TMD Chapter 38


“You’re so shameless. Did you want to come in here with the ability that made your mother unable to sleep in peace even after she died.”


“As long as you’re happy for the rest of your life, is that it? That lowly blood and ability ….”

“Hey, Grandpa.”

I couldn’t listen to it anymore, so I cut off his words. The level of verbal abuse on Rex has gone too far. I wanted to block Rex’s ears, but I looked at Baron Bruno with as much venom in my eyes as I could.

It’s better to put venom in your eyes than your tongue.

“Did you say grandpa?”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

At my bold words Bonita and butler Alberto looked at me with a pale face. But my free-spirited snout did not stop.

I grabbed Rex’s hand once and opened my mouth again, meaning to trust only your sister.

“It hasn’t been a long time since you came to the castle, so you haven’t learned manners…….”

“Oh, then you should come to this castle and learn.”

“W, what?”


In contrast to the increasingly distorted expression and the raging Baron Bruno, I was getting calm. I let go of Rex’s hand and put him behind me.

“Well, who should learn manners here?”


“Should I call a nobleman and a vassal of our family ‘grandpa’?” 


“Or, an old man who approached kids and then used abusive language.”


Now, who needs to learn manners?

I didn’t know I’d meet a maniac like this in the world.

I tried to smile as bright and gentle as possible, but Baron Bruno strode close to me as if he could not control his simmering anger.

But he was soon stopped from approaching me by Alberto.

“Please calm down, Baron Bruno.”

“Let me go! D, didn’t you hear what that said?”

“Yes, Alberto! Let go of him. That is abuse of the elderly.”

“Ha, she’s crazy?”

“Sister, what are you doing?”

No matter how excited I am, if the dignity of an aristocrat is like that, then I will never be an aristocrat.

Baron Bruno was huffing, and I was just smiling and watching, Rex took my hand and tried to stop me.

“You grew up in an orphanage, so your level is just……!”

No, I grew up in an orphanage not because I wanted to. And there are a lot of orphans who grow up well the moment I tried to say something more out of temper,

“What are you doing?”

Gilbert came out. 

Gilbert walked slowly toward us. with an expressionless face, Bonita and Alberto also put the arms of Baron Bruno and put their hands together.

“Ah, Master Gilbert.”

Baron Bruno, who was making a fuss by pointing his finger at me, cleaned up his clothes and coughed in vain after seeing Gilbert’s face. Gilbert’s imposing and graceful walk was very much like Grand Duke Estin.

“Why is it so noisy?”

“No, Prince Gilbert.”

Baron Bruno’s voice calling Gilbert was full of injustice. No, what did I do? I wanted to speak in a very unfair voice, but I just kept quiet because of what I did earlier.

“Of course, I just sided with Conler as a vassal of the family, but Lady Conler must have misunderstood.”

He only speaks in his favor, not including his abusive words. That’s what an overflowing experience is. It was a pity to see a fairly old adult reaching out to a child, so I just stayed still.

As Gilbert approached, the proud Baron Bruno was nowhere to be seen as if it was killed by Gilbert, he just shut his mouth.

“What do you mean you took Conler’s side?”

“Oh, that’s…. It’s nothing.”

“In the absence of my father, the head will be me, Baron Bruno. I need to know.”


Baron Miller Bruno made a strange noise like the cries of a dying chicken. The sound almost made me burst into laughter, but it didn’t come out in the form of a sound due to Gilbert.

No one could speak first. A long battle of wits ensued. Perhaps because of what happened earlier, Gilbert’s eyes did not turn to me.

“Brother, that’s…….” 

“Isn’t it the same for you, Master Gilbert?”

After a long silence, Baron Bruno hurriedly brought it up when Rex tried to speak. Rex shut his mouth again. What’s that old man going to say again? My fists quivered.

“No matter how clever you are, you don’t know what blood…….”

“Why do I not know about blood?”


“Didn’t he receive Bluea’s last name in recognition of the blood of Conler’s collateral?”

