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TMD Chapter 90


“But will you be okay?”

With a worried expression, Aiden questioned. Oh no, his overprotectiveness has resumed. I don’t believe he will permit us to travel very far because it is risky; but no one can stop me now.

As I reached for the spoon and put custard pudding in my mouth, Aiden laughed.

“Yes, I get it,”

You should, of course. I satisfactorily took the spoon out of my mouth. The idea of a picnic has me giddy with anticipation.

“You’d probably hit me if I told you not to go.”

“Aiden, I’d be happy to give you one hit.”

Gilbert responded to Aiden while shaking his head. Yes, try to convince me to change my mind after you’ve made me eager for it. It won’t end with a single blow.

“I’ve got your permission!”

Soon after, Lucas ran with a smile on his face after getting Bonita’s approval.

“Bonita said it was a very good idea and that it would be a change of pace,”

The person who I believe cares about me the most is Bonita. The image of Grand Estin’s face then abruptly entered my mind. I started to wonder a little where he was. He’s obviously busy, but…….

“What about the Grand Duke?”

“Oh, Hestia and the Grand Duke went to the forest today—no somewhere.”

I could tell despite Lucas’ quick gloss. He went to see the burned-out forest where I was kidnapped at the time. Yes, he said he’d build a temporary shelter for migrants over there. I was completely disinterested in the incident, so I just nodded and pretended I was unaware of it.

“But Mary.”


Gilbert called me after hearing what I was saying.

“Why do you still refer to our father as Grand Duke Estin?”

At that unexpected point, I opened my eyes wide. Because he is Grand Duke Estin, I refer to him as such. No, is that really a big deal right now? Gilbert looked much more serious than I initially thought. Lucas blinked his eyes closed and nodded next to him.

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t it time to call him father?”


Lucas, who said such a thing next to Gilbert, was even more annoying than Gilbert. But I was speechless. I can’t call my father my father because I’m a descendant of Hong Gil-dong.

Yes, sister. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to refer to him as father than Grand Duke?”

I was in agony for a moment because even Rex came out like that, possibly because I’ve been calling him Grand Duke Estin for too long. I suddenly remembered what Grand Duke Estin said to me yesterday, that I only call him dad at times like that.

It wasn’t intentional, but did it feel like I only called Grand Duke Estin Dad when I felt weak? It wasn’t intentional, but did it feel like something was intended?

“It’s good to practice continuously even if it’s hard.”

“……I’ll try.”

“If you don’t promise, we won’t go on a picnic.”

While I was deep in thought, Gilbert spoke firmly. You’re discussing a promise while pawning a picnic; aren’t you being cheap? Don’t you recall that you said it would be nice if Aiden took one hit earlier?

I made a pouty face. No, I’ll do it even if you don’t tell me. I can, but I must admit that it was a little awkward. It’s not that I don’t think of Grand Estin as my father; it’s just that……The word “father” itself didn’t come to me easily and naturally.

“I promise….”

“Yes, starting today,”

I’m not doing this because I want to go on a picnic, but because I believe it’s past time to address Grand Duke Estin as my father.

Whether or not he knew my true intentions, Gilbert’s face lit up when he heard my promise.

“I’m worried about Miss Mary’s condition, so we won’t go too far.”

Haha, but I’m actually fine.

However, I gave up because they are humans who will not listen to me anyway even if I say this.

Lucas had already received the picnic box from Bonita and was packing a mat, while I stood by in a yellow dress and a wide-brimmed hat that Bonita made me wear.

So, I have a hat like this too.….

With both of my hands, I held the hat. I should probably check my closet sometime. Having clothes in my closet that I didn’t recognize seemed wrong to me.

However, it makes no difference since Bonita and Carol are the ones who dress me up in the first place. No, is that still a problem?

“Should we go now?”

We decided to have a picnic on a hill near Conler Castle. I started running with excitement, and the fluttering yellow skirt made me feel good.

