TMD Chapter 60


One day, a beautiful woman appeared in the garden of the Imperial Palace. She doesn’t know her name or where she came from. So some people were convinced that she was a witch. It was because when she appeared like a lie, the demonic beasts went wild.

She is not interested in anything from the royal family, and even the arrogant Estin Conler, who was only doing what he was told, advised the emperor not to keep her close. But the emperor, so immersed in her mystery, put the woman in the palace. In a small but elegantly decorated palace.

The emperor couldn’t help but fall in love with the woman who could not remember anything. He felt like he could trust and rely on her. So a son was born between them.


The son was Demimore Arstans.

It was only natural that the empress regarded her and her child as an eyesore. But since the emperor loves her, she doesn’t touch her easily. But what will happen if the emperor loses his love for her and takes his eyes off her?


“Did you have to come all the way here?”

“How can I miss such a fun sight?”

Demimore answered Jasper’s question with a big smile. A bet between the Conler’s young lady and his half-brother. He couldn’t afford to miss such an event.

Ever since he met Mary Conler back then, all her ridiculous stunts were stuck in his head. Whenever Mary came to his mind, the corners of her mouth automatically went up. As he recalled the memory of the day, he remembered how much he believes in herself.

I’d like to ask you the same thing if I get to see you.

What on earth did Mary believe in that she accepted a hunting bet with Cameron? No matter how much he thought about it, he was curious. Is she a master of archery that is hiding in the wild? 

“I thought about it then, but she’s really an amazing girl.”

At Jasper’s tired voice he just nodded and laughed. What on earth did Mary do for nine years that she’s living so fearlessly?

“Don’t worry.”


“I can make a bet with Cameron for Jasper, too.”


“Oh, is that so?”

Jasper, who listened to Demimore, smirked and soon hardened his face, he whispered to Demimore in secret.

“Then for me…….”


“I’m just saying.”

Even though Jasper didn’t finish her words, Demimore stopped her with a firm voice. Jasper looked away from her as if nothing had happened.

“I’m not interested.”

“No, why?” 

“I just want to live in peace. With my mother and Jasper.”

“You’re not interested in governing the country peacefully…….”


Jasper raised his hands as if he had lost. Jasper was obviously confident that Demimore would be a better emperor than Cameron, who is quick-tempered and thinks only of himself.


But since you’re not greedy.

So Jasper became greedy. Surely Demimore if he awakens he could become a wise king. As long as there’s an opportunity. Even if it’s a very minor occasion.


“So, where are we going?”

Aiden asked, dumbfounded. It’s been a long time since he went to see his family, but the place they were heading to was not their house, but at Count Stein’s hunting ground. Lewen moved his lips, as if hesitating to speak. He spoke with his eyes closed.

“Miss Mary, I heard she’s at the hunting ground because of a bet.”

“The bettor…….”

“It’s the First Prince.”

Even Lewen, who broke the news, doesn’t know what he was talking about. He hasn’t even met the youngest lady yet because he’s assisting the three brothers at the academy but he suddenly heard the news that she had made a hunting bet with the first prince. 

He read it several times hoping that he was illiterate or mistaken, but Lucas’s urgent transcript was clearly written. On the day the two young masters departed, Miss Mary made a bet with Cameron Arstans, so you should head to Count Stein’s hunting ground, not Conler Castle.


Theodore, who was listening to Aiden and Lewen’s conversation, suddenly burst into laughter. Aiden’s expression crumpled when he saw Theodore.

“Is it funny?”

“Isn’t it funny? My only sister made a hunting bet with the First Prince.”

“Oh, it’s not funny. What the hell did Gilbert do?”

“He doesn’t really like Cameron Arstans.”

“But he would never let our younger sister make a bet with Cameron.”

“Why did they make a bet?”

“Miss Mary’s maid made a mistake with the First Prince. So the First Prince…….”

“Asked her to be fired but she said no. Is that the bet?”

“I think so.”


Hearing the whole story, Aiden felt like he didn’t know what to say. Theodore just kept smiling as if the situation was funny. It was strange no matter how much he thought about it. Neither father, nor Lucas, nor Hestia, nor Gilbert stopped her?

He didn’t think well of Cameron himself, but that doesn’t mean he would make a bet with the imperial family. All he has to do is take care of it using money. That’s how things work. Even if she lived in the mountains for nine years, she should know something about the world.

He doesn’t understand why the people of Conler seemed to be quite vulnerable to Mary Conler.

Someone should also teach her how to distinguish between when to step up and when not. He hasn’t met her yet, but he felt that someone needs to let her know about it.

“But, does she know how to hunt?”

“She lived in the mountains.”

Aiden replied curtly to Theodore’s worried tone. She lived in the mountains, she must be confident, so he gladly accepted the bet.

“No, and think about it.”


“What if she looks like our mother?”


Aiden bit his lips for a moment without saying a word. He didn’t know what to do when longing hit him like this. So if that little sister is talented in shooting arrows like their mother.

“That’s…they said it’s her first time shooting an arrow….”

But how far will his one and only sister go against his expectations? Thanks to that, his longing disappeared again. He doesn’t know if he should be thankful for this or not.

At Lewen’s careful words Aiden uttered a cry.

That stupid Cameron is good at hunting. He uses betting to get everything he wants at the academy! A bet with a guy like that?

In fact, beating a nine-year-old girl wouldn’t make Cameron so proud or so honored. Rather, people in the public may argue about how cheap Cameron is to make such a bet.

But when it comes to Conler’s daughter, it’s different.

How big are people’s expectations of Conler…

“You should have told me in advance.”

If they had told him in advance, Aiden would run to stop the bet. No matter how much he thought about it, his father and brother who agreed to make this bet were strange. Why on earth did they allow it?

“Will it change if they tell you in advance? I think your father gave her permission.”

“That’s why I’m so angry!”


If Mary loses to Cameron, he doesn’t want to see the sarcastic look on his face. The Grand Duchy of Conler would be defeated and the maid would be fired. Just thinking about his expression gave Aiden goosebumps. His eyelashes trembled. 

It didn’t matter how old Mary was or what gender. Cameron was such a cheap shot.

Theodore was just laughing at the situation. Aiden, who is a proud Conler, is so angry that he can’t laugh openly, but Theodore thought, “Maybe?”

Maybe Mary Conler can beat Cameron?


“Do you want to make a bet?”

“What kind of bet? Do you want to hunt, too?”

“Come on.”

Despite Aiden’s sensitive voice, Theodore smiled slyly and shook his head.

“This hunt, who will win.”

“Who do you want to bet on?”

“I’m going to… take a chance.”

“You’re going to put it on Mary Conler?”

At Aiden’s words, Theodore smiled and nodded. The sunlight in the carriage created a strange pattern. Aiden was silent for a moment, looking only at the pattern.

“What about you?”


“Huh? You’re definitely pick Cameron”



“Me too, Mary Conler.”

“What? Then the bet won’t work.”

No matter how proud he is, Aiden, who is cool-headed, thought he would definitely choose Cameron Arstans.

Aiden stuck out his lower lip and looked at the grumbling Theodore for a moment, then focused on the pattern of sunlight again and murmured.

“No matter how hard it is, I can’t help but believe that Conler will win.”



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