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TMD Chapter 95


A fancy jewelry box filled with various types of jewelry looked expensive enough, but a tiara inside looked even more so. The delicately crafted silver tiara, which had a rose-like shape, appeared strangely dark due to light reflection. The darkness created a sophisticated atmosphere.

I gaped in astonishment as I looked at Grand Duke Estin. Since it is from the Grand Duke, it most likely is not plastic. It must be very pricey. When I couldn’t bear to take out the tiara, Lucas behind me spoke in a cheerful voice.

“It’s a tiara that fits the fairy who was born in winter.”

This, however, isn’t something that Lausanne alone can have. I recall Grand Duke Estin boasting about his wealth to me in the past. You’re boasting about your wealth on my birthday.

“T, t, thank you.”

When I received something too expensive, I spoke as if there had been an error in my thank you greeting.


Grand Duke Estin, who appeared satisfied with my gratitude, took the tiara from the jewelry box and placed it on my head. I’d like to check my appearance in the mirror right away, but I couldn’t act erratically while wearing this elegant tiara. I was simply smiling while I was gazing at Grand Duke Estin.

“You look good in it.”

I suddenly recalled the three items of clothing that were placed on the monkey king’s head. They chant a spell, and the object on the monkey king’s head tightens whenever he becomes irrational. It’s not the same thing right?

“Grand Duke Estin came up with the idea.”

Carol spoke quietly behind me. So the Tiara is the reason she made this dessert. I snorted loudly because the tip of my nose was tingling uncontrollably. He’s more sentimental than I anticipated. Even if I need to leave Conler and have an immediate need for cash, I vow to never sell this tiara.

Clap clap clap.

Lucas, who enjoys applause, started clapping first, and the applause gradually spread and filled the banquet hall. It was a first in my life. Receiving a gift from my parents on my birthday, as well as applause for the scene… Surely this is not a dream?

The somewhat boisterous banquet hall became quiet as I delicately pinched my cheeks. Everyone was looking in the same direction. What is happening? Demimore was standing in the sunlight that was streaming through the banquet hall’s open door when I turned to where the crowd was looking.

Demimore was dressed in a black velvet frock coat with half of his silver hair neatly turned behind his ears. I got the impression that the boy’s beauty, which is unique to children his age, wasn’t necessarily human. Although I’d never met the emperor, I was certain. He must have inherited that beauty from his mother.

A mysterious woman who captivated the Emperor with just one glance.

Demimore ignored the look that was directed at him and came straight for me.

When Demimore waved and nodded, I did the same carefully. Without saying anything, Grand Duke Estin also bowed his head. He was not in a good mood as he looked at Demimore. He doesn’t naturally have a good expression; that’s not who he is.

‘What’s wrong with your expression? ‘

I felt embarrassed. Demimore appeared to be under Grand Duke Estin’s pressure as he covered his mouth and nose with his hands. Grand Duke Estin shrugged and slipped away. He appeared strangely unhappy, which made me wonder if he was mad at Demimore. However, after seeing him make room for Demimore and me, I now wonder if I was mistaken.

“You must have become a king.”

The tiara on my head and the pie next to me caught Demimore’s attention, and he laughed as he roughly understood what was happening.


“Happy birthday.”

After saying so, Demimore handed me something. After some hesitation, I accepted the box. It appears to be an accessory in a small box. He seemed to be getting everything he desired in life. I opened the box carefully because I wanted to see what was inside.

Without realizing it, I made a “uh” sound as I examined the box’s contents. Demimore was simply grinning as I looked on in awe.

“Oh, this.”


“Why this?”

A brooch that resembled the ornament I took away from Demimore the first time we met was the gift he gave me. I gave it to Carol to cover her living expenses. The only difference was in the jewels that protruded in the middle. At the time, it was a sapphire, but Demimore gave it to me as a gift; it was a ruby.

Are you giving me this to prick my conscience…?

