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TMD Chapter 75



Astina’s eyes were filled with delight and surprise as she looked at me. I wanted to say hello as well, but I wasn’t in a position where I could do so. I winked at Astina once to reassure her, then turned to face Sophia. Sophia tried to smile at me.

“How did you get this far?”

“What’s the matter, Lady Sophia?”

Sophia’s voice trembled with fear. I knew Bruno was the bad guy in the original, but was she a villain as well? Sophia Bruno didn’t seem to have much importance in the original, no matter how hard I try to remember. She was mentioned only a few times.

Putting Astina behind me, I stood in front of Sophia.

“You seem to be very close to Lady Astina.”


“I overheard you casually conversing with Lady Astina a little while ago; you seem to be quite friendly.”

Astina is now undeniably the daughter of Marquis Borneau; she is equivalent to a noble lady, and it irritates me to see her mistreated in this manner. Sophia spoke briefly and barely uttered a sound, as if baffled by words. I tried to relax, but the hostility that had already been triggered remained. I haven’t liked certain things since quite some time ago.

Sophia and I exchanged glances and didn’t avoid eye contact. Neither Sophia nor I opened our mouths easily. Astina, who was standing behind me, began to speak quietly.

“We’re meeting for the second time…”

“Then why is she speaking to you in that manner?”

“Not even the princess uses honorifics…….”

“Oh, really? You must be very close too then.”

“I don’t believe we’re that close…….”

“What exactly are you doing now?”

Sophia’s nervous voice interrupted Astina’s words. This level of emotion indicates that you’ve given up. I reached behind my back and stretched my palms out for Astina to see. Astina gently patted my hand, perhaps assuming that she had understood me.

“I suppose you weren’t aware that Lady Astina came from the same orphanage as me.”

Sophia bit her lower lip tightly, as if she was mortified by what I said. There appeared to be no detailed rumor about me at the time.

“You’ve been using the word orphan for a while; did Lady Astina do something wrong to you to insult her like that?”

“Well, then…”

“Did you do something like that, Astina?”

“Did I wrong you, Lady Sophia?”

Astina asked in a loud voice while looking at Sofia instead of the ground where she had been fixating. Perhaps Astina was the most perplexed. When she first met Sofia, she experienced unprovoked hostility. She wondered what she had done wrong.

“Well, that’s…”

“Is it because I bought the dress you were planning to buy?”

Isn’t that a little too trivial? Sophia didn’t look good; she appeared to be rather flustered.

“……is it because I’m an orphan?”

“Don’t say that.”

I was taken aback by Astina’s self-deprecating comment, so I turned around. Astina turned her forward-facing gaze back to the ground. Why are you so downcast when you have a parent outside of the orphanage?

“Then what?”

Maybe it’s because of kids like that. I sighed deeply and returned my attention to Sophia. Sophia had her arms crossed as she stared at Astina.

“How can you say you’re like us when you’re adopted and don’t even know what your background is?”

“She came from the same orphanage as I did.”

However, Lady Mary’s situation is very different.

“What’s the difference?”

Sophia clenched her fist in response to my words. I was also enraged because it reminded me of when I was still Ha Sohee. Why should I be judged based on circumstances over which I have no control? You don’t know who I am or who Astina is. Even though she is the female protagonist, Astina is a lovely young lady who has grown up without causing any trouble.

“From what I understand, the Marquis of Borneau is very fond of Lady Astina, and he’ll be surprised to learn that a young lady of a baronage was making such a fuss.”

Without realizing it, the words that were coming out of my mouth were full of sarcasm. The boy behind Sofia, who couldn’t speak, approached me.

“Let’s stop and move on, Lady Mary.”

He was tall and bulky. He appeared to be attempting to intimidate me. I almost fought the country’s first prince, so how can I be afraid of things like you? **I’m just saying that plants grown in a greenhouse cannot develop thorns. I slowly twisted my neck to warm up after a long time.

TL/N: Someone who grew up sheltered can’t overcome (will have a hard time facing) challenges/difficulties. Something like that.

“No way.”

Astina gripped my hand firmly. Astina shook her head at me. It was a sign not to fight.

“Please, Mary.”


“You should not hit people.”

Perhaps it was ridiculous and amusing that Astina stopped me with all her heart, the boy in front of me laughed sarcastically.

“I’m terrified that Lady Mary is going to hit me.”

Wow, I really want to hit him. I want to show him what it’s like to be terrified.

“Even if Lady Mary hits me.”


“I’ll just let you because you’re Conler’s youngest daughter.”

“Should a family be mentioned in a child’s fight?”

Oh, it would have been nice if Cameron had been right next to me when I said that. That’s exactly what he needs to hear.

As I approached him with a relaxed smile, he seemed perplexed. I extended my right cheek to the boy with the most quirky expression.

“I don’t know your name or your family. Hit me.”

Oh, hit me if you have a lot of money.


Astina dashed at my provocation and wrapped her arms around my back. It was then.

“What’s the fuss about?”

I heard a familiar voice, when I looked back I found someone standing there…… It was Demimore Arstans. The one I’ve been looking for.

“Mary Conler?”

Demimore approached me and called my name in an incredulous tone. His expression says “Again?” as if I knew the situation roughly just by looking at the boy and my posture, I was embarrassed for no reason. No, I can’t even see you when I’m looking for you, so why do you appear only at these times?

“What’s going on?”

“You don’t have to be concerned about this, second prince.”

Demimore’s face showed a sign of displeasure at the words of the boy standing in front of me. He swept his hair up once without covering the sign and continued to speak calmly.

“Is there anything in the palace that I don’t have to worry about?”

It was so polite that it felt even more brutal. Perhaps because he was overwhelmed by his killing pressure, the boy took a step back from Demimore. Demimore did not avoid eye contact on purpose.

“I, it’s not like that.”

“Mary, tell me what’s going on.”


I was more surprised than necessary by the sudden spark that came to me. Demimore nodded slightly, as if he wanted me to tell him. Somehow, I felt uncomfortable.

But it doesn’t matter.

It’s fine because they started the fight with Astina, who did nothing wrong in the first place. Oh, I did say something. Demimore frowned and unbuttoned a button on his neck collar because I was silent as if I had eaten honey.

“Are you going to keep it from me?”

“I believe there was a misunderstanding.”

Astina, who was standing behind me, opened her mouth as I was pondering. Demimore’s attention, which had been on me, was now focused on Astina. For some reason, the sensation of capturing that moment was strange. I feel as though I saw something I shouldn’t have.

Now that I think about it, this is how they should fall in love.

“Is it a misunderstanding?”

“Yes… I believe Lady Sophia and I misunderstood each other, but as I tried to understand, she became emotional.”


“Of course, I understand how concerned you are, but I’m afraid it’s too personal for you to intervene.”

No, did Astina really speak that clearly?

When I looked at Astina in surprise, she smiled lightly. She used to speak with her words ending in a blur, so when I saw her speaking clearly, I felt a little happy. Is this the beauty of seeing the heroine as a child? ….

Demimore nodded, checking to see if Astina had anything else to say. It’s similar to a typical first meeting between a male and female lead.

In the original, Demimore rescued Astina, who was arguing with Mary. They therefore meet in this manner. It was enthralling. Astina was in some way in danger even if I didn’t act badly, and Demimore saved her.

‘Fate is…… like that.’


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