.
Leon’s fingers touched my lips.


Leon’s finger touching my lower lip made me stop chewing my lips.

“It’s bleeding.”

Thump, thump.
My heart plummeted.
In this kind of atmosphere…… act!
Wipe the blood from your lips…… Let’s get it together. What are you thinking about with an innocent child?
My face burned up and I coughed unconsciously.

‘What are you thinking?’

This time, it was different, even though it was Leon’s behavior that usually made me feel nothing.

‘If there’s a god, please do something about my hair!’

This atmosphere is dangerous now.
It’s not me, it’s Leon! I hurriedly closed my mouth with my hand.
Leon flicked my forehead without hurting.
His smile made me realize.
Oh, I was being teased
I felt ashamed because I felt like I had been caught inside.

‘As expected, he’s a tough opponent.’

I patted my forehead with one hand and glared at Leon.

His voice was more languid and sexy than ever.
Yeah, I admit it. That I’m out of my mind right now.

“Elle, things don’t always go the way you want them to go.”

“I hope so.”

I was the one who wanted it more than anyone else.
Because I didn’t want it to go the way I knew it.
Leon’s red eyes fluttered again.

‘I’ll never see those beautiful eyes again.’

I felt sorry for myself. Leon’s and my eyes met because he was staring.
He smiled at me with his eyes folded.

There was a sense of uneasiness along with a creepy feeling.

“Elle, I think I know what you’re thinking.”


“But don’t worry.”

This time, it was similar to the last time.
The face that looks like he knows what I’m thinking. Those two eyes that see through me.

‘What do you mean, don’t worry?’

My mouth was burning.
I swallowed my dry saliva and tried to calm my heart, which reacted vigorously.
Leon looked at me like that and lightly swept the tip of his chin.

“I wouldn’t let that happen.”

I turned my head to Leon’s words.
He looked at me softly and saw my hand holding his hand with a bright smile.
Oh! I was still holding it. As expected, I’m dangerous to you.
I slipped my hand off. It felt empty when the warmth that had been conveyed disappeared.
Leon smiled when he saw my falling hand.

“And you’re too careless to say that.”


“There are things that I can feel even without words. Elle, you don’t know.”

Leon grabbed my hand tightly and got up.
At the same time, the red eyes turned black.

“Elle, can you not go to the banquet?”

He asked in a soft voice.
As he leaned towards me, I pulled myself back.

Leon’s straight fingers quickly dug into my sleeve and patted my wrist.

Suddenly, I trembled without realizing it.

The mysterious atmosphere created tension.
Thump, my heart shook and my mouth burned.
Isn’t this more dangerous than before?

In order not to fall backwards, I squeezed out the strength of my core, which I didn’t have.

If he pass, we will fall in the bed.

Then…I don’t know what will happen.
The beast that was sleeping in me might wake up.
Is this why men and women shouldn’t be in the same room?


Leon’s red eyes turned to me at my bewildered voice.
His eyes were fascinatingly beautiful.
In the moonlight, he was more beautiful than anything else. Enough to make me speechless.

“You were complaining.”

The blue ribbon tied to my wrist touched Leon’s fingertips.
Leon slipped off the blue ribbon.
When the ribbon, which was always in place, disappeared, my wrist felt empty.
With a cool air I looked down at my wrist.

“I’ll keep this.”

He gazed at me, kissing the ribbon lightly.

“Elle, I can find you if you’re wearing the ribbon. I don’t want anyone else to remember Elle with a blue ribbon.”


“I want to keep it to myself. So.”

I tilted my head at Leon’s words.
In Leon’s hand, the blue satin string was untied.

“I’ll be waiting calmly.”

The blue string that was tied to my wrist was beautifully tied to Leon’s wrist before I knew it.

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