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TMD Chapter 65

“Isn’t it amazing?”

Theodore, who met Mary, looked excited for some reason. They had a hard time holding him, saying he would ride in the same carriage as Mary. After the war-like hunting bet, they boarded different carriages to return home. Theodore, Aiden, and Lewen used the carriage they originally used.

Theodore grumbled that he wanted to talk to Mary.

“She was incredible.”

He thought Mary Conler, his sister whom he saw for the first time, was strange. At first, he assumed that she could act so fearlessly because she didn’t know anything.

However, if she doesn’t know anything, how could she catch a demon as her first prey and openly point a bow to the first prince?

Eventually, Count Stein bowed to Mary and apologized. He promised to never partner with Cameron again and divide the hunting area that way. He also expressed his gratitude towards Mary, saying that he found out that there was such a thing in his hunting grounds thanks to her.

They offered to send many gifts to Mary, but she refused. She just made him promise not to do it again.

I mean, he looked strangely friendly with Demimore, too.

It’s only been about a month since Mary came to Conler Castle, but strangely, she has been doing a lot.

Cameron said he would rather not stay at Conler Castle anymore and would rather return to the academy. They came to the castle because of Cameron, but if Cameron leaves, there will be no reason for them to return to the castle. However, Theodore strongly insisted that he should take a rest at the castle since he had already come this far.

They thought Theodore had a profound interest in Mary.

But so did Aiden.

It was really strange.

How could a child with no magic power catch a demon?

Rumors of how I had defeated Cameron, who had slaughtered a gray wolf by catching a demon, spread throughout the castle of Conler. The employees and knights of Conler Castle were waiting for me in front of the castle. The first day I came here……. Oh, I fainted back then and was carried away here. It’s pathetic. In front, tears welled up in Carol’s eyes. She was probably the most nervous person here.


Carol hugged me tightly and wouldn’t let me go. It was a little suffocating, but I held it in because it meant that Carol was relieved and happy. Behind her, Bonita and Hestia were looking at me with joyful expressions.

“You’re amazing, Miss Mary!”

Hestia smiled brightly and stroked my hair. She looked so proud, since she is my archery teacher.

“It’s all thanks to the bow and the arrow Hestia and Carol gave me.”

Moreover, Arsene’s help……?

The eyes of the people looking at me were filled with overwhelming emotions, as if they never thought I would come back with a win. What if I didn’t win?

“Let’s get inside, wash up, and get some rest. You did an impressive job.”

At Bonita’s words, I managed to escape from Carol’s arms and enter the castle. Bonita said that other young masters are coming soon, so she will wait for them and come in later.

Oh, as Cameron goes, Aiden and Theodore are coming.

But if Cameron’s leaving, then Aiden and Theodore don’t have to come.

Well, it’s their house too. How can I not let them come?

I retreated into my room and hid my bow and arrow under the bed. I’ll have to use it again later. They won’t take back what they gave, so I’m planning to keep practicing.

As expected, home is the best.

As I lay on the bed and relaxed, it felt like everything that happened earlier was a dream. All of a sudden, I met Arsene at Count Stein’s hunting grounds and gave me a prey, so I could win, and suddenly Peter appeared, and he turned out to be Demimore the Second Prince…that’s right!

I jumped up from my seat, thinking that way.

I completely forgot to pay my debt to Demimore. Fortunately, Peter is Demimore. We’ll get engaged later. I’ll pay him back when we meet again someday.

“But is breaking our engagement enough to pay off my debt?”

I think so. In the original, Mary intercepted the undead rubies to hinder their love and even bothered Astina to the point where she was very sick of seeing her. But isn’t it worth the jewelry if I break off our engagement?

After thinking about it, I lay back down on the bed again. I felt a bit lighter. However, who’s willing to get engaged again to a lady who broke off her engagement to the Second Prince? I guess I have to live alone for the rest of my life.

I think Demimore mentioned something about the hunting grounds.

Demimore’s aide was from the Stein family, so he knew about the hunting ground well. Demimore’s Assistant……Did he say his name is Jasper? What was he like in the original? I don’t remember exactly, but he became the assistant to Demimore. He wanted to make him emperor, but Demimore opposed him, so he eventually gave up. I guess that’s what happened.

After his mother died, Demimore was completely fed up with court battles and completely shook off his desire to become emperor.

When I read the novel, I didn’t understand Demimore’s decision.

Why? If it were me, I would step on Cameron to get revenge. Didn’t he run away after all?

I’m also getting ready to run away because of my ending. So somehow, I think I can roughly understand Demimore…….

However, Cameron is not qualified to become an emperor, no matter how much I think about it.

If Jasper, who was closest to him, wants to make Demimore emperor, maybe he is more qualified to become the emperor.

But he has the potential to ruin my life. I must avoid him

I closed my eyes, thinking this way. I was exhausted. Sleep has found me.

“He won the bet with the First Prince.”

The man who heard the report laughed out loud. When he heard about the bet, he didn’t know she would win like this. Cameron Arstans used a pretty cheap trick to win, but how did she succeed?


“They said she caught a demon.”

A demon.

The man’s expression hardened again. Mary couldn’t have caught a demon, and maybe… someone helped her.

I’m sick and tired of it. Does he still love her?


When will the time come? It was so boring to wait. He’s fed up with customers that keep coming. The man rested his chin and looked at the letters written on the parchment. He read it so much that it was tattered. He touched the summoning object with his index finger. Before the moon swallows the sun.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting so long. This is nothing. He was lost in that thought when the door opened.

“We have a visitor.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“It’s Baron Bruno.”

“Well, this time, the baron came himself.”

He still remembered the day Baroness Bruno came. When he heard the Bruno family had successfully performed the spell, he was very pleased with himself as he discovered the possibility of implementing his long-established plan.

I’ll help him this time.

“Tell him to come in.”

Baron Bruno came in timidly. While he initially thought it was an underground world, he was overwhelmed by the beautiful, colorful, and magnificent interior. The purple-decorated room was lined with decorations, with snakes spread out. The room looked like it came from a man with some pretty bad taste.

“Welcome. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“I am Miller, Bruno.”

“I heard your assistant quit recently, I guess that’s why you came alone.”

“…… I thought it would be better to come alone.”

“Well, I suppose you do. But he was quite a smart friend, so you must be very upset.”

A snake-like man with dark green eyes.

He remembered his wife’s description. The description was spot on. She also said he knew everything, but Bruno didn’t know he knew Logan Reilly too.

For some reason, he thought that the man in front of him now knew why he came here. Bruno thought he didn’t need unnecessary words. So he asked straightforwardly.

“Do you even know why I’m here?”

“I think I know roughly.”

His dark green eyes twisted cruelly.

Bruno’s palms were sweaty, he was rubbing them in his pants.


“Mary Conler.”

The way he pronounced the name of the child sounded like a snake hissing.


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