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TMD Chapter 80


“I hope there will be another meeting next time.”


“Oh, I loved what Mary said about the poem.”

“What are you talking about?”

Demimore, who was quietly listening next to us, suddenly intervened. At the words, Lausanne gave me a quick look. Her eyes were pleading for approval. I vigorously shook my head. I felt embarrassed. As if she understood, Lausanne winked one eye.

“Oh, it’s a secret between the ladies.”

“Sister, won’t you please tell me?”

“Do you really want me to tell you?”

Lausanne looked at Demimore and put her index finger on her chin. She looked like she was really worried. You’re not really trying to tell him, are you? No, you winked at me earlier, princess. Do we only have this much trust between us? Lausanne smiled knowingly at my embarrassed face. Demimore’s expression was filled with anticipation. That’s why blood is thicker than water. You siblings are scammers.

“But it’s difficult to tell because it’s just between the ladies.”

“Ha, I was fooled again.”

Lausanne seemed surprisingly playful. Demimore raised his hands to indicate surrender. Lausanne peeped out her tongue in a cute way. I felt guilty for briefly having my doubts about her. Lausanne grinned broadly, regardless of whether Demimore appeared to be deceived.

Looking at it, I wondered if this is what Lausanne is really like because she is so bright. Astina, our official heroine, occasionally displayed sadness, which was unavoidable. People who received love from a young age don’t seem to experience sadness.

“Oh, so. Mary.”


“There’s a story I really want Mary to read.”

Come to think of it, Lausanne had a lump of parchment in her hand. I received the parchment in Lausanne’s hand in a daze. I spoke in a worried tone after noticing the letters on the parchment.

“Of course, I will read it as it is a request from the princess. But I’m worried, I’m not familiar with the Imperial language yet, so I might not be able to understand the whole story.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any difficult content. It’s embarrassing to have a young friend read this, but after hearing Mary’s thoughts on the poem, I wanted you to read it as well.”


“The Grand Duke has given me permission to take a little of Lady Mary’s time, so don’t worry about the time, I’ve just checked.”

It was a little burdensome. I believe Lausanne is overestimating me, but I don’t consider myself to be particularly knowledgeable about literature. I do, however, think a little bit differently from the people around me. Nonetheless, I barely understood the topics and themes discussed in class.


Lausanne asked with her hands clasped together as if in prayer as I continued to hesitate and fumble with the parchment in my hand. I believed it was impolite to keep my distance while being so adamantly asked.

“First l… I’ll read it!”


When I finally reached a decision, Lausanne gave me a bear hug while beaming with joy. She let me go after that and looked serious while saying something that sounded like a request.

“I’d like you to be honest with me.”

I nodded my head seriously, too. Is it similar to the poem we just read? I don’t think it fits the definition of a poem. Does it resemble an epic poem? However, it differs from what I had anticipated.

“Is this a romance novel?”


Lausanne smiled and nodded. Although her earlier attitude of grace and dignity was admirable, her upbeat demeanor was also very endearing. Naturally, Lausanne is made up of the two of them.

I began to read seriously. The book reminded me of the romantic fantasy books I used to read when I was Ha Sohee. Although, it’s just a romance here, not a fantasy. This setting is real here. However, as I read it, I discovered that the male protagonist is a Dragon. The sudden appearance of an extraterrestrial being caused me to try and control my facial expression.

Contrary to my expectations, the novel was more fascinating. The mysterious dragon who played the male lead was a feisty but passably attractive. Although he is cold to everyone he is friendly to the female lead.

“It’s so much fun! The male lead is really charming, too.”


“It’s a little childish, though.”

I honestly blurted out my thoughts. Lausanne listened to my thoughts with her eyes closed. by the way,

“I have the impression that the female protagonist is overly cautious.”


Lausanne gently opened her closed eyes when I mentioned the female lead.

“She’s a little passive; I know being God’s daughter is difficult, but she’s charming and cool enough to get away from it, which is unfortunate.”

It was true. I felt bad for the Main character, who appeared to be buried in that circumstance. She was lucky enough to be attractive, but whenever she was given an opportunity, she mistakenly believed that it was because she was God’s daughter. So even if the Dragon loved her, she didn’t believe it, and she was too insecure about herself.

But am I in a position to say this?

As Lausanne listened to me, she grinned and said.

“Well, it projected me.”



“Did the princess, by any chance, write this?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I was so surprised at what she said that I covered my mouth. I’ve been fumbling through what I’ve said so far in my head. My mind turned white and I couldn’t remember what kind of review I had. Ha, didn’t I say it was childish? Why is the female protagonist who projected the princess so timid? To protect herself ? I swiftly dipped my head.

“Mary, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry if I said anything presumptuous.”

“No! Oh, Mary. I was the one who asked you to be honest.”

“You scared Mary.”

The siblings were at a loss next to me. It should be me who is at a loss here. I lifted my head in stealth.

“When I heard Mary talking about the poem earlier, I thought you’d give me a good review. So I wanted you to be honest with me. And I got really good advice.”

“If so, that’s good then.”

“To be honest, I’m a little surprised. I didn’t know that you would tell me all the things that I was worrying about while writing this.”

What is the limit of Lausanne’s tolerance? A gentle and broad minded Lausanne would be good. No, she is already good. But in the original, they didn’t mention that Lausanne likes to write and that she has a talent for it. What a pity she didn’t use it in setting. Is the writer a fool?

“I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, I’m fine. I’m even more sorry about this.”

“No, because I thought the princess didn’t feel sad.”

There was silence among me and Lausanne and Demimore. Their gaze at me again surprised me so I lowered my head and fiddled with my fingers. But I gathered my courage and raised my head again.

I judged them as I pleased. Everyone has sadness, and there is always a dark abyss. While it is rude to ignore a person’s strengths, it is equally rude to ignore their weaknesses. Looking at the main character of the novel that Lausanne based on herself, I felt what Lausanne was thinking about her position. She was afraid that if she wasn’t a princess, she would become nothing. I cannot ignore the fact that just because she grew up with love, she cannot be hated.

Can there be such lovely vulnerability?

“What I said about the female character earlier, I mean it. She’s strong enough even if she’s not the daughter of God.”

Lausanne smiled at my words. It certainly resembled the smile I had earlier seen, but it felt different. I decided not to gauge what kind of person Lausanne really was. As I said before, everything makes up Lausanne.

“If I finish writing later, can I see you again?”

“I’d like to ask you to do that.”

Demimore sat down beside me and began to leaf through the parchments, feeling that there was something between me and Lausanne.

“I like the main character, but I wonder if the dragon will later set the village on fire.”

Demimore looked pretty grumpy. Perhaps angry at her younger brother’s insincere attitude, Lausanne just smiled benevolently.

“Is the main character okay?”

“Yes, I like her.”

“That’s understandable.”


“Because that’s me.”

“Sister, will you stop there?”

“Demimore likes me.”

With a mellow expression, Lausanne said. I was surprised, the original wasn’t like this.


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