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TMD Chapter 94



Today is the birthday of the saint of the underworld.

Let’s go.

Let’s go check it out.

It’s the 9th one.

Let’s go.

Let’s bring the saintess to the underworld.

Let’s do that.

At last.

I can finally bring her.

Let’s go.

Without anyone knowing.

They shouldn’t know.


It’s today.

Let’s go.


My mouth was wide as I stood in the hallway with my forehead against the window pane and stared outside.

So many people gathered.

It was due to the fact that I had never seen Conler Castle so packed with people. The number of visitors to the castle was limited because Grand Duke Estin despised the uproar. And those limited people didn’t even run into me.

The carriage procession went on despite the distance between the castle’s main gate and the banquet hall.

Astina and Demimore must be riding in one of those carriages, then. I suddenly remembered a recent dream, but I shook my head and dismissed the thought. Let’s not think about that right now; both of them are dear friends to me. Yeah, first of all…


After some thought, I turned my attention to the sound next to me. At the end of that hallway, I could see the three Conler brothers who were supposed to be at the academy.

“You’re here!”

“We should come, of course.”

“It’s our sister’s birthday.”

“Did you get permission from the academy?”

What sort of academy sends its students home for their sister’s birthday? The three brothers, however, simply shrugged their shoulders as if it were normal. Yes, what purpose does it serve to request permission from the academy? They are those who are reprimanded for not listening. Nevertheless, I was overjoyed to see them again and stumbled into Gilbert’s arms.

“Yes, it was winter.”

Gilbert patted my head and smiled affectionately, clearly recalling the day I was born, but he was only six years old, so what do you remember? However, the atmosphere was quite warm. Yes, this is the right atmosphere for birthdays.

“Brother, you look so old. Oh! Why are you hitting me?”

I knew it.

This pleasant ambiance wouldn’t last for long. Theodore was struck in the back of the head by Gilbert. Gilbert’s strength made Theodore unable to endure it, and when he protested, Aiden simply laughed. I laughed as well while looking at them.

Well, this atmosphere isn’t bad.

“Now, this is a gift from your brothers.”

“I’m giving it to you now because I anticipate that once the banquet begins, things will get busy.”

After laughing like that for a long time, Gilbert handed me a small box. I believe this box is comparable to the one Rex gave me. Do these guys have crystals for me too? I can get by without magic if there are four crystals.

“Oh, my…”

But what was in the box wasn’t crystal. It was a delicately crafted golden pendant, similar to the eagle embossed in Grand Duke Estin’s office. At first glance, it appeared expensive. Is it okay to receive such an expensive gift?

“Open it.”

“……it’s open”

“Fool, not the box, the pendant.”


I can’t argue with Theodore’s assertion that I’m a fool. Aiden took the box so I could carefully open the pendant; in fact, I was a little afraid that my painting would be in the pendant, but what was in it was a beautiful portrait of a woman.

“This person….”

“Yes, it’s Helena Conler.”

“It’s our mother.”

What a beautiful person.…. Indeed, the red hair shone like the sun. My mother, Helena, was more beautiful and colorful than what people remember. 

“It’s so beautiful…….”


“The pendant and our mother are so beautiful. Thank you, brothers.”

I bit my lip in order to keep the tears from coming out. How outstanding is that? Even though receiving a pendant with a skillfully crafted Conler symbol on it is moving enough, there was also a picture of our mother inside. Whatever I do, I will have to admit to my senses.

“You’re here.”


Grand Duke Estin walked by from behind as I was focusing on the pendant. He was dressed in posh banquet attire. My mouth dropped open when I saw a handsome man dressed so magnificently. No one with four kids could possibly look that good.

“Let’s head over to the banquet hall now.”

I placed the woman in the pendant alongside Grand Duke Estin. Of course, in my head, they were the ideal couple.

As I approached the front of the banquet hall, I grabbed Grand Duke Estin by the arm. Tension suddenly arose as I prepared to descend the spiral staircase.

No, it’s my birthday. Why am I nervous?

Yes, today is my birthday, and I am being introduced for the first time as Conler’s little princess. Of course there was Lausanne’s salon, but there were only children there. This is a gathering place for all kinds of aristocrats.

