TMD Chapter 43


“The First Prince is visiting.”

“They’re probably coming to monitor the reclamation project and check on Mary.”

Lucas crumpled the letter he had in his hand, as if in awe.

At the news of the First Prince’s visit to the estate, Estin received the crumpled letter from Lucas and burned it with magic.

The First Prince coming to the Conler estate must have been the empress’ will. 

Unlike the emperor who wanted to keep the Conler family in check, the empress wanted to be close to the Conler family that’s why the First Prince is coming here.

The emperor must have reluctantly agreed to the Empress’s will.

To be honest, Estin was quite tired because the imperial family was acting as they wanted, they couldn’t get on the same page. 

They have a lot of things to do from the reclamation project to Baron Bruno’s punishment, and now they have to welcome the first prince.

To be honest, to be visited by the royal family or even the first prince is a great honor in other territories but it was one of the troublesome things in the Conler family.

“I’ll leave it entirely up to Bonita and Alberto to meet the First Prince.”

“Bonita will be quite busy.”

“……I see.”

Bonita was originally a maid and had been working for the Conler family for a long time, so there was no place that Bonita could not reach in every corner of Conler Castle. Therefore, the three brothers and Mary were completely entrusted to Bonita.

However, if she prepares to meet the first prince this time, it will be difficult for her to take care of Mary. The other maids are not in a situation where they can take care of Mary. Plus, Aiden and Theodore are coming too.

“You should find a separate maid for Mary.”

“There are more people who want to be by Mary’s side.”

Lucas said with a big smile. It’s good to have more family members around you. Then, he soon fell into a dilemma. He can’t just let anyone into Conler Castle as a maid. This is because the energy of the direct family of Conler is too strong that ordinary people will have difficulty to be around them. He thought he should find out if there is a good family that can come as a maid of Mary in another branch of the family.

People of the same age would be better. Someone she can be friends with.

Knock knock, then he heard a cheerful knock on the office.


When I think of the Tana district that I saw at the time, I automatically think of my friends at Brandon Orphanage and feel depressed. Existing outside the original novel. Those children were just used to express Astina’s rough childhood and the bad relationship between Astina and Mary. 

But now that I was reincarnated here as Mary, the children were now breathing somewhere. Clearly there is a tomorrow for them to live. I heard that they are doing well in the territory of Conler, but when they grow up they won’t be protected by the orphanage. Some children might enter the Tana district. I was most worried about Brian who fought with me the most.….

I’m sure Leo is doing well, by the way. When can I meet Leo again?

Perhaps noticing my sadness, Bonita sneaked up on me and patted me in her arms. In her affectionate arms, the sadness seemed to have disappeared a little.

“My baby is too nice.”

“I’m not very nice…….”

“Mary, please grow up quickly and make sure that no one in the territory of Conler will suffer.”

“……is that possible?”

“You’re already thinking about it.”


“If you think slowly from now on, you’ll come up with a way to save them. Don’t be too impatient.”

I nodded at Bonita’s words, but I was actually in a bit of a hurry.

Because Carol Delat came to mind. Did she sell the jewelry I borrowed from Peter at the time and used it as a living expense? I don’t think it’s enough. I need to meet you quickly and give you a job.

I got out of Bonita’s arms patting me.



“Don’t you need more workers?”

“Why all of a sudden?”

If I were to talk about Carol, I’d have to talk about the circumstances in which I was kidnapped, but wouldn’t Bonita’s overprotectiveness be more excessive?

It seems a day won’t be enough for her worries. 

I was wondering what to say about Carol while looking at Bonita, who was patiently waiting for my answer.

Knock knock, I heard someone knocking on the door.

“Oh, come on in!”

I told her to come in thinking it would give me more time to think but it was Hestia who opened my door and came in.