Simply that


“I didn’t give it to you to make you feel guilty.”

Are you able to read my mind?

“Every time you look at this, I want you to remember the first time we met.”

Demimore laughed as he said this. His smile was so radiant that I didn’t even realize my heart was racing. No, it’s just that he’s so attractive and charming. It has no other significance. The thrill is only affected by an outside factor.

“I’m grateful,”

“Oh, I have to speak with you for a moment.

“Huh? Sure.”

“I want to do it in a quiet place.”

What do you want to say? No, wait, is this the situation? Demimore’s expression was not good.

Do you like me?

I felt as though I was blushing as I thought about it. He seems to want to confess somewhere private. I knew it! This gift! Wait, what about Astina? It’s a little bit…, but I have no idea what Astina is thinking. …to hear a confession from the man I believed to be Astina’s partner.

“Just the two of you?”

In the middle of what Demimore was saying, Grand Duke Estin, who was quietly listening from behind, interrupted.

“What will you be talking about?”

As if he had been paying attention, Gilbert, who had been silent the entire time, gave me a small hug and spoke.

No, what’s the matter with these people?

I could only look at the three faces in succession because I was stuck in the middle.

“I’d like to speak with Miss Mary; Mary, is that okay?”


I nodded and gave my approval to Demimore’s desperate eyes. Grand Duke Estin and Gilbert sent me off with the words, “You’re the main character, so don’t leave your seat for a long time. Hurry up and go.” Demimore and I went out through the corner to as much as possible escape the gaze of the public.

“Come on, Mary.”

Demimore sighed and called my name as she stood next to a sizable tree at the entrance to the banquet hall. Are you really trying to confess to me?

What should I say if Demimore confesses to me? I suddenly felt the urge to flee.

Deminore is such a good friend of mine. However, I find it difficult to refuse.

“I have something to say.”

Demimore looked determined.

What’s the matter, and when did you start to like me?



How long are you going to call my name for, please get to the point?

“Pardon me for saying this today.”

I furrowed my brows a little in confusion at the words.

“Our engagement has been decided.”

“…… what?”

I bit my lip. Yes, this day has finally arrived. Since “Mary” was only mentioned as being engaged in the original, I was unable to determine the precise time. This engagement must have been arranged so early.

“I see.”

“You don’t seem shocked,”

I was aware of everything, after all.

But I was speechless, so I just played around with my skirt. Both of us were surrounded by an awkward atmosphere.

“Did you call me to say that?”

Estin, the Grand Duke, will fill me in on everything later. Now that I think about it, was that the reason Grand Duke Estin restrained him?

“Mary, I don’t know what you think, but…….”


“I don’t want to be engaged to you.”


Astina dashed after Demimore, calling my name as if telling me flatly that he didn’t want to get engaged to me. My heart pounded briefly as I watched the scene.

Demimore, who was looking at me coldly in my dream, came to mind.

‘Oh, nothing has changed.’

This is how things turn out. I thought I was close to Demimore, but in the end…… Demimore refuses to be engaged to me and falls in love with Astina. This is how it was intended to be. I knew everything, but it still hurt like new.

No, I didn’t want to get engaged to you either.

I still couldn’t help but feel off. Thinking about my earlier misunderstanding that Demimore liked me, I wanted to bite my tongue and die. You really want to make my birthday a day of mourning.


Astina stopped running toward me when she spotted Demimore. When he saw Astina, Demimore quietly bowed his head. Between the two, there was a slight tension that made me feel like a third party. It’s my birthday, but I’m still with the main characters.

I knew.

I’m sure I know it all.

That I’ll end up being a nuisance.

[T/N: Hi readers!! I’m going to take a quick break maybe a week or two but I’ll try to make it as short as possible. I’ll just finish translating I stole the heroine’s holy grail. It only has eight chapters left after that I’ll focus on this novel. Thanks a lot for reading.]

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