TMD Chapter 64


I won?

Is this person making fun of me?

I looked at the eyes of Grand Duke Estin. But his black eyes that seemed to contain the night sky really showed a sense of pride toward me.

“How on earth…….”

Count Stein looked at what I had caught and showed a surprise expression. He flicked his index finger, then a man rushed out. Count Stein asked him in an angry voice.

“How on earth is this in my forest?”

I guess what I caught wasn’t supposed to be in this hunting ground. I felt guilty for no reason, so I hugged Grand Duke Estin even more like I was hiding in his arms. Arsene, what the hell did you give me?

“I don’t know… I’ll look into it.”

“Search through the forest just in case there’s something similar.”

“I see.”

Looking at Lucas’s expression, the atmosphere here and the Grand Duke saying it was my victory, It seems I brought something quite unusual. Little by little, the puzzle seemed to fit together.

It’s not an ordinary animal.

“You caught it without knowing what it is.”

“That’s amazing.”

“You have to be ignorant to be brave.”

Looking at the two black haired men I saw for the first time, I can tell that they are my brothers . However, the conversation they shared while looking at what I had captured subtly turned people upside down. I don’t know what I caught that they are having a conversation like this. 

“What is it……?”

I took off my head leaning against Grand Duke Estin’s chest and asked. Grand Duke Estin carefully put me on the ground. Then he made eye contact with me and grabbed my shoulder and said it very simply and clearly.

“It’s a demon.”

“Oh, yes… yes?”

I turned my eyes and stared blankly at what I had caught. I can’t believe what I caught was a demon. It felt like my pulse was doubling. I thought it was not an ordinary animal, but I didn’t think it was a demon.

Arsene, what the hell did you give me?

“Well done, but Mary, your face…….”

Oh, my face?

I fumbled in my face with my hand at the words of Grand Duke Estin. I felt something rough. I looked at my hand and it was covered with mud. Why is the mud on my face……. Oh, I remember. I put this on my face to disguise myself.

“Did you fall down?”

“What? Yes.”

I was embarrassed to say that I put it on myself for camouflage, so I just affirmed that I fell. 

“Are you hurt?”

Then Lucas, who was next to me, was surprised and looked around my body here and there. Gilbert also took out a handkerchief and wiped my face and fixed my clothes.

“Oh, I’m all right. I didn’t get hurt.”

“You didn’t peel your knees?”

“I, I’m okay.”

I can’t believe I caught a demon. This is really surprising. I caught a demon and beat the gray wolf that Cameron caught. That’s why Cameron looks so angry. The corners of my mouth kept going up, I covered my mouth with my hands. Arsene, thank you!

“As expected, you’re really a Conler. Your first prey is a demon. It suits the reputation of Grand Duke Estin, who is called a demon hunter.”

Lucas, who was looking over me, began to praise me with a bright smile as if he was relieved to know that I was not hurt. I also smiled awkwardly and clapped timidly.

“It’s Mary Conler’s victory.”

Peter, who was still among the people, said. Come to think of it, why is Peter here? Are you from the Stein family?

“The second prince is right.”

I stared at Peter with astonished eyes. What, if you’re the second prince, you’re Demimore Arstans. Peter, or Demimore, who made eye contact with me, smiled awkwardly.

No wonder his appearance was exactly Demimore Arstans.

I bit my lips and approached Demimore to say hello.


“Oh, yes. Hello, Lady Conler.”

“Were you the second prince?”

Demimore smiled awkwardly at my question. I could see his red eyes shaking. I don’t know why he lied.… but I was disappointed for no reason. I don’t know why but I’m really upset. We were on the same boat, but did he have to hide his identity like that? It’s not like he’s some kind of undercover boss.

The man next to Demimore was smiling at me from behind. Why is he laughing like that?

“Why did you lie to me?”

“When did I lie to you?”

“You said your name is Peter!”

“It’s exciting …I mean, to protect you.”


