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TMD Chapter 58


“You made a bet with my daughter.”


The clattering stopped. Gilbert and Rex seemed to have given up eating. I wanted to put down the tableware too, but I was very hungry today. I kept sneaking scallops and shrimp into my mouth. It was… It’s so delicious.

“You need to educate them well.”


Cameron spoke casually, but there was a tremor in his voice. When Grand Duke Estin heard that, he laughed in vain. He didn’t mention the subject directly, but he must have been talking about me. Even if you are the First Prince, I applaud your courage to speak in such a way in front of Grand Duke Estin. 

“I’ve been busy lately, so I’m not around the castle most of the time.”

“I’ve heard about that.”

“It’s all thanks to your father.”

Grand Duke Estin took a glass of wine and sipped it. I didn’t even drink wine, but I swallowed my saliva without realizing it.

I knew the emperor had made Grand Duke Estin do this and that. Cameron seemed quite proud of it. Why does he look like that when he isn’t even the one who made Grand Duke Estin do that? Thinking it was Cameron, I poked the scallops and chewed hard. 

“But you shouldn’t be mistaken.”

He put down his wine glass and wiped his mouth with a napkin. How elegant and tidy the process was, I couldn’t even think of chewing the scallops in my mouth and just looked at him.

Then I felt Grand Duke Estin release his energy. This is something I’ve only heard of. I was fine, I wasn’t affected much, but I could see Cameron’s hands shaking. I feel like I’m choking up too,  but how much does the Grand Duke of Estin normally hold pressure?

“Cameron Arstans.”



“You must be excited to have a marionette.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to ask my kids to cut the fingers holding the thread if I can’t cut it.”

“……Grand duke”

“So, you’ll always live on the edge.”

The voice of Grand Duke Estin was low. It didn’t even seem to contain any emotion. But the anger felt clear. The anger seemed to have been well crafted and polished and threw it at Cameron.

Cameron, who received the outrage, jumped out of his seat. He tried to go out in a hurry, but perhaps because he was exposed to the energy of Grand Duke Estin for quite a long time, his legs seemed to be shaking.

“Shall I help you?”

“That’s enough.”

Gilbert tried to help Cameron but he pushed Gilbert away with his weakened hands. Gilbert bowed to Grand Duke Estin and supported Cameron out.

“Finish eating.”


At the words of Grand Duke Estin, Rex and I picked up the fork again. I put the shrimp in my mouth with a blank expression. Ah, it’s delicious…….

Cameron loosened his necktie and threw it into bed. Then he swallowed a shout that seemed to burst.

Yeah, he knows. It wasn’t the tie that was strangling him, it was Estin’s energy. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he couldn’t help it.

I’m going to ask my kids to cut the fingers holding the thread if I can’t cut it.

Conler is a family with sufficient ability. But he doesn’t. Conler is a family under his feet so he took it for granted. Gilbert was good at magic; he was always studying day and night and took the top spot in academics. Cameron thought no matter how much he runs he will still be a person under him.

But Estin openly said to wake up from that dream. 

“Prince, are you okay?”

Maybe he heard what happened outside, Maxim rushed to the room. Cameron slapped Maxim as hard as he could. Although he was slapped suddenly, Maxim looked completely fine. In fact, he came in with some determination.

“Where did you go?”

“I’m sorry. I had a word with Lucas…….”

“You must be having a lot of fun. Did people in similar situations have a gathering?”


Maxim just bowed to Cameron’s ridiculous stubbornness. To be honest, he had a conversation with Lucas because they had some things in common. However, no matter how hard he listens to Lucas’ hardships, he doesn’t think it was as hard as he does.

“I’m sorry.”

“How did you think I was treated like…….”

Thinking of Gilbert’s words, who had supported him all the way to his room, made him even more mad.

Your fingers are pretty.


Go and rest.

He wanted to go to his father right away and tell everything they’ve said, but he probably can’t do anything about it.

The Imperial Family needs Estin Conler so much. He was told that Estin was doing everything for the imperial family because of the ‘shackles. His father was afraid that Estin might break the shackles on his own.

He can’t live like that…….

One way or another, he will live proudly stepping on Conler.


And he will start with Mary.


Carol checked if I was asleep and went out of the room. I pretended to be dead asleep and woke up quietly when I saw Carol was leaving. I took off my pajamas and changed to the clothes I hid under the bed. After checking the movements outside, I sneaked out of the room. Only the moderate moonlight welcomed me.

As I walked down the hall, I tied my hair high with a ribbon in my hand. I wondered if I could practice properly because the surroundings are dark, but the moon was especially big and bright today, so I thought it would work out somehow.

There was no one at the training ground. Fortunately, the Knights Templar also took a break or set up a night guard and went out for reconnaissance.

I wish I had an electric light. I wanted to ask Bonita if she had a light, but I couldn’t because I’m afraid I would be caught going somewhere at night. Of course I’ll get in trouble for practicing archery at night.

Maybe it’s because the moon is too bright, but there aren’t many stars either.

I picked up an arrow and a bow in the corner of the training ground. I practiced what Hestia taught me in the morning.  I tried to focus on the target board as much as possible by relying on the moonlight.  I concentrated and set the bow, but unfortunately it missed the side of the target board.

After hearing about Helena from Hestia, I wanted to do well. This was another story from Cameron’s bet. No, rather, it was provoking me more strongly than Cameron. Gilbert and Estin’s “Whose daughter are you?” couldn’t get out of my head.

Although I don’t know what my mother looks like, how long her arms are, and how she smells.


But on a snowy day, that nice person was very happy to know I was daughter. The one who shot the bow with her red hair fluttering in the wind. I thought it was enough to make me love her.

I didn’t want to miss you again.

Missing someone you can’t meet is so terrible and difficult. So, while living as Mary, I tried not to recall the existence of my mother.

In the original I read, Grand Duke Estin and his brothers didn’t love Mary.

“But she was happy that I was born.”

I looked at the bow in my hand. The name Helena. The name I hadn’t called or even thought of a few times hit my heart more than I thought. As expected, I can’t help it. How can I love someone I haven’t even met before so much?

“Let’s do it again.”

I made up my mind again and pulled the bow. I am Helena’s daughter. And I was Korean when I was Ha Sohee. She’s a descendant of Jumong.…. 

Now, spread your legs like this, and feel the wind. Focus on the target. Maybe it’s the only time I can connect with Helena.

“But I’m really not in sync.”

No matter how hard I tried, Seeing the arrow that missed the target was truly upsetting. Arrows, let’s do well. Can’t you just go and get it on your own?


“Maybe it’s because I can’t see…….”

I was muttering sadly to myself, and suddenly my vision brightened and a large shadow appeared. I turned around in surprise, and what’s behind me…… It was Grand Duke Estin.

I quickly bent down to ninety degrees.

Oh, I really tried to practice secretly without getting caught. Honestly, I thought that even if I was caught, I would be caught by Hestia and other knights at best.

but, I got caught by the boss mob.….

“You’re working hard.”

“……Well, that’s…”

“But you can’t do it without the light?”

Seeing that he brought the lamp like that, it seemed that he intentionally followed me. The lights illuminated by the mana of Grand Duke Estin.

Grand Duke Estin went to the middle of the target board, left the light behind, and walked back towards me.

“Shoot it.”



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