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TMD Chapter 76


TMD Chapter 76

Looking at the two who were staring at each other, I felt compelled to leave. The third wheel should be removed. Now that I think about it, they look great together. According to the original, this was the true beginning. I’m not supposed to be in this situation. Yes, I am aware. Although I am aware of this, I am a little resentful. Actually, no…. It’s been a while since I met Astina. There were numerous things I wished to tell her.

“Then I’ll leave now…….”

There will, however, be another opportunity someday, and if I don’t stay out of their way, I’ll have to go to Nicor. OOh, right! I need to give Demimore the Laminaicho.

“Where are you going?” 

“Where are you going?”

As I tried to slink away, Demimore and Astina simultaneously spoke while looking at me. They’re in sync ? I panicked a little, but the two of them didn’t care and were focusing only on me. Right now, it’s a little… Are you using me because you find it awkward to be with each other?

“Oh, I think I need to leave.”

“It’s been a while, Mary!”

Astina’s eyes were drooping gradually as opposed to my cat eyes, which went up. It was Astina’s distinct expression when she was upset. Astina, who resembled a crying puppy, was actually quite dangerous.

“I’m disappointed.”

Disappointed? What are you disappointed with? At Demimore’s remarks, I tilted my head. No, now is not the time for you two to cling to me. Don’t you know you two must fall in love?

“You guys…”

Sophia’s voice was heard. She shivered. She didn’t appear to be able to speak properly. Sophia stared at Astina for a moment and then disappeared. The group next to Sophia also followed suit.

It’s strange, no matter how hard I think about it.

Why would Sophia do that? I thought ‘Mary’ was the only who would do such a stupid thing. Wasn’t ‘Mary’ the only stupid villain in this area?

Why did she do that?

Why is Sophia taking on the role of “Mary”? Did Sophia have to come forward because ‘Mary’ was like that in the original? In the original, Mary, like Astina, was raised in an orphanage and eventually got engaged. Sophia doesn’t have many connections, and she doesn’t seem to like Demimore, so why did this happen? Given that she didn’t properly answer Astina’s question, it appears that she has no idea why. She doesn’t hate her because she didn’t get the dress.

I was thinking about it as I watched Sophia’s back disappear, but I was interrupted by a tap on the back. When I turned around, Astina was smiling.

Mary has once more helped me.

“I told you friends shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Even so, thank you…….”

Astina spoke while wriggling her fingers. Looking at her little habits reminds me of the first time I met her…… I couldn’t help but feel proud of her because she was so much more mature than the original. Is this the reason people choose their preferred characters?

“Still, Astina.”


“You’ve grown up a lot.”

I was genuinely shocked. Astina rarely talks and relies solely on those around her for assistance.

“It’s all thanks to Mary.”


“In fact, whenever I felt weak, I remembered what Mary told me: you told me not to be a pushover because there are times in life where you have to face it alone……”


Before Astina had finished speaking, laughter could be heard.

Oh, yeah, Demimore. I completely forgot about him. It was hard for him not to laugh at what was so amusing. Why are you laughing, though I don’t think we said anything amusing? …. He clenched his fists, brought them to his mouth, and coughed a few times as Astina and I both stared at him. What is wrong with him? Is it because he fell in love with Astina that he finds it funny and cute regardless of what she says? He’s even more ridiculous than I thought.

“Oh, I heard you found your family! You have no idea how happy I was to hear that.”


“You seemed lonely at times, so I was worried.”

“Did I..….”

I rubbed my cheek with my forefinger after hearing Astina’s words. I was embarrassed because, although I was lonely, I didn’t think it was obvious. Leo and Astina didn’t dwell on it much.

“I’m glad Mary doesn’t appear lonely anymore.”

Astina gave a gorgeous, cheerful smile. As one would expect from a female lead. Demimore’s initial romantic attraction to Astina might not be unwarranted. She is beaming a bright smile.

“Astina, too.”


“Astina appears to be happy as well, so don’t be concerned about those words. Never, all right?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Astina is the main character in her life. You shouldn’t base your happiness on other people’s standards.”

In case Astina had been hurt by those words earlier, I held her hand tightly and said that. I didn’t want such nonsense to sap Astina of her joy. Furthermore, the protagonist of this novel is Astina.

Astina smiled and nodded, as if she understood how I felt.

Even though I was aware that Astina’s wishes would ultimately be fulfilled in this world, I still felt it would be upsetting to notice even the slightest tinge of sadness in her smile.

“And Mary too.”

When I heard a word from the side, I turned my head toward Demimore.


“Mary’s life is about Mary as well.”

“Yes, Mary as well,”

Demimore’s words elicited a cheerful response from Astina. Hearing the actual main characters of this world tell me that I am also a main character made me feel odd. I awkwardly nodded. Yes, I am the protagonist of my own story.

Yes, that is correct.

“And you became the Grand Duchy’s heroine!”

“Oh, yes..”

“Ah, yes. Have you heard about Leo?”

That’s right, Leo.

Astina’s words jolted me back to reality from an unidentified sensation I was feeling. The orphanage was relocated to Conler territory, according to what I was told, but I haven’t heard anything more about it since.

Am I really his friend? 

I’m so ashamed of myself. I wondered if Astina brought it up because she knew something. I asked as I grabbed Astina’s shoulder.

“Do you know anything?”

“No, actually. I also asked my father to find out. I’ve heard news about you and I’m curious about Leo.”

When Astina said this, her face was grim. I, too, became serious and awaited Astina’s words.

“Leo… is gone.”


My body had lost its strength. Leo disappeared? No way. Leo had no place to go. In the original, Leo’s location wasn’t mentioned. No, I don’t even know if he was a character that existed before.


Demimore, who was standing next to me, came and grabbed my waist as I was about to pass out from discouragement. I stood there looking helpless at Demimore. The look on Demimore’s face was indistinct. I could hardly manage to get up without Demimore’s assistance when Astina frantically asked me.

“Are you alright?”

“Leo… What should I do with Leo?”

I assumed he would be okay. I set him aside in the hopes that he would be. Why was I so preoccupied that I neglected to look for my friends? As soon as Astina learned about me, she had the thought of finding Leo. I should have gone straight for Leo.

“Who is Leo?”

Demimore inquired about Leo while I was mumbling his name absentmindedly. Astina, who was looking at me, appeared to be gloomy.

“A friend of mine and Mary.”


“I’m looking for him now……. Don’t worry too much! I said it because I thought Mary should know, but I think I shouldn’t have said it.”

“No, Astina. Thank you.”

I believed it was fortunate that I learned what had happened to Leo. Astina appears to be seeking him out on her own terms. I’ll ask Hestia to find him.

“Do you know what Leo’s last name is?”

I shook my head at Demimore’s question. Since we were friends from the orphanage, I only knew their names and didn’t know their last names. In the case of Astina and me, we met a family and learned each other’s surnames.

“I’ll look for him as well.”


“I can’t pretend I don’t know. He’s a friend of the ladies.”


I blinked at the unexpected outpouring of kindness. Astina stood beside him and clapped her hands, as if he had done well.

In any case, enlisting the assistance of the Imperial family could make things simpler. However, if you’re assisting me with this….

Ha, why do I feel like I’m accumulating debt? Whether or not he understood my thoughts, Demimore was simply grinning.



It was then. Someone came running, calling Astina’s name. He appeared to have been wandering in search of Astina because of the roughness of his breathing. The man Astina addressed as “Brother” was a stunningly handsome man with blond hair and emerald eyes.


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