TMD Chapter 46


I smiled as sweetly as I could at Carol.

All the employees here are veterans, so Carol must have been intimidated.

It’s her first day, so it would be weird if she did not cause any accident but I understand Carol’s mistake. I thought it would be bad if Carol would be discouraged by her mistake.

Look, why are you crying?

“Thank you, miss.”

Carol smiled with her eyes wet and thanked me. I smiled at her, too.

Somehow, I do not dislike Carol, who looked innocent and clumsy.

“I’ll get the tea again!”

Looking at Carol’s back hurriedly going down, I was worried that she would fall again.

Please, slow down…….

Did Bonita feel like she was looking at me?


“Miss, I brought the tea!”

Fortunately, this time, I was finally able to drink tea thanks to Carol, who brought it safely and carefully.

As expected, today’s tea is fragrant and nice. It’s perfect for the sunny weather.

As I was putting my tea down on the table when I found the notebook that I had put by the table. 

Oh, homework….

I buried my face in my hands and was deeply frustrated because I remembered the homework that Gilbert gave me.

“No, I’m not an elementary school student but he wants me to keep a diary.”

Yes, I am an elementary school student by age, but…

In order to improve my writing skill, which is somewhat difficult to read, Gilbert gave me homework, which is to write a diary every day.

When I heard that, I expressed disapproval but when I looked at my handwriting, I lost my words to ask what was difficult about it. 

“Good job. I can’t believe my drawing came back like this.”

Honestly, every day is the same, there is nothing special to write about. Looking back on my day, it’s either reading a book in Gilbert and the study, playing with Rex, or painting.

But now that Carol is here today, there’s something I can write in my diary.

“Hmm, how have you been? How’s your mother?”

“I was able to get good medicine by selling the jewelry you gave me. Thank you very, very much.”

“Really? That’s a relief!”

“The jewelry was made only by the best craft guild in Giefroy. I wanted to thank you so much for giving me such a precious thing…….”


I completely forgot about Peter who gave me the jewelry.

When I looked at Carol with a stunned expression, Carol tilted her head.

I wonder if Peter is doing well. He went to Giefroy because the jewelry is only sold there.

I have to pay him back…….

I was in agony for a while when someone knocked lightly on the door. I could tell just by hearing the cheerful knock. It’s Lucas.

“Come in.”

“Oh, you were with Miss Carol.”

It was Lucas who came in as I expected. Carol bowed her head as Lucas entered the room. Well, her clumsy look is really cute.

“Miss Mary, I’m here to talk to you about something.”

“Do you want me to go out?”

Carol, who was quietly looking at Lucas’ words, said carefully, and Lucas shook his head with a friendly smile.

“Miss Carrol needs to know about this too.”

“What’s going on?”

“Come on, applause.”

Suddenly, Lucas clapped with a serious look and urged Carol and I to clap. Carol and I clapped our hands as if we were possessed. My room was filled with clapping sounds for a while.

“Good news.” 

“What is it?” 

“Sooner or later, the brothers and sister of Conler will be gathered together.” 


I’m a little comfortable with Gilbert now, but my mind went blank when I was told there will be two more people I have to deal with.

It would be easier to face them one at a time, it’s a foul to face the two of them like this.

Especially, I remember that the second child was crazy about Astina. 

Is it still before Aiden meets Astina?”

Aiden is a sub-male lead, so I remember him, but the third one’s name is difficult, I can’t remember anything about him. Knowing your enemy will help you win the battle, but the information about the third is very faint in my memory. Why can’t I even remember his name?

“Are you that happy?”

Who are you teasing?

“Yes, I’m so happy.”

Lucas folded his eyes again and laughed at my weak answer. No matter how much I think about it, he must have been born to make fun of me.

“Oh, but what should we do?”

While secretly staring at Lucas, he spoke again in a sad voice as if he finally held back his laughter.

Why, again, what is it?

I looked at Lucas with anxious eyes. I hope Lucas is teasing me again. But Lucas completely destroyed my last expectation.

