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TMD Chapter 93


“Did you have another nightmare?”

Carol looked at me anxiously. I laughed weakly. The repertoire of nightmares was becoming more diverse. I felt like the dream was alienating me from this world. I slammed the bed in anger. Though the expensive bed was unshakable.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Miss Mary….”

“Carol, I want some hot tea.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Carol rushed out the door when I said I wanted warm tea. You won’t trip and fall again, right? Even though Carol is now an official maid, I still can’t help but worry about her. She is still somewhat clumsy.

Why do I keep having these dreams?

I bent my knees and rolled myself into a ball as tightly as I could. Then I put my chin on my knee and fell into agony. Now, I don’t wonder why I dream about the lake, however, I wonder why I keep dreaming about the original story. Why do I only see Mary in bad scenes?

Well, the original story itself is not a happy story for Mary…….

It is up to me to choose my path and live my life! Though I am aware of this, the dreams I keep having leave me feeling somewhat helpless. Will the result be the same even though I’m now going in a different direction?

Me and Astina will get into a fight, Demimore will send me to Nicor, and the Grand Duke of Conler will turn a blind eye to me.

Oh, this is so irritating.

I was suddenly annoyed by how much I was trembling, so I flopped onto my back. Think about it, I’m living quietly right now! Naturally, I admit that my irrational rage led to a little bit of trouble. However, as a citizen of this country, I want to impart real education to imperial family members.

Well, Logan would probably teach me what a proper education is if he knew I was thinking this way. I’ll just grin and claim to have picked up some knowledge! I can’t attend an academy, but in another world, I’m still a middle school graduate! I only really excelled at imitating Logan’s voice. I felt proud for no reason when Rex heard it and responded, “It’s really the same,” with eyes as wide as a rabbit in shock.

“It’s so annoying.”

I screamed in silence while burying my face in the pillow. Since Logan started tutoring Rex, he has accomplished remarkable things. He now has control over his mana and understands how to use it sparingly. He appeared to be researching the connection between his ability and Conler’s curse.

“In contrast, I….”

It was a stretch to say that I only honed my Logan impersonation skills. He was undoubtedly the most competent tutor. He had a wide range of knowledge and was aware of trends not just in the empire but throughout the entire continent. Looking at things like this, he’s a talented individual who can assist me when I do business in the future. But no way would an academy graduate do business with me.

The problem was me. I just couldn’t seem to get the magic out of myself. Why? Is it acceptable to have a child with weak magic in a demon-blessed family? My academic background is expanding, but I know very little to nothing about magic. What am I going to do with the tiny bit of fire that is erupting from my index finger? Will I be smoking?

But I’m still working on my archery.

My nature is one of a warrior, after all.  Yes, your head won’t suffer if you’re in good shape. Perhaps the essence is similar to the bow because it can also magically attack from a great distance?

“Miss, are you okay?”

Carol brought a teapot as I was rolling over with my face in the pillow. Now that she’s actually a maid, the way she set the tray down, poured the tea into the cup, and added sugar for me really gave the impression of a veteran.


“Oh, I’m sorry!”

Yes, this is Carol, my maid. Carol carefully set the silverware she had used to stir the tea down and, without realizing it, made a loud noise. She immediately apologized. I accepted a teacup while grinning. I enjoy it when Carol makes silly mistakes like this. Such a tiny error in this flawless, demon-blessing castle was just lovely to see.

“It will happen soon.”


“It’s your birthday, Miss!”


Hearing that it was my birthday made me feel a little embarrassed. Because it is the first time I will be introduced, the Grand Duchy is extremely busy. To commemorate my birthday, flowers have been placed throughout the castle. Grand Duke, who doesn’t intentionally plant flowers in the garden said having flowers is good too.

“Please look forward to it as we are making delectable desserts for you.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

“No, but don’t get your hopes up…”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

Carol laughed when I put my hands together and spoke exaggeratedly.


“Happy birthday, Mary.”

Finally, my birthday is here.

Grand Duke Estin patted my head and wished me a happy birthday as he stood by my bed before I could get out.

Additionally, Lucas and Hestia came specifically to congratulate me and gave me gifts.

