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TMD Chapter 91


Why does he keep me from caring for my younger brother? Oh, of course I understand how he feels about looking after his younger siblings because he is also an older brother. No, he should understand me too if I understand him, right?

Come to think of it, that person is the same person as the person who said he wouldn’t take me on a picnic if I didn’t promise to call the Grand Duke father.

“Why are you walking by yourself?”

Theodore walked alongside me as I continued to trudge along by myself.

“Is Gilbert afraid of anything?”

“Afraid of?”


“You, making a bet with the prince all of a sudden?”

I have nothing to say.

I approached him to find Gilbert’s weakness but suddenly I was attacked. Why are you bringing up the old story?

“No, not like that. A weakness.”

“Why are you curious about that?”

At the unexpected question, I closed my lips and rolled my eyes. I mean, do I want to get revenge?

“It’s just, we’re a family, and you might be curious, right?”

“Are you curious?”

“What is Theodore afraid of?”

When I asked, Theodore halted. I also came to a halt at the same time as him. Theodore was simply glancing my way.

Why do you have such a strange gaze on me? What are you afraid of?

Are you going to claim that it is I? That you were frightened the first time I was kidnapped? It’s just the atmosphere. That isn’t how Theodore is. I’m only making a fool of myself.



“It’s you, betting with the imperial family.”

“Oh, my” 

“Hahahaha. Your expression is so funny.”

Theodore began to take a quick step ahead of me as he made fun of me. Be careful, after Gilbert. You’re next.

Theodore…… he seems to be playful compared to the other two. Apart from his appearance, it was hard to tell that he came from Grand Duke Estin. I think he’s similar to me. No, it’s a strangely different texture.

‘Did my mother have that kind of personality?’

Thinking that way, I shook my head. I thought if Helena had that kind of personality, she wouldn’t be living with Grand Duke Estin.…. 

Helena, Helena.

Then I recalled what the man had said in the forest. That they sacrificed my mother for me. Did Helena make the ultimate sacrifice?

No, let’s not linger on these ideas.

Oh, anyway, where did you get that kind of personality? I was walking along, deep in thought, when someone grabbed my shoulder.



“How can the miss look so depressed when it’s you who asked us to go on a picnic?”

“Oh, I was just thinking for a second, so my steps slowed down.”

“Oh, what are you thinking about?”

Lucas, who spoke meanly, stroked my head and began to take the lead. Looking at him from behind. I realized who Theodore was influenced by.

“It’s Lucas.”

You two are so mean.

I picked up my pace and caught up to Theodore, who had been ahead of me. Theodore’s eyes widened as if he were startled when he suddenly saw me running.

I’m a mountain native. A garden this size is nothing.

“So… Gilbert…… What’s his weakness?…?”

“You’re so persistent.”

Theodore was struck with admiration. If I hadn’t been persistent, I wouldn’t be here alive.

“Gilbert’s weakness..”

Theodore murmured softly and began to rub his chin as if he were agonizing. I looked at Theodore with anticipation. 



“I don’t think he has one.” 


Compared to the time he spent agonizing, the answer was so futile that I was disappointed. If you’re going to say he doesn’t have any, why did you make me look forward to it?



“He hates bugs. I think he hated it when I showed him bugs when I was young.”


“But does anyone like bugs?”

Like a well-grown young master, he hates bugs. Whenever Astina said she was afraid of bugs, I captured it. Bugs were just cute dust for me. I am not afraid to grab and catch earthworms and cockroaches. 

My eyes lit up and I started looking for bugs. The more bugs there are, the more disgusting it is, so I have to catch more. As I walked like that, I arrived at the picnic spot designated by Lucas.


The picnic area that Lucas decided was under a big tree. The cool breeze cooled my sweat. And there was a small pond in front. I was surprised because I thought it was the lake from my dream, but I was relieved to see that it was smaller.

“Now, have a seat.”

Lucas spread a mat under the tree and placed a picnic box. Even if there was no parasol, the huge tree served as shade. I closed my eyes and felt the wind. As we walked, the sound of wind passing through the leaves seemed to welcome us.

I carefully put the few bugs I had caught next to Gilbert, but suddenly my heart weakened. He is the eldest son of the Conler family. What if others saw him faint after seeing a small bug? I carefully picked up the bug and put it next to me.

Rex, who was next to me, felt my gaze and was startled. He must know what kind of sin he committed. I glared half-jokingly and half-seriously. How dare you abandon me and ride on Gilbert’s back?

Lucas took the desserts out of the picnic box and put them in front of me. The desserts reflected in natural light felt more beautiful. First, I cut the cake and put it in my mouth. Oh, the sweetness that’s all over my mouth.

“Eat this, too, sister.”

Rex cut a small piece of cannoli and put it in my mouth. I tried to pretend to be more upset, but I thought Rex might really cry, so I opened my mouth and pretend I couldn’t resist. Rex’s face brightened.

I’ll let it slide because you’re cute.

“Are you here to eat?”

At Theodore’s words, I glared at him while chewing the cannoli that Rex put in my mouth. If Bonita saw me like this she’d be upset. 

Theodore smiled and pressed my cheek with his index finger as if I was funny looking at him.

“Why are you going to ask me about my weakness this time?”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, Brother Gilbert. She’s–”

“Brother Theodore, this is delicious!”

I put the cannoli I was eating in Theodore’s mouth, which was opening recklessly. Theodore couldn’t even swallow properly and laughed to death.

While Theodore was looking at me with a squeak, I tried to make a threatening expression with my lower lip.

“Stop playing around.”

“Yes, I will!”

Gilbert, who was looking at us like that, turned to the book he was reading as if he thought it was nothing. I thought it was amazing for him to come all the way here and read like that.

After finishing dessert, we scattered and did our own thing. Rex, Theodore and I played ball, Gilbert read a book, Aiden was writing something in a notebook. Lucas seemed to be making up for his sleepless nights.

It was really peaceful as if it were a lie.

I stood and took a deep breath. Would I have felt this peace if I had really done something wrong with them? If it’s not greed, I wish I could enjoy this kind of peace and happiness here before I go somewhere.

Could it not be greed?

Watching the peaceful scene, I thought for a moment about what Grand Duke Estin would do if he came here. Maybe he would make up for his sleepless night like Lucas, or come all the way here like Gilbert and read books without fun.

It was then.

There were two people coming up this way from far away. If my eyes aren’t wrong, those two…….

“Miss Mary!”

I’m sure one is Hestia, and the other is Grand Duke Estin. I really didn’t think he would come like this.… I thought it was a little strange. But my arm was waving without realizing it.

“You didn’t forget, did you?”


“You promised me earlier.”

Oh, what’s that? What promise did I make because I was blinded by the picnic? The picnic was fun, but……. Still, I was a bit embarrassed to call him father. No, I do. I definitely did it last night.

It’s a little funny to say, but it’s a little embarrassing to call him like that when I’m sober like this.

I bit my lip tightly as I eyed the approaching Grand Duke Estin. Come on, Mary, all you have to do is call him father. Huh? Why can’t you say it?


The moment I was about to call him father,


Suddenly, I heard a scream and looked to the side. Rex was lying on the ground with a pale face.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s wrong, Rex!”

Everyone was surprised and ran toward Rex. Did you feel tired from walking earlier? In the short time I ran to Rex, all kinds of thoughts hit me. Rex was pointing a finger at something.

Those were the bugs I caught earlier.


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