“Are you okay?”

Grand Duke Estin asked quietly if he could feel my tension with his hand. I wanted to say that everything was fine, but I was so anxious that I lacked even that confidence. If I enter right now, everyone will stare at me.

I wanted to run away but Grand Duke Estin had my hand in his. No, I can’t run away. What if a rumor spreads that the princess of Conler ran away from her own birthday party? The absurdity of it will be evident. I can’t cause trouble.

Okay, mind control.

“Pumpkin, it’s pumpkin.”


“All the people there are pumpkins…….”

“What are you doing?”

“She’s hypnotizing herself because she’s nervous.”

When Grand Estin inquired in a mysterious tone, Gilbert responded as if he knew. I didn’t care and continued to concentrate on hypnosis.

“Why pumpkin, though?”

“I wanted to hit the pumpkin because when I first saw it, it appeared to be staring at me.”

“Who do you resemble?”

“I’m not sure, but I think she’s the most similar to you, Theodore.”

Gilbert really knows everything about me.….

“Are you alright?”


Estin asked me again when I opened my eyes. My palpitating heart subsided a little, whether or not the pumpkin order had any effect. I’ve got the ribbon Bonita gave me, the bracelet Rex gave me, the pendant my brothers gave me, and now I’ve got my father’s hand in mine.

The high-ceilinged banquet hall was vibrantly colored. As I walked into the banquet hall, people were peering at me from below. My heart raced once more when I saw the eyes looking at me, but as I gripped Grand Duke Estin’s arm, I gradually became less tense.

Is Astina still not here? Astina doesn’t seem to be in the crowd

How wonderful it would be if Leo was here.

I hope Leo is not in any trouble and was adopted somewhere nice. Like me and Astina, who was adopted by a loving family and is now living happily.

It’s nice to have a birthday.

“Oh, Mary!”

Many people walked up to me to say hello. I heard the greetings of many nobles, but I couldn’t hear the familiar names. Like Bourneu and Bruno. I want to strike Count Safia, who was responsible for forcing the villagers to relocate to Conler territory, but he didn’t appear to be there. If they have a conscience, they won’t come.

“How is she so adorable?”

“This is how Conler’s Young lady.….”

Indeed, being around me is a little less difficult than being around my brothers.

People are greeting me or wishing me well, but hearing compliments made me happy. Yes, this is the essence of omnipotent power. Today is my birthday, so i’ll make the most of it.


Carol brought dessert shortly after I greeted everyone and rested a bit. Carol delivered a silver plate with a pie that appeared to be crispy.

“It’s a king’s pie and it’s called Galette de Lua.”

“The outer part breaks easily so you have to be careful.”

“The outer part is a pastry, so you have to be careful because it breaks easily.” I cautiously nodded in response to the words before taking a piece. I was just a little irritated because people wouldn’t let me go even though I was hungry, but Carol is quite witty. The moist almond cream inside was excellent when I carefully chewed a piece in contrast to the crispy exterior.

“It’s so good! Uh, but…….”

While carefully chewing the pie, something got caught in my molars. Carol noticed and handed me a handkerchief. I took it, and spat it carefully on it. There was something like a little porcelain thing.

“What’s this?”

“It’s called Pev.”


“I said it was a pie of kings. If you find Pev in the pie, you’ll be the king of the day!”

Do you mean winning……. One more pie?

“Originally, there is only one pev in the whole pie and the one finds it will be the king for the day but Mary will eat it all, so I put one in each piece!”

“I appreciate it, Carol.”

I’m not sure if I can do it, but seeing Carol excited makes me feel better; she prepared this because she wanted to make me a king for my birthday, and I thought that was cute.

“Good for you.”

Grand Duke Estin opened his mouth as he quietly observed Carol and me from behind. From the corner, Lucas carefully walked over and brought a jewelry box. He then gave me a wink.

“It’s a gift.”

I received the gift with trembling hands. It was a jewelry box that at first glance appeared to be expensive. Grand Duke Estin motioned for me to carefully open the jewelry box, and I did so. A tiara embellished with red jewels was kept in the jewelry box.

“A gift fit for today’s king.”


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