TMD Chapter 54


“Well, I know you were good at taking care of yourself when you were at the orphanage, but do you know how to hunt?”


“if you beat a wild boar with your bare hands…….”

“There was no wild boar living in the mountain.”

Lucas laughed at my answer. Gilbert lay long on the sofa, and Rex was wiping away his tears.

I was sitting on the sofa watching the three. Little by little, a sense of reality was returning. I made a bet with the First Prince. The bet is hunting…….

“You said the right things. But shouldn’t you need to be a little careful”


“Do you know how to shoot an arrow?”

Lucas asked me in a vain tone. It was a question that I already knew the answer to. I shook my head with a bright smile.

“Wow, how do I do this?”


“What shall we do, Master Gilbert?”

Lucas looked like he really had a mental breakdown. My mental state was not just normal at the moment, so I could only laugh. Gilbert just lay silent and covered his eyes with one arm. Then Rex, who was sniffing, raised his hand.

“Should I go out instead of Mary?”

“Master Rex doesn’t seem to know much about bets, but once the bets are set, they can’t be changed…….”

“I’ll pretend to be Sister Mary……. Since we have similar physiques……. Wouldn’t they not know if I wear a robe or something like that?”

“Please, Master Rex, don’t lose your reason…….”

Lucas spoke very earnestly to Rex. I’m starting to worry a little bit, too. I think it’ll work out somehow, so I won’t ask or argue about it. Ugh! but I don’t know how to hunt, I never shot a bow, and I don’t know how to do it. I’m beginning to understand what everyone is worried about.

“Should I bring a dead wolf back to life and let him catch anything?”


Rex, who wanted to help me somehow, was saying anything, but Gilbert, who had been lying down, stood up and stopped him.

He sat down again, put his hands together, and thought for a long time, then he looked at me.

“Don’t worry, Lucas.”


“Whose daughter is Mary?”

Whose daughter am I? I’m the daughter of the great Grand Duke Estin.

Lucas’ expression changed strangely when he heard it. It was an expression that I couldn’t see easily from Lucas, who had so many expressions.

“You said it was a bet in the academy, Cameron.”


“Even if you’re not a student from the academy, the rules of betting within the academy will apply.”

I nodded.

“The bets within the academy are unofficially…… but the honor of the family is at stake.”

“Yes… What?”

“That’s why it’s not easy to back down once you make a bet.”

What do you mean, kids bet on their family honor? Gilbert resumed when I was so surprised.

“It’s just word of mouth when you put your family on the line, it doesn’t mean it’s going to spread in society. Everyone thinks it’s a kid’s joke.”

“……I see.”

“But what if it’s the Imperial family and the Grand Duchy?”


What if it’s the Imperial family and the Grand Duchy?

Now I’m starting to get a sense of what I’ve done. My hands were shaking. Now that we know the academy bet, Lucas looks like the world has collapsed.

“Count Stein’s hunting ground is famous for its ruggedness. The game is wild.”


“Can you do it?”

“I have to.”

Rather, I thought about going and kneeling down and withdrawing from the bet, but I fixed my thoughts. This was more like a family shame. What has already been done, must be managed somehow. What if I lose the bet and damaged Conler’s reputation?

……I’ll leave. The pocket money I’ve collected will work out somehow. I’ll leave and meet Leo.….

Looks like I won’t be able to pay the jewelry I borrowed from my friend, Peter,.…. I’m really sorry, but I can’t help it.

Gilbert, who saw my determined expression, sighed deeply and approached me. He held me in his arms. Hug? Gilbert is hugging me right now?

“Mary, I don’t know what to do with you…….”

Gilbert’s voice sounded so sad. Did I cause a lot of trouble? Well, since Gilbert came, I’ve fought Baron Bruno and the Prince……. I’m not even in a chicken fight.

During Ha Sohee’s time, her nickname was gangster, but…….

I said cautiously in Gilbert’s arms.

“I’m sorry, brother…….”

All I could say was I was really sorry. I just caused trouble when Grand Duke Estin was away and Gilbert is acting as the head. No, I didn’t mean to, but it always happens

Gilbert took me out of his arms in my dismal voice, grabbed me by the shoulder, and looked into my eyes.

