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TMD Chapter 79


Begins with friends and ends in what?

Best friends?

“Here you are.”

I had been thinking about it for quite some time when I heard a velvety soft voice from the side. Demimore and I looked at the side in surprise.



It was Lausanne.



Franz called Sophia who ran out. Sophia stopped absentmindedly. Franz rushed up to her, hugged her shoulder, and asked.

“Are you alright?”

No, I’m not alright.

I need more.

She was well aware of Franz’s feelings for her. If anyone sees her, they may curse her for taking advantage of his feelings. But Sophia was dissatisfied. Franz wasn’t enough.

Just now, what did Demimore say?

Demimore was not even of legitimate imperial descent. She felt like she was going crazy when she recalled the time when she was pushed by Lausanne and Mary but she had to keep her mouth shut.

She wanted to be the best.

She doesn’t remember when it started, but greed kept growing inside her. When she noticed the changes in herself, she felt a sense of shame. She wanted to look her finest, stand out the most, and wear the most stunning dress. However, things were not as she had wished them to be.

Princess Lausanne’s attention was diverted by a girl who appeared out of nowhere as an orphan and took the dress she desired.

“Sophia, are you sure you’re alright?”

The group that followed Sophia were families under their family. She created this group on purpose. The children here were wary of her. Franz, however, who was standing by her side, came from the Count Scott Family. Yes, Scott wasn’t a bad family, but Sophia didn’t think it was the best. Sophia became increasingly greedy. The most desirable position. But Demimore is behind Mary.

She needs someone more powerful than Demimore.

Sophia’s eyes shone coldly. It was then.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”


Sophia believed it to be fate. She wanted someone more powerful than Demimore, and Cameron appeared like a lie.

“I’d like to speak with you, Sophia Bruno.”

Sophia gave Cameron’s words a beguiling nod. The children around Sophia disappeared from their sight. Franz appeared to be concerned about something, but he paused and left as if he had no choice but to comply with the prince’s request.

Yes, this is it!

Sophia’s body shuddered in thrills. She was able to taste the best power she had hoped for in an indirect way.

“I believe our goals are similar.”

“……if it’s a goal.”

“I also find Mary and Demimore to be very annoying.”

Where on earth was Cameron watching from? Cameron took a step closer to Sophia and spoke privately.

“So if we hold hands,”

Cameron had already lost his dignity because of that little girl. He had to rebuild and reclaim this lost dignity in some way. In the process, he came to the conclusion that he should no longer confront Mary directly.

It would be nice to use you for a little while and then discard you.

Cameron’s smile for Sophia was cold and uncaring. Even though she was aware of it, she still believed it was fate, especially when his offer was so irresistible.


“Mary is so lovely, right?”

“Well, Astina is the loveliest in my eyes.”

“Oh, hmm. I’m sure Brother didn’t see Mary properly.”

Astina’s cheeks swell despite the compliment, as if she had been irritated. It was incredible that her cheek, which had only bones before, had grown so fat. Yohan touched Astina’s cheek with his raised index finger. Astina then irritatedly bit Yohan’s hand.

He thought Astina was the smallest person on the planet. It was amazing to see Mary being so much smaller than her. Her eyes, however.

“She has unusual eyes.”

“You remember what I told you about when I was at the orphanage, right?”

“Uh huh.”

Yohan dislikes it when Astina mentions the orphanage. This is because Yohan, who already loved and cherished Astina more than his own siblings, feels sorry for Astina being in such a place.

Astina’s time in the orphanage wasn’t as miserable as Yohan had imagined because that’s where she first met Leo and Mary. Maybe she wouldn’t have been this resilient if she hadn’t met Mary. Nonetheless, it wasn’t that she couldn’t comprehend Yohan’s thoughts. Astina gave Yohan a bright smile.

“Oh, so before I came to the mansion, Mary told me a lot of stories.”

“Did she?”

“She’s a really strong and good kid. So I was able to remain strong as well.”


“It was Mary who helped me earlier.”

Yohan, who was paying attention to Astina, appeared quite surprised. Conler’s child? He thought of Aiden, a classmate from the Academy. Aiden Conler was incredibly uncaring and uninterested in the affairs of other people. Aiden’s younger sister, Mary Conler, has a nosy personality……

“Can I see her again?”

Yohan stroked Astina’s head after her rather exaggerated sigh because it was so adorable. He finds it hard to believe she likes her so much because she is a shy child who has trouble speaking clearly. He only started paying attention to Mary Conler after that.

“I’m not sure,”


“I’m friends with Mary’s brother Aiden Conler, so.”

“Really? I hope we can all meet later!”

Yohan stroked Astina’s unusually excited head with a friendly touch.

I wish you could too, Astina.


“I’ve been trying to find you for a while.”


Lausanne said so, smiling affectionately. Seeing her beside Demimore, I thought they looked more alike. Previously, it was the siblings Astina and Yohan, this time these siblings. I thought both siblings had a unique relationship, even though they aren’t related by blood or are only half related.

“I wished to speak with Lady Mary in private.”

Lausanne wanted to talk to me. It was not an illusion that I thought she had a friendly attitude at the salon earlier. Still, I couldn’t relax very much. I don’t know how one wrong word can affect me.

“Oh, I heard about Lady Mary when I met Astina last time.”

Hearing that she had met Astina made my ears perk up. Yes, I was aware that Astina and Lausanne had interacted prior to this salon. I believe the two initially connected at a dress shop. Astina was unaware that Lausanne was a princess. Astina gladly gave Lausanne the small rabbit doll she had brought with her that day, which was one of the dolls she had been collecting. Since she is a kind girl who enjoys giving, she must have determined that it is preferable to give something to someone who wants it rather than keep it for herself.

“She’s such a sweet child, isn’t she?”

Thinking about it made me believe that Astina is a kid who everyone can’t help but love while also making them feel a little worried. In this world full of good and evil, she has to live a kind life. Even so, I can’t help but smile when I think of Astina.

“You must be good friends.”

After saying this, Lausanne laughed while putting her fist near her mouth. So it is possible to laugh in such a graceful and dignified manner. That is, I suppose, the dignity of an imperial princess. I thought I should remember Lausanne’s gestures and do it secretly.

“Astina also smiled like that while talking about Mary.”


“I’m envious of you for having a friend like that.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.”

“I heard; in fact, listening to Astina’s story piqued my interest in Mary, which led to this opportunity.”

I was very surprised when Lausanne said that the salon was organized because she wanted to meet me. So, it’s not a coincidence that I ran into Astina today. As a result of her kind nature, the princess arranged a salon where she could meet her best friend.

“However, Astina was unable to attend.”


“I really wanted you two to meet.”

It suddenly seemed very unfortunate that Astina could not attend. Indeed, Lausanne appears to have taken a liking to Astina. I hastened to reassure Lausanne, who had been so thoughtful as to arrange for two friends to meet.

“Oh, I ran into Astina earlier.”

“Oh, that’s a relief; did you hear why Astina couldn’t make it to the salon?”

Should I tell you?

“She got lost while looking at the flowers.”


“However, I was delighted to meet Astina. I want to thank Princess Lausanne from the bottom of my heart.”

If she didn’t want to tell Yohan, she probably didn’t want to tell Lausanne either. If it were me, I would have told her right away, but since it was something Astina didn’t want, I held off. It will be a problem if I tarnish Astina’s good reputation.


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