TMD Chapter 36


As soon as I woke up in the morning, Bonita smiled insidiously and handed me a medicine bottle. The light green liquid looked bitter, so I made an impression without realizing it.

“You have to drink it all.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s a medicine that helps with digestion. It’s made of tralocho, so it’ll be very effective.”

The drugs in this world seemed to be based on herbals. I mean…..the herbs are very bitter. It’s written on my face. Bonita laughed and opened the lid and said, as if my freaked-out expression was funny.

“Master Gilbert brought this especially, last night.”

…… Gilbert?

I looked at the medicine that Bonita gave me. A pretty unexpected person has brought some medicine. 

“I guess he was worried about you yesterday. He brought you medicine after you fell asleep.”

Bonita’s smile seemed so happy that Gilbert gave me this medicine. Yeah, I’m so grateful that Gilbert feels guilty, I thought he hated me, but…… But it smells bitter. Do I have to drink it all?

“I’m really feeling fine…….”

“You’re going to have lunch soon, just in case. Tom said he prepared a special dessert for Mary today, so you should eat a lot.”

At Bonita’s persuasion, I finally closed my eyes and gulped down the medicine. I’ll drink the medicine like Bonita wanted and since Gilbert brought the medicine in the middle of the night……. 


As I swallowed the medicine and frowned, something popped into my mouth. Soon, the bitter taste that lingered in the mouth disappeared and a subtle sweetness spread.

“I don’t want to give it to you before the meal, but I’m giving it to you because the medicine is too bitter.”

Bonita wink with her left eye. It was pavé chocolate that came into my mouth. Bonita said it was hard to find because it’s so precious, but she gave it to me like this. I was so happy that I hugged Bonita’s waist.



I exhaled a long breath before entering the dining room. Now Gilbert doesn’t seem to hate me that much……I could feel it, but I couldn’t help but worry about Gilbert’s cold gaze yesterday. 

I don’t want to go in.

But if I don’t eat breakfast, Tom and Bonita will be worried……. When I peeked into the dining room, it seemed that no one had come yet.

Should I go in? No, maybe they are a little further inside.….

I whimper and try to look inside as carefully as possible, when someone tapped me on the back.


It was a weak touch, but I was already quite weak in mind and body, so I unknowingly covered my ears, sat down and screamed.

I didn’t do anything wrong. Why am I so surprised?

I was so ashamed of myself for being frightened by that. I couldn’t raise my head because I was embarrassed but I heard a small voice from above my head.

“Sister, are you okay……?”

“…. Rex?”

“I’m sorry. Were you surprised?”

When I slightly raised my head, I saw Rex with a sorry look. No wonder the hand that touched me was quite careful because it was Rex 

“Being frivolous from the morning.”

The moment I felt fortunate that it was Rex, I saw Gilbert looking at me pathetically behind Rex, and suddenly… I thought it was not bad to die like this.

Well, maybe the next reincarnation will be better than this…?

I’ve heard all sorts of things, but it’s shocking to hear that I’m frivolous. Yes, of course, it’s not princess-like, but don’t say it’s frivolous!

“Are you all right……?”

I was biting my lips at the shocking words, Rex knelt down in front of me, who was sitting down. He asked me with a crying voice.

Ah, I should only laugh in front of Rex.

“Oh, I’m fine! I was just a little surprised.”

I forced myself to pull the corners of my mouth and get up from my position with a smile.

I tried to get up.

However, I was so surprised that I couldn’t stand up because my legs were feeling weak.

Really… Mary Conler, were you such a weak child?

I was so surprised that I couldn’t close my mouth.

You used to eat a lot when you were at the orphanage on top of the mountain. Why are you getting weaker after coming here!

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m really fine.”

In front of me, Rex sat on his knees, he was about to cry and my legs weren’t listening to me, it was a real dilemma. Life is a tragedy at hand and a comedy at a distance, Rex and I look so serious that a third party will wonder what we are doing.

“……What are you doing?”

Yeah, like Gilbert’s point of view.

“Brother, sister is……!”

Rex’s tearful voice was heard and I closed my eyes tightly then stared only at the floor. Really, What’s wrong with me?…. Gilbert’s little sigh was heard behind Rex.

