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TMD Chapter 69

Mary whispered something to Gilbert, and the two of them laughed. Then Gilbert got serious again. He tapped Mary’s forehead with his index finger and handed her a hardcover notebook. Mary looked sullen when she opened the book.

“What are they doing……?”

Aiden, who was spying on the sequence of events from behind, raised a questioning voice.

Aiden noticed that everyone in the castle was weak to Mary the moment he arrived. Rex Bluea was like Mary’s follower. They are weak to Mary, not to mention his father and eldest brother, and even the picky Theodore was friendly to Mary.

He was observing how everyone was obsessed with that child, but he couldn’t find anything special.


He was secretly looking at Mary and Gilbert when he met Gilbert’s eyes. Gilbert gave Aiden a questioning look as he motioned for him to approach, seemingly inquiring as to why he was there. As he approached them, Aiden coughed up while acting as though he couldn’t win.

“What were you doing?”

“Oh, no. I was just curious what you two were doing.”

“Oh, Mary’s studying.”

Aiden felt some confusion at Gilbert’s response. When Mary saw Aiden, she pursed her lips and carefully held her notebook in her arms. She seemed embarrassed to show it to Aiden.

“I was studying a little because I heard I was going to the salon the princess organized.”

“Ah… It’s a famous cultural salon. There were many proficient people gathered there, and it is said that Princess Lausanne also studied a lot about literature.”

Mary’s expression on her face noticeably faded at Aiden’s words. She seemed to be a little weak in this area. She participated in hunting bets with confidence, but cultural studies might be quite difficult for her.

“Will you be able to build up your skills in a short time?”

“Still, I’ve been studying……” 

“Even if the hunting bet worked out somehow, cultural skills wouldn’t be that easy to build.”


“You know better.”

Gilbert called Aiden’s name in a stern voice, but Aiden didn’t think he said anything wrong. That’s the reality.

Aiden thought. Mary needs to know what she needs to know. She needs to face reality. Only when such a person is present can Mary gain wisdom by distinguishing between where she should go and where she shouldn’t.

“But still…”


That’s what he thought, but Mary murmured beside him. When Aiden asked back because he didn’t understand what she was saying, Mary looked coy again as if she hadn’t said anything.

Gilbert, looking at his two younger brothers, smiled a little. He felt like Aiden, who had always been cool-headed, had met a very strong opponent.

“I can do it.”

“You can you do it?”

“I won the hunt somehow.”

“But as I said earlier, it’s different from hunting.”

“Then I can try differently.”

Mary seemed timid, but she replied to Aiden without reservation. That’s Mary’s spirit. Gilbert nodded and took a sip of the tea in front of him.

Aiden was dumbfounded. He understood a little bit. Yes, this is how she provoked Cameron. No matter how hot-tempered Cameron is, applause can only be heard when both hands meet.**

[T/N: both parties involved in an argument are responsible for it.] 

“How on earth are you going to try?”

Mary was speechless at Aiden’s words. She didn’t think reading a lot of books would be a good answer. Gilbert will be very busy with the Padula coast issue again. She can’t keep holding him back.

So Aiden thought. Should I teach Mary? If I teach her, it will be easier to find out why the people of Conler became weak to Mary.

“Then I will…….” 

“There you are!”

Just as Aiden was about to make a suggestion, Lucas suddenly came running. Lucas bowed to them and told Mary the good news.

“Miss, your tutor is finally coming.”


“My name is Logan Reilly.”


“I’m going to be your tutor. Nice to meet you.”

Why are you coming out of there…?

I heard the tutor was coming to the library, so I had been waiting with anticipation… but an unexpected person came.

The man in front of me was Logan Reilly, the assistant to Baron Bruno. I thought I saw it wrong, but that unlucky smile looks the same as before.

Why is he standing in front of me as my tutor?




Why is the assistant of  Baron Bruno here as my tutor?

No matter how much I think about it, he *smells fishy. Is he here as Baron Bruno’s spy? Why is he sending a spy out so openly? [TL/N: *suspicious] 

“I’m not here to spy.”

Oh, did you read my mind?

“It’s written all over your face.”

Logan replied with a smile. Then he gestured for me to sit down. I stood for a moment, glared at him, and sat in front of Logan.

“I’ve cleaned up my relationship with Baron Bruno, and I applied because I heard they were looking for a tutor. I passed the test fairly and came all the way here.”

Still, I looked at him suspiciously. Logan raised his upper body and put his face close to mine and said in a secret voice.

“Is Conler just Conler? You don’t believe your family?”

“It’s not like that, but…….”

Indeed, Lucas probably knows almost everything, but he wouldn’t have just hired him. Gilbert had also seen Logan at the time, so he would have checked more thoroughly.They would not hire someone for an unknown or unusual purpose. Why can’t I trust him?

“From now on, I will help Miss Mary and Master Rex study.”

Logan said excitedly, as if he didn’t notice my suspicious expression at all. I don’t trust him, so I couldn’t open my arms to him.

“You’re more doubtful than I thought.”

Logan raised his hands as if he had lost. Then, he erased his smiling face and said, with a serious look.

“I’m very interested in Master Rex.”


“Why do you look so contemptuous…?”

“Why Rex?”

Suddenly, it occurred to me that Baron Bruno was also interested in Rex. I don’t think it

was a mere coincidence that Logan, his assistant, had an interest in Rex.

“Of course, it’s because of the ability of Master Rex.”

“You want to satisfy your self-interest with his ability?”

I asked openly because I was tired of beating around the bush. Well, come to think of it, it’s not like I didn’t think about filling my self-interest with Rex’s ability. Still, I was on alert for some reason because I thought that Logan Reilly’s plan might turn Rex into a villain like in the novel. Logan looked at me for a moment without saying a word.

“You have a great vocabulary. Self-interest?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“I don’t know anything else, but I think I thought you were too easy.”


“To be honest, I’m working on the underworld.”


“Maybe Master Rex Bluea’s power may be related to the world.”

“What’s that world?”

“You seem interested”

I’ve never heard of the underworld before, so I was curious, but I’m not really interested in it.…. But I nodded my head unconsciously.

“In fact, I’ve been offered a job in the imperial family since I graduated as the second honor in the Academy, and I am a talented man who was asked to stay at the Academy.”

When he suddenly began bragging, I made a face, but in reality, I was taken aback. Why would he want to be a tutor with that kind of qualification?…….  Although he said he was in Rex but hearing him bragging, I wondered why he worked as an assistant to Baron Bruno.

“I worked as Baron Bruno’s assistant because they were blessed by the underworld.”


“It’s a concept that can be a little confusing with the blessing of the demon, but I’m researching it. I’m sure that’s why Grand Duke Estin also assigned me as the Miss and Master Rex’s tutor.”

“Does this have anything to do with me?”

“There is a saying, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. You need to know the people you need to avoid or fight.”

“What are you talking about…….”

“That’s all I can tell you for now.”

Logan said so and again smiled his signature smile.


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