“Yeah, but that’s it.”

Baron Bruno chewed his lower lip roughly at Gilbert’s words. Gilbert, on the other hand, still looked so calm.

Rex Bluea seemed to be more anxious even after being recognized by the Conler family. Damn old man. If only I didn’t bother him, then Rex wouldn’t be that crooked, right? 

……Yes, it was because of me.

“His intellect is so sinister and dangerous. He even did that to the person who gave birth to him……!”

“Because he misses her so much!”

I couldn’t put up with it any longer. When I blocked Rex, Gilbert looked at me with confusion.

“The only reason Rex did that was because he missed his dead mother so much.”

“……Miss Mary.”

No matter how calmly I tried to speak, my voice was weeping as if something was wet from the vocal cords. Bonita carefully called my name behind my shout. Bonita’s voice, which called me, was also soggy that it seemed like she was holding back her tears.

I looked up at the sky so that my tears wouldn’t be blurred, took a breath, and spoke to Baron Bruno in the coldest voice I could.

“Let’s be honest. Didn’t you come here because you wanted that sinister and dangerous ability?”

“This small thing is really!”

Baron Bruno approached me with a threatening look as if my words had hit the nail on the head. I was prepared to get a blow, so I kept my eyes closed, but I couldn’t hear the fricative sound I was expecting. When I open my eyes, what’s in front of me is a bigger back than me……

“What did you just say, Baron Bruno?”

“She insulted me!”

“So, I’m asking you what did call a Conler’s direct family?”


“And how dare you, you tried to touch her in front of me.”

Are you taking my side?

Still, the back that tried to protect me as an older brother has not yet grown, but he felt quite reliable even if it was a little smaller than Grand Duke Estin.

“Go home today.”

“But Prince Gilbert!”

“We’ll take care of this when Grand Duke Estin, Conler’s head, returns.”

Only then did Baron Bruno’s face begin to turn white, perhaps because he remembered his fear of Grand Duke Estin.

“I heard that you didn’t attend a family meeting recently because you weren’t feeling well……. Seeing that you’ve come all the way here, I guess you’re better now.”

Baron Bruno’s hand with his cane began to tremble, but Gilbert cut out the hope of the baron with a blade-like voice as if he had not seen it.

“You should reflect on what you’ve done to a Conler’s immediate family.”

It was then.

“Excuse me.”

Someone entered fearlessly through the cold air in a pretty cheerful voice. It was a man with long brown hair tied down.

“I’m Logan, the assistant of Baron Bruno.”

When Baron Bruno was running wild, what did he do and just came out…?

Gilbert, perhaps thinking the same way, kept a cool look at his bright, cheerful voice and did not reply to him at all.

“The Baron was rude. I’ll bring him back on the day the Grand Duke returns.”

“……you have a very good adviser.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Despite Gilbert’s apparent sarcasm, Logan replied without losing his signature bright and cheerful smile. Well, I don’t think it’s a compliment at all.

He may look really bright and cheerful, but he just looked like he was floating in this atmosphere. I mean, it was just like wearing a mask and acting. Am I looking at him with prejudice because he is Baron Bruno’s confidant?

“Then, bye.”

Logan helped Baron Bruno and disappeared into his carriage.

As I was looking at it, the tension was somehow relieved and I fell to the ground without realizing it.

“Are you all right, sister?”

“Oh? Oh, it’s okay. It’s just… I guess the tension is gone. What’s wrong with me? Haha.”

To reassure Rex, I tried to raise myself up with a smile, but my already loose legs were not strong enough. Gilbert stopped Bonita and the butler from approaching to help me and carried me just like this morning.

“A lot of things happened.”

“Master Gilbert, Miss Mary, I…….”

“I’ll take her in.”

It was already my second time being carried like a princess today. I took a more comfortable posture because it was the second time, and Gilbert smirked and laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

Huh? You laughed?

I felt strange because I felt like I saw Gilbert’s real smile, not a ridicule.


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