Yeah, he’s going to think I’m pathetic…….

I clenched my fist and hit the floor. I wanted to solve this injustice by hitting the floor. I think I’m feeling weak, so I’ll ask Bonita to bring me some herbs to boost my energy.

Or an herb that would give me a painless death.

I was thinking about all sorts of things when suddenly I was lifted up. This is the princess carry I’ve only heard of. It was Gilbert who raised my body.

“Stay still.”

Gilbert warned me in a low voice as I struggled to identify the person who carried me. I stiffened up as soon as I heard it.

Fortunately, it happened right in front of the dining room, so we reached the table in a few steps, and Gilbert carefully seated me in a chair.

Can I say this is a relief…….

Gilbert, who gave me a seat, turned around the table and sat across from me. Rex, who was looking at both of us, sat next to me.


Again, the meal, which was filled with the sound of clattering the tableware, ended. The sweet chocolate cake prepared by the chef was amazing. Maybe it’s because I’ve been mindful and careful since morning, but today, I had a very delicious meal.

I guess Tom only put the right amount on my plate. Bonita lifted her thumb when she saw my clean empty plate.

I’m going to increase the amount and eat it all next time!

I was going to read a book in the library with Rex today. Rex and I ran excitedly to the study, I opened the door, and closed it again.

“Aren’t you going in?”

I replied with an awkward smile to Rex’s question. Uh, I don’t want to go in there because there’s something scary in there.…. Since we made eye contact, I should go in, right? He gave me medicine yesterday, and he carried and moved me earlier, so he doesn’t hate me that.…. much. 

“Ah, I’m going in…….”

I wondered if it was strange for me to hold the doorknob and not move while saying that, Rex gently pushed me and opened the door myself.

“Oh, Brother Gilbert. You were here?”

Gilbert was reading a pile of books in the library. The leisurely gesture reflected in the sun was a picturesque scene. Rex, quite pleased, went to Gilbert and examined the book he was reading.

“Are you reading it because of the reclamation project?”

“I think I need to get ready.”

“Since there’s a distance between the coast and the castle, you’re worried about the transportation of goods, right?”

“You’re smart, Rex.”

Gilbert stroked Rex’s blonde hair with a friendly touch at Rex’s smart question. Rex smiled softly. The scene looks so sweet, a friendly atmosphere…… Do I need to go in? I stepped back cautiously.

If I were a really smart character, I could go over there and talk like Rex said earlier. Mary is not the main character, so I have no information that will help in this situation. Even if there’s such information, I don’t…… Can I do it? This is also a matter for consideration.

“…are you here to read, too?”

Gilbert’s gaze, which was talking to Rex, came to me and caught me. I nodded softly. In fact, I was trying to sneak out, but I had to pretend to choose a book stuck in the library.

As I was choosing a book to read from the library, I could feel Gilbert’s eyes on me. Maybe he’s wondering what book I’ll choose. I carefully pulled out a fairy tale book.

“Are you reading a fairy tale?”

“I’m still not good at languages…….”

“A Conler’s direct hasn’t learned all the languages yet? Aren’t you nine years old now?”

Gilbert’s expression hardened as it was quite shocking to hear that I was still poor at languages. Education and culture are luxury so in a place where you need to survive, survival instinct comes first. There was no way there would be a book in a place where children were left unattended.

I have friends who I always fight with, but I suddenly miss them.

Leo, I hope you’re doing well…….

“Sister is studying hard, and if she has a tutor she’ll get a more systematic education, she will be a great Conler that you wouldn’t be ashamed of.”

He’s nervous, but he still took my side with the strongest voice Rex can make. But Gilbert still looked astonished. Until this morning, there was a faint hope that he didn’t hate me at all, but it evaporated and flew away like a lie.

“A Conler that we won’t be ashamed of.”


“Can I call you Conler just because your hair and pupils are black?”

“…… Brother.”

“Rex, you need to step back for a minute.”

Rex’s mouth closed tightly to Gilbert’s determined, frosty voice. I couldn’t say anything either. I should’ve just gone out and played with the ball. Why did I come in here?

“I’ve been trying to be a true Conler for 15 years.”


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