I didn’t expect to feel anything on my birthday, but it’s nice to be greeted in this manner. In fact, flowers and gifts arrived in the grand duchy before my birthday even arrived, and everyone was eager to prepare for it.

“You resemble a snow fairy!”

The compliments from Bonita and Carol, who assisted me with getting dressed, made me blush. The fluffy white dress resembled something a snow fairy might wear. Although thick, it wasn’t heavy. Expensive ones are different. I made a reservation a few months ago to make this dress…… As expected, the money is good.

“This is my gift to you.”

Bonita tied a white velvet ribbon around my hair. It complements the dress nicely. She must have prepared this on purpose.


When Bonita finished tying my hair, I turned around and gave her a big hug.

“Thank you.”

“We are even more grateful that you returned to us and gave us the chance to celebrate your birthday with you.”

I cried because of Bonita’s kind words. A knock on the door interrupted my holding of Bonita.

“Come on in!”

“Are you all dressed?”

“Rex! You do not need to knock.”

“I’m worried you’re changing your attire. Wow, it’s so lovely!”

In sincere admiration, Rex covered his mouth with both hands. Anyway, our Rex is far too gentlemanly for a child….

[T/N: This part is extremely perplexing. I just left it as is because I couldn’t figure out the meaning. Once I find the appropriate phrase, I’ll edit it. Let’s all be confused for the moment.]

“Happy birthday!” (“생신 축하드려요!”)



Even Bonita and Carol, who were next to Rex, laughed. What do you mean, birthday? Even though I’m older than you, we’re only a year apart. Yeah, of course I treat Rex like a kid, but…….

“Master Rex, you can say it’s her birthday.”

“But my sister’s birthday is today.”

“Miss Mary will feel more uneasy if you say it’s her birthday, right?”


When I nodded strongly at Bonita’s words, Rex bit his lips tightly and said as if determined.

“Happy birthday to you.”  (“생일 축하해요.”) 

He shouldn’t be so adamant when wishing someone a happy birthday, in my opinion. Rex’s charm, however, is his pure cuteness.

“Thank you.”

“This is a gift!”

I received a small box from Rex. It appears to be a small trinket. He had what kind of money? Nevertheless, it appeared as though the Bluea family was paying child support. Receiving this gift from a young child who wishes me a happy birthday makes me feel embarrassed.

“Hurry up and open it.”


Rex urged me to carefully open the box, so I did. And I couldn’t help but be impressed by it. It was because it held a bracelet adorned with blue gemstones reminiscent of Rex’s eyes. It was really lovely.

“I was going to give you a necklace……. but you valued the necklace your friend gave you, so I chose to give you a bracelet instead. And a ring should be given by a precious person.”

“Thank you, Rex. I love it. It’s so pretty.”

I immediately put on the bracelet. Even though it was a little big, it still looked great on my wrist. The bracelet had “Mary” written on it. It fits me so well.

“It’s so, so beautiful, I’ll wear it constantly.”

“It’s my magic crystal.”


“It’s a small amount of my magic, so it’s going to protect Big Sister Mary.”

“Master Rex, do you already know how to create crystals?”

“Teacher Logan assisted me.”

Mana Crystal is a type of magic that a mana can create. Rex’s magic must be blue. I’ve heard it takes a lot of work to make this, but he gave me this priceless item. Rex really loves me.

Oh, and Logan also contributed. When I asked him last if he had anything for my birthday, he said he already gave me an album and then asked me again what I wanted. No, I didn’t intend to receive it, but when he said it, I was a little miffed. However, after receiving Rex’s thoughtful gift, I felt better. I’ll forgive Logan for assisting him.

“This is so precious, Rex. Thank you so much.”

“I’m glad, though. It’s blue.”


“I thought it would come out like the color of a gloomy corpse because of my ability.”

“It’s clear that Master Rex is influenced by Mary.”


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  1. If it’s ok for me to help a bit :
    생신 축하드려요 : the first two letters used when the opponent are elders (when i look up examples, it used for grandparents); when the rest of the letters are formal speech

    생일 축하해요 : the first two letters used when the opponent are someone close, friends, or someone of the same age. The last for is the informal version of happy birthday.

    Maybe the first one can be translated as ‘I wish you happy birthday’ while the second one is ‘happy milad’?

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