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TMD Chapter 83


A carriage was approaching. When I noticed Conler’s pattern embedded in the carriage, I immediately wanted to cry. The carriage came to a halt not far away. Lucas and Aiden were the ones who got off. I expected Lucas to show up, but I didn’t expect Aiden to show up as well. I wouldn’t be as shocked if it were Gilbert. It didn’t seem like Aiden was the kind to pick up his younger sister.

Lucas and Aiden started running in this direction, as if the situation was over. Aiden extended his hand. He released a black light, which struck the men attacking the Knights in the larynx. The men collapsed. They didn’t fall no matter how hard the knights cut them with their swords, but Aiden’s attack worked.

“That’s a relief.”

My eyes were on the verge of tears. I turned to Aiden, and as soon as I tried to go to him, someone covered my mouth. Aiden’s expression, which had been calm and expressionless the entire time, became distorted. No, is it distorted?

My vision became foggy, making it difficult for me to see clearly.

Just like that

I lost my mind.


Estin was traveling to make preparations for the relocation as he was still not prepared to move the villagers. He was looking out the carriage window at the scenery, and strangely, he kept getting annoyed. Is it because he was made to do something he didn’t want to do? However, when did he ever enjoy following the emperor’s orders? Compared to that feeling, it was different.

However, the emotion was so overwhelming that no words could adequately express it. He couldn’t help but think of the child who had been left behind. He is aware that the child instructed him to finish the job and return early rather than take her home so he wouldn’t get too tired. She’s such a mature child.

No, this isn’t it.

Estin was anxious. The fact that he was concerned also irritated him. Obviously, the Knights were attached to the child, and Lucas was on his way to meet her. Nothing will happen to the child. The child will reach Conler’s castle without incident.

Yes, she will.

But what is this mysterious feeling?

Wobbling. Estin’s carriage came to a brief stop.

‘What’s going on?’

Estin frowned. Someone slammed on the carriage. 

“We’re in trouble, Grand Duke!”

The coachman’s expression was not good. Then he noticed an exhausted knight. It was unquestionably one of the Knights he sent earlier with Mary. With his hand, Estin brushed his lips.

“What’s the matter?”

“Someone, someone attacked the carriage.”

“Turn around.”

This is it.

He was hoping he was mistaken.

There was no time to comprehend the circumstances. He had to go right away and catch up. The knight stopped him when he attempted to reenter the carriage.

“Master! I have something to tell you before you go.”

“What is it?”

It was an urgent situation. He wanted to tell the knight to say it later, but the knight’s expression bothered him.

“Their condition was strange.”


“It was definitely a person, but it wasn’t like a person; no matter how much we cut them, they didn’t fall down; their purpose was to bind our limbs; I was the only one who got out, but…….”

“It was a person, but doesn’t look like a person.”

Estin’s expression darkened as he listened to the situation. The knight hardened his expression even more as he observed it. Their sense of honor as Knights of the Conler has crumbled. They were in complete despair.

“Rest for now.”

“Grand Duke …”

“Let’s go as fast as possible.”

“I’ll go, too.”

The knight refused to back down. Instead, he grasped the sword at his waist. Even in this situation, Estin smiled slightly at the knight and ordered the coachman as he entered the carriage.

“Sweep away everything that is impeding you.”


I’ll tell you what. This world had eight planets, but there were originally nine. For many reasons, one of the original planets fell. But it turns out that the planet was really a star belonging to the god of death. He must have been furious.

They did not regard him as a god.

God is said to be honorable, holy, and loving of people. However, the god in charge of death was dark and harmful to people. Because the god of death always has nothing but death.

All the other gods had names in the temple, but the god of the underworld doesn’t.

Who would worship death? 


One day, however, a woman felt pity for the death god. She then inscribed the name of the God of Death on a stone that was close to the temple. Occasionally, she would pray to the stone whenever she remembered.

The god of death falling in love with her was inevitable. However, the god of death was unable to leave the underworld. Then he reasoned. If he can’t get to her, he ought to get her to come to him.

But she was someone whom the Gods adored. When the Gods discovered the evil plan the God of Death was preparing, they decided to protect her. Each then made the decision to keep her safe in their own star.

It turned out that the beautiful woman had been cursed by the god of death.

The curse was simple. Solitude. She’ll be by herself. People she thought were her family would abandon her, or she would lose people she thought were precious to her. The god of death desired to bring her to where he was. Will she not go to where someone loves her if she starts to feel lonely in her own world? Of course, the god of death was the one who loved her.

The Gods who cared about the child were worried. No matter how much they bless her, the curse of the god of death cannot be removed. A curse cast with a hateful heart has great power, but a curse cast with love has greater power than anything else.

The god of the earth said he’d give her all kinds of trials when he embraces her. He said he’d end the curse on his planet. The child will keep losing a loved one and will be lonely. Sometimes she’ll think, “Does God really exist?”

It’ll be so lonely.

The god of earth who spoke calmly seemed so sad. He was the God who loved the child the most. Being rejected by such a child as a god was very lonely. The God of the earth asked the other gods with great sadness.


You guys make the kid happy.

You must safeguard the child.

A child with cat eyes.

From the earth

Cats have nine stars.


Mary was kidnapped.

Mary was dragged away by a man. What was stopping the Knights blocked Aiden and Lucas who were desperately trying to follow. By the time Aiden had finished them all, Mary had already vanished.

“Damn it…”

The man dragging Mary would not have gone far because he didn’t look well. Aiden pondered quietly. At times like this, he shouldn’t get too excited. The Knights’ physical strength had already been depleted by dealing with things that did not fall.



“First, take the Knights back to the mansion.”

“Young Master, are you going to find Miss Mary alone?”

When Lucas questioned him, Aiden silently nodded. Aiden appeared to be fine at first, but Lucas noticed that his hand was trembling. Lucas let out a long sigh and touched his forehead.

“Master Aiden.”


“You are aware that the young master is still a child to me?”

Aiden had obviously knocked them all down, but Lucas had been watching Aiden since he was born. Right at this moment, Aiden was obviously blaming himself. Because of him, Mary was kidnapped.

“I’m not assuming Mary was kidnapped because someone else came,”


“I know.”

Aiden smiled. It was a weak smile that lost all its energy. 

“But I can’t help being upset.”

“Young Master.”

“I’m his brother.”

Time was of the essence. They are in Conler territory. Aiden attempted to locate the presence of a Conler. He closed his eyes and focused.

Please, please.

No, but I think something huge is coming…….

Aiden opened his eyes. He heard the sound of a carriage. Estin stepped off the carriage as it came to a halt. Both Aiden and Lucas bowed their heads.


“A man disappeared with him.”

As soon as he heard it, Estin, who was scanning the area, leaned against the carriage.

I’m too late.

Estin, who was mumbling with his eyes closed, opened them again, trudged, and stepped on the man on the floor.

Mary’s temper is probably due to his blood…….

It was then.

A black light slowly approached and fluttered in front of Estin and Aiden.


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