“It’s good to think about others. I think taking care of your people is something I can learn from you.”


“But why don’t you think about yourself that much?”

……am I not thinking about myself enough?

All I’ve ever thought about is getting my share of the inheritance and leaving this castle

With my puzzled expression Gilbert just grinned bitterly and tapped me on the cheek.

“Let’s go back to our rooms. We should rest before dinner.”

Gilbert left the drawing room first.

I was about to follow Gilbert out because of the sudden rush of tiredness, but someone else grabbed my shoulder. It was Lucas. 

“Miss Mary.”


“I’m worried about you, too. You don’t know how dangerous hunting is, do you?”

“I know, but…….”

“Go back to your room for now. Let’s talk about it again when the Grand Duke comes back.”

It was a serious look you don’t see often from Lucas. I nodded too. Rex also looked at me with worried eyes. I smiled brightly because I didn’t want to worry Rex. Rex also smiled, but it wasn’t the smile I wanted.

When I went back to my room, Carol was biting her nails and waiting for me. As soon as Carol saw me, she knelt down in tears again.

“Why don’t you just… why don’t you just let me……!”

She seemed to have heard the whole story. I squatted carefully in front of Carol. Carrol was so upset that he patted herself on the chest.

“If Carol quits here, what about your mother’s medicine, what about your brothers’ meals…….”

“Still! I can do anything. Why would you do such a dangerous thing?”


I wiped Carol’s tears and called her name. Carol looked up at me. Carol had to give up something, too, at an age when she wanted to dress herself up and play; she took on the role of the head of a family. I somehow see Ha Sohee in Carol, maybe that’s why I am weak to her.

“Carol, please cheer for me.”


“I’ve just heard a lot of worries. Everyone thinks I’m going to lose. So, can you trust me and cheer for me?”


Actually, I know I’m absolutely at a disadvantage. I’m way behind in my physique and hunting career. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to whine. What can I say? They say it’s a bet in the academy. I don’t intend to ask for any special treatment. Even if I look impulsive, I…….

“I can win.”

I really wanted to win.


“Kill Cameron Arstans”

Gilbert, who came to the library, picked up a note and was taken aback. Mary was in the library earlier so she must have written it. He thought if she’s going to throw it away, she should rip it well and throw it away. He felt relief that he was the one who picked it up. If Cameron picks it up and sees it……It was terrifying just thinking about it.

You’re using the word kill.….

Writing it proudly in a red pen… this is serious

In fact, none of what Mary said earlier was wrong. Rather, her words make sense that he wanted to take notes while listening. Unbelievable retort from a child who has not yet received a formal education. Actually, it was a little commendable.

Until she accepted the bet.

Also, seeing his younger sibling, taking care of herself and putting herself at risk gave him a headache. He was so upset. He was next to her, but he couldn’t do anything about the bet. Perhaps if Gilbert had participated in the bet, Cameron would have cleverly canceled the bet.

Mary didn’t attend the dinner. He thought she might be hungry, so he asked Bonita and she said she secretly sent her food. When he asked what she was doing, she said she was stuck in his study and was writing something hard, so he thought she must be doing hunting research, but he didn’t know she was writing a curse for Cameron like this. Gilbert smiled and opened another sheet of paper.

[Cameron, you punk! I will win!] 

Gilbert somehow seemed to shed tears instead of smiling on the note with a firm will. He remembered what Lucas used to say. Mary seems to have grown up much faster than her peers because she grew up in an orphanage.

His other younger siblings were not overly childish. Still, they come to get advice or comfort when they are in trouble or face some difficulties. But Mary Conler is trying to carry it all with her little shoulders.

When Estin returns tomorrow, he thought this bet would be settled somehow. He thought this bet would be nothing, but Mary’s determined note made him wonder if this bet could be possible.

Will Mary want it?

And a red hair flashed across Gilbert’s thoughts. The hair that was fluttering in the wind before shooting the bow. Yeah, Mary is someone’s daughter.


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