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TMMC Chapter 1


Chapter 1:

When I opened my eyes, I felt a different feeling than usual.

This feeling is familiar yet unfamiliar.

I lay in bed, blinking and murmuring softly.

‘Did such a cool thing happen to me too?’

I have read romance fantasy novels every day. It is common that in the introduction part, they woke up and found themselves in a novel! So, cliché. I know very well how this will unfold.

Large ceiling, fluffy blankets and this spacious room with sunlight. Also, this light body that seems to be mine but it’s not.

If my prediction was correct, I’m in the novel. Can I say that?

This body wasn’t mine but it felt like it is. I felt like I originally exist in here.

Is it right to say that the memory of someone other than me suddenly permeated?

At birth, and at the age of one, two, memories of the past came to mind.

Elle Natasia. That was my name.

The reason why the body was so sensitive that I could immediately recognize it is because I had seen another life in my dreams since I was born. But when it actually happened, it was pretty embarrassing.
For one thing, it was unclear whether I really existed.
It was definitely me, but it wasn’t a good feeling to have two memories.

‘How can I explain this…….’

I sighed as I looked at my hand.
Admittedly, this was a different world from where I was.

“But I’m used to it.”

When I stared in the mirror, I was standing with red hair. Even if I dyed my hair, it seemed difficult to make such a beautiful red color.


It was pretty, if I may say so.
Oh, it’s kind of weird to say it myself.
As I said earlier, I’m in a pretty confused state right now. However, it was unavoidable to be surprised by my appearance.

At least she looked like 5 years old.

Fortunately, I guess I’m past the age to make a short tongue sound. Still, I felt an unfamiliar atmosphere.

“Aaaah, What’s really going on??”

When I let out my voice, I can pronounce it well.
If this body was possessed by someone who childcare.… she may have closed her mouth tightly because of her resistant.
I continued to look around me with curious eyes.

“You can tell that I grew up well.”

She was a child, but she seemed to have grown up without shortage.
I looked at my face and turn my head in embarrassment.

“Young lady Elle Natasia. Have you woken up?”

I hurried towards the bed.

“Come on in!”

I erase my awkward expression and greeted people with a bright expression.

I walk to bed with my short legs; I climb up with struggle and sat down.

* * *

Just a few days ago, I was happy to eat well and live well, but now I am crossing my arms with an expression I just ate a poop on my face.

This place, which I thought looked too flashy, was none other than the mansion of a wealthy count who plays the villain role in the novel.

No wonder I felt left unattended. But I didn’t feel bad even if I didn’t know my father’s face properly.

This means that this body is also used to living like that.

Edgar de Belois Natasia. My father was a danger to Leon and Janice.
Because he uses the two of them for his goal.

Edgar was quite a selfish man, and he was unperturbed by compassion. He did the wrong thing and never regretted it.

The maid said that he changed after my mother pass away.

If that’s the case, it means that he wasn’t originally this crazy person, but now it’s changed… … .

But I didn’t have the power to stop my father, who was like the loose horse.
Rebuild the story? Isn’t that possible only if you’re a human being who understands each other?

If I say something wrong, he might slit my throat. Besides, I was a powerless child.

What good will I say to someone who doesn’t even care about his daughter.

This place wasn’t even a bouncing childcare, it was a crappy novel with happy ending.

I can’t even hold a sword properly, so if I go to my father, maybe my neck will be cut off.

Oh My God.

My head went blank.
What’s the point of having a lot of money? I wouldn’t even be able to use it all and die at an early age.
All I could do as a five-year-old was flatter and curry favor.


I need to have a card, too.
I wanted to grow old and die.
I don’t want or even want to imagine such a miserable death with a decapitated head.
Do I have to die for something I didn’t do?

This was unfair, very unfair.

‘I need to find the male lead.’

Someone who will stand by my side no matter what my father does.

Whether or not he found the female lead later, I thought I would beg for my life by becoming his lifesaver.