“It will be difficult for you later if you continue to run like that.

“I have enough endurance to play in the mountains.”

I stuck my tongue out at Theodore’s scolding. I should have cheered harder when Lucas said, “Come on, applause,” when he mentioned the picnic earlier. I didn’t know it would be this exciting. I even began to hum a tune.

“What song is that?”

I asked Aiden, who was striding alongside me. Oh, I didn’t realize I was singing a song I heard when I was Ha Sohee.

I unknowingly panicked and extended my right hand and foot simultaneously.

“Why do you walk like a fool?”

Aiden gave me a suspicious-looking gaze. Oh, he senses things pretty quickly. I smiled as naturally as I could.

“What song?”

“The song you sang earlier. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

“I , it’s an impromptu song!”

“An impromptu song?”

Aiden looked serious when I said it. Did I get caught? An indescribable thrill flowed down my back.

Aiden kept looking at me without saying anything. Then he came up to me. I stared blankly at Aiden who was approaching me.

“I thought you were only talented at art.”


“Do you also have a talent for music?”

If I go back from the picnic today, I must remove my painting from the painting library. Why are all people so fascinated by the fact that I’m so good at drawing? At first, I felt proud when I heard that I had artistic talent, but I felt like everyone was teasing me and being a fanatic.

“I should look for a music teacher.”

“Please don’t do that.”

I didn’t mean to be a songwriter. I apologize deeply to the composer who unintentionally lost the copyright to the song to me. Please understand that I have no commercial purpose.

I went like that for a long time, but I couldn’t see Rex. Looking back worried, Rex was following me with a look of exhaustion.

I even felt sorry for the person who asked me to go with him because he was having such a hard time. Rex, you’re weaker than I thought. I ran to him.


“Si, Sister .”

“It must be hard…”

“N, no, it’s not.”

What do you mean? You’re out of breath.

Actually, Rex’s face began to look pale. I thought for a moment and turned my back in front of him.

“What are you doing?”

“Get on my back.”

“Don’t do this, sister.”

What do you think I am?…? I turned my head as I was showing my back. Rex was still sweating. Even his lips have lost their color, and if he continues like this, he will die.

“I’m really fine. Get on my back, Rex.”

“It’s going to be difficult. I’m heavy.”

You’re heavy? I felt like I was going to laugh at what he was saying, but I held it in. If I laugh here, Rex’s pride will be hurt.

“Yes, Rex. You are heavy, but I am older than you. Didn’t I tell you it’s okay?”

“You and I are only a year apart.”

“Oh, you know that?”


“I thought you didn’t know because you were so polite to me.”

I said it as a joke, but Rex’s expression changed as if he was about to cry. No, I’m pretty much the same as his older sister, right? I’m about to be a little upset……. 

Thinking about the stories I had with Rex that night made me sadder. I said that thinking about each other is already a way of us supporting each other. Did you forget all the memories of that time?

“What’s going on?”

Having squabbled for a long time, Gilbert came to catch up with those of us who were lagging behind. As expected, C-oldest son. Gilbert, who came to take care of me, raised me up as I was showing my back to Rex. 

“Get on my back, Rex.” he said as if he understood the situation. 


“Then, do you want to get on her back?”

Yes, I can carry you. What’s so funny is that Rex, who made such a fuss about not wanting to be carried by me, reluctantly hopped right onto Gilbert’s back.

I turned to look at Rex because I felt betrayed and wanted an explanation, but his face was hidden behind Gilbert’s back and I was unable to see it.

‘He’s my little brother.…!’

Gilbert became the target of my rage as he took Rex away from me.


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  1. These recent chapters are for the People who had been talking about the family being trash in the reviews. Rather to me this story is my favourite among the rophan childcare novels I’ve read ,the development of the relationships between characters is more realistic than other novels where everyone from the seemingly cold family becomes obsessed with the FL after a few words of comfort…

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