TMD Chapter 62


And what came out of it was……

A rabbit.


That made me nervous, I can’t believe it was just a rabbit. I was about to feel a little empty, but I came to my senses again.

Should I catch a rabbit first? If Cameron catches a squirrel. Then I win, right?

With that thought, I tried to shoot the rabbit with my arrow, but I kept hesitating.

It was so cute; it’s tilting its head at me as if it doesn’t know what’s going on…….

I kept watching it, eventually I let go of the arrow and just sat down. The rabbit hopped and came to my front, it’s not afraid of me. How can I shoot it?

Let’s catch a bigger one. The rabbit is too cute…….

“Don’t go to the right. Just stay here. Got it?”

I told the rabbit, got up, and headed for the other side again. Why aren’t there any other wild animals? Is it because I’m walking too openly?

Should I use camouflage?

I found some wet mud and dabbed it on my face. Think of it as a mud pack and I picked up a branch and put it in my head. Should I put flowers on it……that’s right. 

After camouflaging like this, I felt like I had a new mindset.

Yeah, I’m just trying to make myself feel better.

I lowered myself as much as I could and wandered around looking for prey. No, why is the hunting ground so quiet?

It was really strange no matter how much I thought about it. Come to think of it…… There was only this dense tree, but there was no grass. Without grass, there would be few herbivores, and without herbivores, there would be no carnivores.

“Is this a hunting ground?”

How can it be this empty?


How long has it been?

The sun was setting little by little. The men at the table were just silent and still.

All eyes were fixed only on the road where Mary entered. Lucas’ legs were even shaking. Rex said after pondering.

“Should I use my ability?”

Rex’s words drew everyone’s attention to him. Rex’s face, which had never received such attention before, quickly heated up.

“You mean necromancy?”

“Show us!”

Theodore, who was interested in Rex’s ability, said with his eyes shining. Rex thought that if there were any dead beasts on the mountain, he would use it to call Mary.

“There are many eyes, do not use your ability.”

Estin shook his head at Rex’s suggestion. The people on the other side were the people of the first prince, and Count Stein was not to be taken lightly.

Rex’s ability was already secretly spread, but it was clear that if he showed it in detail, it would have a bad influence on young Rex. Some people already tried to bully Rex even though the rumors were ambiguous.


“Mary will do well alone.”

“She might feel lonely walking alone…….”

“……but won’t it be scarier if a dead beast follows her!”

When Theodore spoke to Rex, Gilbert stamped on Theodore’s foot and said to Rex in a soft voice.

“I understand Rex’s feelings, but let Mary do it alone.”


“How unfortunate. I was wondering what Rex Bluea’s ability is like.”

Theodore said, staring persistently at Rex, as if he was disappointed. Theodore seemed more interested in Rex’s ability than Mary.

Rex tried to avoid Theodore’s persistent gaze, as if he was quite burdened.

“It’s Cameron-nim!”

One of the people of the Imperial family shouted. All the people at the table on the Conler side stood up and looked at Cameron. Cameron was dragging something out.

“What’s that thing he’s dragging out?”

It was a giant gray wolf. Cameron’s attendants ran and helped him pull the wolf he caught. Cameron’s attendants all applauded. The atmosphere was almost certain of victory. 

“You’re amazing.”

“How can you catch such a big thing by yourself?”

“I can’t believe you caught this. It’s probably the biggest on our hunting grounds.”

Count Stein’s words almost sealed Cameron’s victory. It was pretty big for a wolf, by all accounts. Everyone watching it seemed to be thinking the same thing. The people in Conler, too. Then they heard a voice from the back that drove the atmosphere.

“It’s smaller than I thought.”

Cameron, who was smiling brightly at his sure victory, quickly hardened his expression. Everyone standing in the space became silent. Cameron closed his eyes and ran his tongue around his mouth. It was Cameron’s least favorite voice.


“Hello, brother.”

“What’s the matter?”

Demimore was walking towards Cameron with Jasper. Cameron spoke in a cold voice that seemed to freeze the surroundings. But Demimore didn’t care at all.

“I heard you’re making a bet, so of course I should come.”

“Why do you care?”

“But it’s a bit smaller up close. Isn’t that right, Jasper?”

“Well, it’s a little disappointing.”

Demimore could scratch Cameron’s insides with just his existence alone. In addition, Jasper was originally the person Cameron wanted to use as an assistant. However, Jasper continued to reject Cameron, but when Demimore turned eight he became his assistant.

So, it was only natural that the appearance of the two is quite unpleasant for Cameron, his expression crumpled even more as the two continued to talk with each other. 

“By the way, Demimore-nim.”

“Oh, why?”

Regardless of the chilly atmosphere, Demimore and Jasper began to have an awkward conversation. Cameron gave a big laugh. There wasn’t even anything funny.

“Have you ever hunted at the Count Stein?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“I’ve done it once when I was young. Do you know that not all hunting grounds are the same?”

“Oh, is that possible?”

“I remember that there are three paths in the hunting ground of Count Stein. One road is just…….”

“Jasper Stein!”

Count Stein, who was listening to the two conversations, called Jasper’s name strongly. Jasper looked at his uncle with a smile.

I didn’t mean to come forward.

Jasper came to the hunting ground promising Demimore never to step up. However, looking at where Mary Conler entered, he realized that there was some kind of ruse between Count Joseph Stein and Cameron.

Perhaps the Conler’s has never been to this hunting ground. So, Mary didn’t know anything when she went in there. It’s for complete beginners. This is where Count Stein’s children enter when they first start hunting. It was a place with only small animals because there was a fence.

It was the reason why Jasper, who was just going to stand by, had no choice but to tell Demimore.

Estin spoke out of the back. The people surrounding the gray wolf covered their mouths with their hands. It was because the three Conler brothers began to release their energy, starting with Grand Duke Estin Conler. They felt like something intangible was stuck in their throat. Dark things came in endlessly.

Jasper barely continued.

“Miss… Mary…… I heard she went to a place where there were only small animals……. It would be difficult to hunt.”

It was then. The gray wolf, who they thought was dead, wriggled. Then he staggered to his feet. The gray wolf with empty pupils gazed at Cameron with his mouth wide open and drooling.

“Rex Bluea!”

Cameron shouted at Rex in a frightened voice. But Rex only looked at Cameron with a blank face.

“What are you doing right now? Get rid of the wolf?”

However, they could not easily attack the gray wolf and just simply stared at it. It’s because they know. What is already dead cannot be killed twice.

“I am a child of the imperial family! You pathetic people!”

“It’s you, Cameron Arstans, who’s pathetic.”

Estin approached him. Rex Bluea tactfully moved the gray wolf aside. Cameron’s legs trembled as Estin drew closer. He eventually knelt down in front of Grand Duke Estin.

“I allowed my daughter to make this bet because she wanted to fight.”


“But you’re playing this kind of joke?”

For the first time, he felt a heavy tremor in the voice of Grand Duke Estin. Aiden and Theodore’s expressions watching it from behind were also unusual. It was the first time they saw their father lose his temper. 

“Miss Mary!”

At the sound of Lucas calling Mary, Grand Duke Estin hurriedly looked at the forest path where Mary entered. Mary Conler was coming out hugging a silver figure.



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