“The First Crown Prince is coming to our estate.”


Who’s coming?

Even Carol, who was silent next to me, was surprised, so she unknowingly made a sound and covered her mouth. However, she was not able to hide her surprised eyes. To be honest, I was surprised too, but I was more surprised to know that my brothers were coming back.

Honestly, what does the First Prince have to do with me…….

I’m more worried about living together with my blood related family who will give me inheritance. Can you just take care of him on your own…. 

Frankly speaking, Cameron Arstans, the First Prince, is not qualified to be an emperor anyway.

“You’re not as surprised as I thought you would be.”

Lucas asked me as if it was surprising. I just shrugged my shoulders. I don’t think it’s time to care about him.

“Well, You’re really not afraid of strange things.”

As if I looked proud, Lucas stroked my head and raised his thumb. Do I have to be scared when the first prince visits? Looking at Carol’s reaction now, it seems like that should be the case, but Cameron Arstans doesn’t have a significant role in the novel.

Cameron was just a villain used for Demimore’s awakening. Cameron, who tried to kill Demimore’s beloved Astina, is eventually disqualified as a crown prince because his misdeeds have been revealed. And then the emperor of the Britina Empire…… Who was it?

Demimore said he didn’t want to be emperor and went on a trip with Astina…….

Is he an extra I didn’t notice?

Demimore Arstans…… Thinking of him reminded me of Peter who I met in Giefroy. A boy with exactly the same appearance as Demimore.

Ah, yes, I’ll pay you back.….

Still, the amount of pocket money I am receiving is quite large, so I thought I had to pay him back little by little since I don’t have a place to spend my pocket money. But how did Peter buy such expensive jewelry when he was around my age?

It is clear that he is a precious young master. I asked Lucas, who kept stroking my head as if it was an opportunity while I was dazed.

“Lucas, do you know all the nobles in the empire?”

“They are all in my head.”

“By any chance, do you know any young masters?”

“……Young master?”

Lucas’ smiling face hardened in an instant as I was about to ask if he knew someone named Peter.

Did I ask you something I shouldn’t ask?

“I want to find someone.”

“Why? What do you mean……is it your first love?” 

“I said my first love is Taratra.”

“Oh, right. You must be happy to see him a lot these days.”

What do you mean by first love?

Lucas quickly agreed when I responded as if I was dumbfounded by his nonsense. 

“Who is it?”

“He helped me when I was in Giefroy, I want to pay him back.”

“Oh, then I’ll find him. Do you know his name?”


“There are about ten Peter in my head right now. Do you know his last name?”

I shook my head. I couldn’t hear his last name until the end because something happened every time I asked for his last name. Actually, I had more chances to ask, but I didn’t ask more because his red eyes seemed to shake every time I tried to ask his last name.

Eyes that look like an undead ruby…….

I was thinking about Peter when Lucas said to me with a grave look on his face.

“Miss, not yet.”


“You’re still young.”

What are you saying?

Lucas said, grabbing my shoulder with serious eyes. What do you mean yet?

Do you really think I’m looking for my first love?

“I think so, too.”

Carol, who was still, spoke carefully next to me. I’m looking for him to pay off my debts, but I can’t say that. It was a little funny that the two became unnecessarily serious, so I laughed without realizing it.

“I’m very serious. Actually, I’m nervous about the first prince coming.”

He doesn’t have anything to do with me…….

“Please, he has nothing to do with me.”

“Miss Mary is like a doll…….”


How long are you going to tease me? This time, when I glared openly, Lucas trembled and went out.

“Miss, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Yeah, what?”

“The First Prince is visiting.”

As soon as Carol arrived, a big event was already going to happen so I felt sorry for her. I’m going to be busy dealing with my other two older brothers, so I don’t think I can pay much attention to him. I held Carol’s hand tightly and said,

“Carol is my exclusive maid, so you won’t run into the First Prince. Don’t feel too much pressure because you can just do what Bonita taught you.”


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