TMD Chapter 37


…… Seriously, what have you been working on since you were born?

Even though I had twisted thoughts, my heart became endlessly smaller in front of Gilbert Conler.

“I have never felt at ease under the pressure of a Conler. I stayed up all night studying, and I always make sure that I won’t become someone who will tarnish our family’s reputation.….”


“I want to ask you if you feel that way, Mary Conler.”

I somehow understood why Mary was called a nuisance in the book.

It’s not because she’s been spending her family’s money, it’s because she acted out of line with the Conler family. It was an act of deceiving not only the family but also those who love the family.

And I, who was reborn as Mary Conler, could not easily answer how much I love this family. Perhaps I thought… The House of Conler was just a place I had to go through. 

Gilbert sighed deeply as if he had read something from my expression.

“The Conler is now the leading aristocrat of the Britina Empire, and has several vassal families no less than the imperial family. There are many young people in the territory.”


“For their sake, we, Conlers, must grow up well. ……as did our father, Grand Duke Estin.”

What does it mean to Gilbert?

“And it is the same with my other younger siblings who are studying at the Imperial Academy.”


Suddenly I felt a pain in one side of my heart. I don’t think I am among the ‘siblings’ he is talking about. The damage was more considerable than I thought.

So far, I’ve only been told that I’m a Conler based on my hair color and eye color. And I took it for granted.

I didn’t know I was going to hear this word, so I just felt stunned.

The ugly duckling fairy tale came to mind. I’m really an ‘ugly duckling’, and they were like swans. Ugly duckling struggling alone among elegant swans.

The ugly duckling was vaguely envious of the swans. Elegant and classy, as if they were born without doing anything. The ugly duckling can’t have it, and the swan is just born with it. However, the ugly duckling did not know how hard the swans kicked under the water.

Leaving me with my head down, Gilbert went out of the library with the book he was reading.

“……Are you all right?”

A whisper of a baby bird perched my ear. I tried to reassure Rex, but in the end I could only smile weakly. I took a book, sat down and opened it.

It was a haunted book that I was reading back then. The ghost said to the crying child trying to kick him out ‘I’m afraid of the light, just as you’re afraid of the dark’

I put my chin on the desk and stared at the part.

When I first read it, I thought ghosts were pretty pathetic…….

Rex sat cautiously beside me, checking the picture book I was reading, and smiled a lonely smile. The story of a ghost who is afraid of light, just as a person is afraid of the dark.

I was fiddling with a fairy tale book when I felt a careful touch patting my head.

When I turned my head, Rex’s eyes were about to cry, but his mouth was smiling.

“Whenever I was upset, my mom patted me on the head like this.”

“Do I look upset?”


Without a mirror, I can’t tell how upset I look. Rex’s touch was a friendly and cozy touch as if the sun was caressing me. I felt a little relieved.

He’s probably trying to remember his mother’s touch as much as he can. Thinking about it, I could imagine how sweet Rex’s mother must have been.

And my mother…… How was she? Like Ha Sohee who is curious about her mother, I am also curious about Helena. No, maybe I’m more curious about Helena. Bonita said that she is very friendly but it’s sad that I don’t know anything. 

I missed my mother’s red hair that I never saw.


I decided to take a garden walk with Rex for a change. Rex’s argument was that he would be happy just to look at the colorful and beautiful flowers blooming.

How on earth did he become a villain… 

I feel this again, but how is a child that looks happy just by seeing flowers become a villain? The way he smiles at me is so cute and lovely.

I feel like I have to take care of…… I guess I’m weak for blonde hair. Astina must be doing well.

The two of us were taking a walk along the path in the garden when the front of the castle became quite noisy.

There was a pretty fancy carriage parked in front of Conler’s castle. The butler of the House of Conler and Bonita were coaxing someone. Perhaps he was the owner of the carriage, he looked quite angry.

“What’s going on?”

Rex made eye contact with me and as if we had similar thoughts, we headed there. The strange man and the butler were engaged in a war of words.

Bonita, who looked troubled, was surprised to see me and Rex in the back and nodded as if to go somewhere quickly. I felt like we shouldn’t have run into that man who’s making a fuss.

“Rex, let’s go.”

Rex also nodded as if he felt he had to leave. As soon as we were about to turn around, we heard a man’s voice.

“Here you are!”

We could hear the rustling of footsteps toward us. For some reason, I didn’t want to look back, but…… I was forced to turn back.

Standing behind was a pretty old man. It’s definitely not good to judge by impression, but for some reason, the grumpiness on his face was not the kind of person I wanted to mix words with.

“This little girl is Conler’s youngest daughter!”


He pretended to know me and was glad to see me. I nodded slightly and said hello.

The gaze of looking up and down at me felt indescribably unpleasant as if I were a bug. Gilbert’s gaze was uncomfortable, but it didn’t feel so gross.

“Baron, the lord is not in the castle at the moment.”

Alberto, the butler of Conler Castle, came out and stood in Rex’s way and said in a determined voice. Alberto, who was so cautious, was the type to work diligently in blind places, not to come forward like this.

That’s how dangerous the man in front of me is.

A cold smile spread on my face.

The Conler’s had the ability to threaten the imperial family of the Britina Empire and the aristocrats. The imperial family is afraid of Conler, but they keep them close to use their ability.

For that reason, there were many families who became vassals of the Conler family.

There were many families who obeyed and were loyal to Conler’s great power, but many families tried to keep him in check because he was called the Marionette of the Imperial family.

If I remember correctly, the Bruno family is one of Conler’s loyalists.

I grabbed Rex by the wrist.

It was because his soggy, pestering, obnoxious gaze was transferred to Rex beside me.

“You’re Rex Bluea.”

Baron Bruno looked at Rex coldly. Rex may not have seen the chill, but I could find some greed in his eyes.

In the novel, the Bruno family’s Miller Bruno, was a person who kept Astina in check to keep Conler in check in order to become a duke, and to crown his daughter, Sofia Bruno.

It would have been difficult to cultivate all this with the power of the Bruno family.

So, they chose…… Rex Bluea.

“Even if you are someone who’s ability manifests.”


“Half of your blood is vulgar. Hmph.”


“It’s really pathetic to see you beside a true Conler, Isn’t it? No matter how capable you are.”

That was obvious.

It was clear that he would have cut his self-esteem by beating the child in that way and continued to instill hostility toward Conler.

No matter how young I am, I am the youngest daughter of my family, and it was quite unpleasant to hear such nonsense.

It’s not because I’m young, it’s because he knows my position in the Conler family is small. 

In addition, the trick of cleverly trying to alienate Rex from me was very amazing.

I felt Rex’s hand which was holding my hand became loose, as his words affected Rex.

“Not much.”


“I don’t think so.”

I answered with a shrug. Baron Bruno had a rather absurd look on his face as if he didn’t expect me to respond informally. I didn’t know I would talk like this to an old grandpa when I don’t talk like this to the employees. 


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