‘what can I do if I’m a coward. I’m going to live first!’

I had no intention of becoming a villain or wanting to die without doing anything.
So shouldn’t I do something?
I had to bring the male lead next to me as soon as possible.

* * *

“Lady, do you have no appetite these days?”

Diria found me twitching and she asked worriedly.

She is my direct maid who helped me grow up well despite my father’s indifference.

She was with me all day long, enough to be considered a nanny.

Judging from the fact that the others are invisible, only Diria seems to have taken care of me.

“Um, it’s just that autumn has arrived.”

That means I will soon be 6 years old…

It was utterly depressing.

The age of being cute is coming to an end. It means that there was not much time left to do nothing and hang around like this.

“Miss, sometimes you sound like an adult.”

“It’s because of my immature father.”

Rather than being immature, it was honestly more of a wild beast.

I clicked my tongue briefly and sighed.

Surprised, Diria turned her head toward the door, her eyes went wide.

“Miss, you can’t say that.”

“why? Are they going to kill me?”

With a short snort, I put my chin on my hand.

If you’re a person who’s going to kill your daughter, how bad are you? I have never seen it before, but it seemed better not to see it as it is.

“Still, miss…….”

“Never mind! Leave the story behind. Did he love my mother and get married?”

I turned my head with a sullen expression. I didn’t want to hear the story of that sick man.

I was curious about my mother, who was not even left in my memory.
How did she die? Did she die giving birth to me?

‘I have no memory of my mother. That’s weird.’

No one may have told me. However, it was a little strange that even a single piece of memory of her did not exist.

“Of course, he loved her a lot. You don’t know yet, but……The count fell in love with the same pattern as fate.”

“Did someone who doesn’t seem to bleed like him have a pattern?”

I wondered how she married that jerk.

“Miss… You’ve been very grumpy lately. I wasn’t interested in him at first, but…….”

Here, patterns appear on each person’s body when they become adults. The patterns engraved on each other were signs of a companion and shackles that had to be shared for the rest of their lives.

“The pattern is really like a fairy tale.”

It’s like a fairy tale…

Could it be that Diria has an illusion because the pattern doesn’t appear?

“If the pattern didn’t appear, I might have been alone all my life.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I got caught.”

Dia hurried to make a face, but I already knew the meaning of her smile.
I mean, you agree with me.

In the end, it’s not that he married my mother because he liked her. Can emotions exist here?

I suddenly felt down. The more I know, the less I like the world view of the world.

“As expected, he left me unattended because he didn’t like my mother.”

“Well, more than that, it’s fate!”

Diria turned the story in the best way possible for me.
In addition, seeing him clapping his hands and making a melting face seems to be full of fantasies about the pattern.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like shackles… … I knew it, but it was a setting I didn’t like very much.

‘it’s a bit dark.’

Well, I wasn’t even the main character in the novel, so there was no way that patterns would appear for me. It was my intuition.

“That is great!”

That’s good for me

The male lead will fall in love with the female lead anyway, so I don’t have to worry about anything else.

As someone who had read quite a few novels in my previous life, I knew it was beneficial to live as quietly as possible.

Because I’ve seen a lot of original works that unwillingly take the female lead’s place and distort it.

‘But I’m good.’

I didn’t intend to act like that.

‘Then wouldn’t it be okay to use Leon? Before my father found him. I’m keeping it until I become an adult.’

So this was a chance for me.
An opportunity to help him find a way to live, and not to have other complications later on.

The tragic end of my family’s destruction and my unfortunate death in the banquet hall without knowing anything.

So there was only one thing I could do.
Finding the male lead Leon Davis to find a solution.
Wouldn’t it be a little different if I build a relationship with my father in advance?

No, it might be safe to just bring it and leave it by my side without looking.

I couldn’t possibly convince that crazy man. So wouldn’t it be a little better if the two of us naturally felt like family?
I had to get Leon in my hands before anyone else could take him away.

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