TMD Chapter 47


[Carol arrived today. It was great to see her again.

I hope Carol won’t feel too pressured. 

The weather is so nice it’s giving me a good mood!] 

After reading Mary’s diary, Gilbert unknowingly laughed but then realized that it was not the time to laugh. Not only the content, but he didn’t know that she was so bad at spelling.

However, the crooked spelling was also fresh and cute, so the laughter that he had endured earlier burst out again.


But a deep sigh came out soon again.

This is how he teaches her while he is in the castle. However, after the reclamation project, he has to go back to the academy again. That’s why they need to attach a tutor to the child. They need to find a tutor before he goes back so he can check the qualifications of the tutor and decide whether to attach them or not.

So, he urged Lucas to get a tutor quickly today. Lucas just passed by saying that the rich would make his blood dry.

He heard that Estin is looking for Mary’s painting teacher urgently because she is talented in painting, but the more urgent thing was writing because she’s already good at drawing. 

You’re pretty smart when you talk. If you learn a little more…….

Gilbert was unknowingly having pretty wild ideas.

Gilbert carefully corrected the spellings and wrote ‘well done’ at the end. 

When he met Lucas earlier, he said Mary was quite surprised after learning she would meet her other brothers soon, so he thought her worries about it would be written in the diary.

However, he was a little surprised because there was no content related to it in the diary he received.

If she had slipped it down in her diary, he could have given her some advice.

But that doesn’t mean he can handle those two very unusual guys, though.

There is also Cameron Arstans.

Gilbert, who suddenly felt tired, leaned his back on the chair. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any interaction with Cameron, but they weren’t that close. But since he’s at Conler’s castle, he’s going to come visit personally?

Like the relationship between the Emperor and his father Estin, Cameron and himself could become like that too. He might have received the title “The Marionette of the Imperial Family” along with the position of the head. 

Gilbert was already prepared for such a fact.

But Estin’s mind was different.

On the day Gilbert entered the academy, Estin told Gilbert that he would cut everything on his way.

Therefore, he told him not to give up his pride even if he meets the prince at the academy.

Gilbert, who was younger than Mary at that time, didn’t understand the word ‘pride’, and he had no idea what Estin was cutting off.

In fact, it is the same now.

Blessing of the demon and Marionette of the imperial family

A strange and subtle tragedy stage that kept the sun from setting but should not be devoured by it, Estin was playing the role of a marionette.

However, when Marionette breaks the rope, she falls from the hand above it and becomes free.

Estin keeps trying to break the rope.

He only needs  to fall down on that stage.

“I wish you could trust me a little bit.”

Anyway, the person Gilbert respects the most right now is Estin Conler.


Miller Bruno was in a desperate mood for death.

Then on the day he visited Conler Castle, the curse that Rex Bluea had made before they got on the carriage kept coming to mind.

He couldn’t sleep every night fearing that Jessica Bruno’s charred body might visit him. His sweet and affectionate wife kept worrying about what was wrong with him, but he couldn’t explain the reason for his insomnia.

How far does that damn kid know?

‘She’s someone you really cared about, so I remember she had a big funeral.’ 

Yeah, how can an eight-year-old remember what happened four years ago?

No matter how much he tried to calm himself down, it was not easy to think calmly especially when the view was starting to get dark.

In those pale blue eyes, there was something indescribable, but something that could not be called a child at all. It really felt like he would bring Jessica Bruno to him.

If he is not sleeping, Jessica with her charred body, will come to his bedroom, and when he falls asleep, Jessica, who has a beautiful face, smiles at him and begins to melt.

His hallucinations happen not only at night but also during the day. Whenever he closes his eyes because of fatigue m, Jessica’s face shines brightly. 

‘I’ll let you meet your beloved sister.’

If only he wasn’t tempted by his aide, Logan Reilly. Logan Reilly felt like he was going to give the world to Miller Bruno.

Rex Bluea’s ability was powerful, but he’s a collateral relative, no, he has an inferiority complex, he commanded his mother and manipulated her body. So, he said that if he stimulated him while he’s still young, he would be able to use Rex Bluea.

The only ability within the empire, or perhaps on this continent.

If you have that ability and you can use it well, maybe even the Conler’s will be afraid.

No matter how greedy he was, he didn’t believe it.

‘That bastard…….’

But everything went down the drain because of that Conler kid, and Logan Reilly quit as his aide.

Estin’s meeting was soon. He didn’t know how he would face him at the meeting. 

Every day was thin ice. His wife and daughter always asked him what was going on with a worried face, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell the lovely two what he was in now.

Yes, it’s all because of that Conler kid!

After being disgruntled like that, his blood dried up due to worry, and eventually blamed everything on Mary Conler. Miller Bruno’s clenched fist trembled as he remembered her talking back to him.

“Father, are you okay?”

“Oh, Sophia.”

Today, he was unable to overcome the urging of Sofia, his daughter who is worried about him, to stop by the capital to shop. The purpose was to refresh Miller Bruno, he eventually bought a dress that went well with Sofia. In fact, that was Miller Bruno’s small happiness.

Not because she was her daughter, but her only daughter, Sophia, was very elegant and beautiful. It was a perfect beauty, fit to become the crown prince’s queen. She will bloom more brightly and beautifully after a little more time.

“I wish I could have bought that dress.”

But the elegant and beautiful Sophia seemed upset. She mumbled in a low voice, continuing to mention the dress. Sophia seemed to be disappointed that she could not have the sky-blue dress she liked. Even in the eyes of Miller Bruno, who was not fluent in fashion, the lace-rich dress in the front line of the trapezoid had a rather lovely feminine atmosphere.

But the dress already had its owner.

“It can’t be helped. It’s said that there’s already an owner.”

“She’s an orphan!”


Sophia spoke in a rather louder voice; she was really upset. The dress was owned by Miss Astina Borneau, who was adopted by the Marquess of Borneau. She was brought from an orphanage, but she heard that she was loved by the marquis for her pretty cute appearance.

“Even if she’s with the marquis now, it is so upsetting to lose a dress to a girl whose origin is unknown.”

“I understand how you feel, but you should never say that outside.”


“Sophia Bruno. You can be a princess , or an empress afterwards. Watch your language so you don’t get blamed everywhere.”

Sophia’s expression went sour at Miller Bruno’s determined words. But Sophia, too, did not wish for that future, so she sat back down and spoke in a bright voice.

“Father, next time, let’s buy at Giefroy’s De Elle!”


“Gille Carlinne’s dress is very popular among young children these days, but she doesn’t sell it easily. But father is on good terms with the Grand Duke…….”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it.”

Miller Bruno leaned his back on the carriage and closed his eyes. No, he was going to close it. However, Jessica’s face was shimmering, forcing him to rise again.

My dear sister, Jessica Bruno, has died like this…….

“Honey, why are you here right now?”

Baroness Bruno ran to Bruno with a stunned look on her face. His wife, who couldn’t even get up from the bedroom and wasn’t able to go to the capital with him saying she had a headache, is properly dressed right now. 

“Is your head okay?”

“In our house, in your office…….”

Feeling serious about his wife’s trembling voice, Miller Bruno ran straight up the central stairs and headed to his office without listening to her words until the end. When he opened the door and tried to enter, the door suddenly opened wide.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Baron Bruno.”

“……Sir Lucas?”

It was Lucas Prue who greeted him with a smile. And the fact that Lucas is here means,

“You’re finally here.”

He was here too.


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