“I dropped by because I missed you. Oh, there’s Bonita, too”

Hestia was always busy not only as the deputy head of the 1st Knights of the Grand Duchy of Conler, but also as an assistant to Grand Duke Estin because she could withstand the energy of Grand Duke Estin. Although she was weak in terms of physical strength, she was able to go up to the position after trying hard.

It was quite difficult for Hestia to see my face, but sometimes she would stop by my room and talk to me whenever she had time like this.

“Should I bring some tea for you two?”

“No, I have to go again soon.”

Hestia waved at Bonita’s suggestion. You dropped by while you were busy. Hestia sat in a single chair in front of me and looked at Nero next to me.

“Oh, Nero’s ribbon has changed.”

“Oh! Bonita made me a new one.”

“Come to think of it, it’s a set with Mary’s ribbon.”

Bonita trimmed the blue cloth and made the ribbon on my head, she also made a ribbon that could be put around the neck. I remembered Bonita, who looked at me with a proud look, saying that black goes well with all colors. 

“Miss Mary, can you hold Nero for a second?”

“Huh? Oh, yes.”

I don’t know why you’re asking me, but it’s not hard.

I picked Nero up and brought it into my arms and hugged him tightly. As expected, fluffy. I feel good.

“Oh, this is why I work at Conler Castle.”


“Why do you need laminachos? I’ve got a super-recovery pill in front of me.”

“What, Hestia. Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not teasing you. I really mean it.”


“Oh, your face is red.”

When I heard from Hestia that my face turned red, I quickly wrapped my cheeks with my hands. I’m not used to these kinds of silly comments. Wasn’t Hestia cold and intelligent? Why does … she look like Lucas. No. Still, it’s rude to say she looks like Lucas. I’m sorry, Hestia.

“But what were you two talking about?”

“Oh, right, Mary, why did you ask if we were short-handed?”

Yeah, I was talking about it.

I held Nero’s hands and fiddled with him, pondering what to say. How can I ask her to give Carol a job? I made a promise, so I want to keep it…….


“No, Bonita looks busy…….”

“Oh, is it because of the girl you met in Giefroy?”

Hmm, Hestia is quick to sense.

There was already certainty in her eyes that asked as if she had remembered something. I nodded cautiously. Thanks to Hestia, I thought it could be a little easier.

“I met a friend named Carol Delat who lives in the Tana district that Bonita mentioned earlier. But her father is dead and her mother is sick. And she has many younger siblings……. That’s why Carol has to make money, but I guess it’s hard to find a job.”

“That’s why you want to have your friend named Carol Delat to work at Conler Castle?”


“I understand Mary’s feelings, but…….”

Bonita had a troubled expression and couldn’t speak. I know well that she can’t just hire people just because the family environment is poor, but I couldn’t back down because I made a promise with Carol Delat.

I spoke in a more determined voice.

“Bonita said earlier. That there would be no one in the territory of Conler would suffer.”


“I want to do what I can do right now one by one. First of all, I’d like to offer a more comfortable job to the person I met.”

Bonita looked very bewildered at my more determined attitude. But Bonita was the only one I could trust. Since Bonita is a head maid she must be able to hire some workers. 

There was tension between me and Bonita. It was a tension that we couldn’t normally feel between the two of us.


Applause penetrated through the silence. Looking at it in surprise, Hestia clapped and stood up and looked at the two of us both.

“I’ll be back.”


“Since you recommended someone, I should report it to my superior, right?”

My expression brightened up when I understood Hestia’s words. If it’s Hestia’s superior, it’s the Grand Duke Estin.

You’re going to go to the Grand Duke for a minor employee.

“Will it be okay?”

“Oh, is it over the top? Bonita, will you be okay?”


“Bonita is the head maid. It’s definitely under Bonita’s jurisdiction.”

“Uh, if Grand Duke Estin permits…….”

“That’s fine. I’ll be back.”

Hestia, who even got Bonita’s permission, left my room with a light step. Hestia is on my side, so I really…… I felt fortunate.


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