TMD Chapter 63


“Oh, it’s a perfect day to shoot an arrow.”

How can there be nothing?

No matter how much I hid behind the trees and patrolled, not a rat passed by.

I wish I could get a real rat. The rabbit…… I should’ve caught it.


I was thinking about this and that, when the rabbit I saw earlier came back to my feet. I sank into my seat and held the rabbit.

“I’m sorry, rabbit.”


No matter how blind I am to victory, I shouldn’t think of shooting you. Looking at the rabbit’s red eyes reminded me of Peter. How are you doing, Peter?

Ha, this isn’t the time for me to worry about him.

“Do you want to hang out with me?”

For some reason, I felt the rabbit nodding to me. Maybe I saw it wrong because I’m so lonely, but I kept talking to the rabbit.

“Do you want me to name you?”

I held the rabbit in my hand and stroked its fur. My anxiety seemed to calm down a little because it was so soft and cozy.

“Kangchong! What do you think? It has a strong-looking feeling.”

[T/N: 깡총 is a name came from the words 깡과 총이. 총 means guns and 깡 (I’m not sure.) means tenacity/persistence] 

But there’s no gun here.

……what I have is a bow and arrow instead of a gun.

I wish I had a gun. I wonder if they’ll say that It’s more cowardly than a bow.

“I have a friend named Nero. I wish I could play with Nero but Nero can’t move.”

I squatted in my arms and kept muttering anything. Is this how far I go? I practiced shooting arrows really hard. It’s not the right time to do this, but…….

A cool breeze blew and tickled my head. It’s hard to shoot a bow in this wind. I felt refreshed and better by the wind blowing in the forest, but somehow I feel depressed and empty as if I were caught in a fog. I felt this shady feeling as I was left alone in the forest. I’d rather have a huge crisis and create tension…….


I heard another rustling sound around me. Oh, I didn’t mean for the crisis to come so suddenly. I was so surprised that I put down Kangchong in my arms and grabbed the bow and arrow.

“It must be next to me.”


I aimed the bow behind the tree where I could hear the rustling sound. The sound was much louder than when the kangchong came out earlier, it looked like a pretty big animal. My hands began to tremble with tension, so did the bow and arrow. 

And soon a black figure jumped out from behind the tree.

I checked the black figure and relaxed my hand. It was because the black figure was so familiar.

I’m sure it’s the one I saw in the garden.… the black dog.

“Are you…?”

Seeing me, his tail wagged like a helicopter again, it’s really the dog I saw at the Conler Castle. Rex said it looks like Arsene. The dog didn’t shy away when I got close.

I sat down and stroked the dog. Its fur felt as soft as velvet. Its tail wagged more when I patted it. The tail caused the leaves next to it to flutter because of the wind. Just looking at it, I can tell he really liked me. Why do you like me so much?

I grabbed the dog’s face with both hands and asked.

“Are you… Are you Arsene?”


Arsene barked as if to answer my question. It looked cute for some reason, so I stroked Arsene more passionately. Arsene looked very happy.

I was patting him for a while, when Arsene suddenly bit my jacket and pulled it.

“What’s wrong?”



“Do you want me to follow you?”

Arsene kept pulling my jacket, I was dragged away by force. How can a dog be so strong?

“What’s going on?”

There was a silver figure collapsed from where Arsene dragged me. I approached and looked at it, it was my first time seeing an animal like this. What is this? It’s the size of my forearm, and its fangs are as big as my fists. It looks like a mouse, but it’s a bit scarier to call it a mouse.

“What’s this?”

Arsene couldn’t give a straight answer, but I asked anyway. He’s the only one I can ask here. As expected, Arsene took my bow with his mouth and brought it to me without answering. Then, looking straight into my eyes, he pointed to the arrows in my barrel with his mouth. I understood right away.

“You want me to stab him with this?”


Arsene nodded violently at my words. Why do I have to hit someone who’s already dead? But when I saw Arsene like that, I drew an arrow from the barrel as if I were possessed and aimed it at the silver beast. As Carol said, the arrow contains poison. The pointed part of the arrow is mostly covered in black. 

Arsene looked at it proudly. I’ve been doing what Arsene told me to do so far, but I’m suddenly starting to realize what I’m doing. I asked quietly, looking at Arsene.

“Are you helping me?”



Arsene, who was responding to me well, suddenly looked elsewhere and began to pretend not to hear me. I think he’s really smart. Well, he can’t give me an exact answer even if I ask I. He’ll just bark.


“………do I just take this with me?”

I asked carefully. Then Arsene began to nod happily. I held the silver body. It’s a little heavier than I thought. I turned around the way I came in with the body and started going out again. Then Kangchong followed me, too. Sorry, I want to hug you but I have something in my hand.

But didn’t they say Arsene was God’s pet? Is he like a divine beast? But why is he helping me? I stopped and looked back. Arsene disappeared. Is it really Arsene, the animal that God loves? Did someone just name it Arsene because it looks like Arsene?

“Kangchong, can I win with this?”


“There’s no way you’re going to answer, right?” 

It’s small enough to fit in my arms. But still, nothing passed by so I just held it in my arms and went out, but I felt somewhat restless. I couldn’t shoot my bow at least once and only tried stabbing it with an arrow. Even if I don’t use it now, I’ll probably use it later…….

Before I knew it, I began to see the entrance. I trudged along. I could see a bright light and people gathered.

But… the sight I saw was quite spectacular. Grand Duke Estin was grabbing Cameron by the collar. What the hell is that wolf? Did Cameron catch it? But why does it look alive? And that’s…… Isn’t that Peter? What kind of combination is this?

“Miss Mary!”

I stopped for a moment and was rolling my head, judging the situation when Lucas called me and ran towards me. Rex and my three black-haired brothers also started walking toward me. Grand Duke Estin was just staring at me.

“Did you catch it, Miss Mary?”

Suddenly, Lucas was standing in front of me and asked. I caught it, right? Because my arrow is stuck in it. I nodded without saying a word.

“What is this…….”

Lucas looked at what was in my arms and took it with him. Lucas’ expression gradually changed to astonishment. Is he doing that because I caught a small one? Lucas handed the body back to me with still a look of astonishment. Is he scared of the dead body?


“Let’s go…”

A little enraptured, Lucas pushed my shoulder. Everyone’s eyes turned to me. The gray wolf that was standing fell down again. I put what I was holding next to it. Well, the size really doesn’t compare.

Still, I paid silent tribute to the two animals that were sacrificed for our bet. In your next life, be born as a human and kill Cameron. For me… I’m sorry.

Everyone was focused on what I had caught. Is it because I caught something too small? However, people’s expressions were similar to Lucas who saw this for the first time earlier.

“Damn it!”

Cameron threw the bow in his hand on the ground and screamed. Cameron’s aide stopped him. What’s wrong with him?

Suddenly, the man next to Peter grabbed his stomach and started laughing. Lucas asked me when I was looking around without knowing the situation.

“How did you catch this?”

“Huh? I just saw it, so I shot it with my bow…….”

For some reason, I had a hunch that I shouldn’t talk about Arsene, so I said I just shot it with my bow and caught it. I can’t read this atmosphere.

Standing like that, Grand Duke Estin came to me and carried me. I hugged Grand Duke Estin’s neck in surprise.

“Well done.”


“Mary Conler, you won.”


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