At Demimore’s ridiculous excuse, the man behind laugh out loud. Demimore kept looking at me, but I couldn’t relax my gaze at him.



“For beating the First Prince.”

Demimore didn’t care about my glare and offered me a congratulatory word and asked for a handshake. I glared at the hand and grabbed it. But congratulating me…… Being thankful is being thankful. The man behind him looked at us with satisfaction and said quietly.

“I was worried. Lady Mary entered the beginner’s path, so I thought you might lose because there are only small animals there.”

As soon as I heard that, I went straight to Cameron, who was angry. He turned towards me as I tapped him on his back. Cameron frowned as soon as he turned around and looked at me.

“What is it?”


“What are you doing? Are you here to tease me?”

Cameron just screamed at me. I just looked at him, as I pulled out my bow, put an arrow in and aimed it at him.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s the difference between me and you?”

“Calm, calm down.”

Cameron was so surprised that he sank to the ground. I calmly lowered my bow according to Cameron’s position and aimed. The people around me were also so surprised that everyone seemed to be just staring.


Gilbert’s voice was heard from behind. I heard footsteps running. I aimed at the arrow, biting my lips and staring persistently at Cameron only.

“Don’t stop her. She deserves to be angry.”

“Theodore, is that what you should be saying right now?”

“Brother Aiden, you’re too rational.”

“Be quiet, both of you. Mary, what are you doing?”

I felt like my three black-haired brothers were behind me. I stared at Cameron in silence without looking back. Cameron, as if he felt my eyes turn, stepped back with his buttocks. I followed Cameron slowly.

“Hey, stop her!”

“Lady Conler! Stop it!”

“You’re too loud!”

My cry calmed the surroundings again. I was so angry. I practiced archery day and night for this bet but my efforts were ignored. Somehow, I thought it was strange that there was no animal passing by except for Kangchong. I would have jumped like a moth into a game that I had no choice but to lose.

“Grand Duke Estin, please stop Lady Mary.”

“How can I stop a child with a bow?”

“Oh, If that was me I’d be angry, too. She practiced so hard.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. The first prince of this empire used such a cheap trick to confront a kid younger than him? Looking at Cameron, who was almost crying, I lowered my bow quietly.

“Did you plan this with Count Stein?”

“What are you saying now……!”

This time I raised my bow and aimed at Count Stein. Count Stein’s relaxed and sly expression crumpled.

“Did you like making a fool of a person?”

“…………young lady.”

“A nine-year-old, too. No matter how much the first prince asked, the count who accepted the offer was very…… It’s not good.”

“I’m sorry.”

Count Stein bowed to me. I put down my bow in vain at his apology. That’s why Grand Duke Estin was holding Cameron by the collar when I came out.

Cameron seemed scared enough, so I decided to put up with it and closed my eyes. Well, I didn’t win fair and square. Arsene caught it…….

“First prince, when you make a bet in the future, fight fair and square.”

“………What are you? You little…. !”

I raised my bow again at Cameron’s reply. Then Cameron freaked out and backed away. I can’t believe I really tried to fight this idiot and Carol even knelt in front of this guy. I was so angry that I felt like I was going crazy.

“Lady, stop it.”


“I fully understand that you’re angry, but didn’t you win already even after such a cheap trick?”

“I won…”

“I know winning doesn’t mean it’s over. I apologize on behalf of my ugly brother.”

Demimore bowed to me 90 degrees and apologized. What’s wrong with him? I don’t remember him being that close to his brother. I pondered what Demimore said. A despicable ugly brother. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Alright, I’ll let it pass.”

“Don’t make me laugh!”

Cameron took turns pointing fingers at me and Demimore and screamed.

“Because I’m going to tell my dad everything!”

Oh, right you’re the emperor’s child but I am a good imperial citizen.

But actually, I was a little nervous. But I am also my father’s daughter.

A precious daughter of a precious family.



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